Golden Wedding Ring Is Here
I will begin with left, the
golden wedding Ring of
God is at hand! Below
this is the wedding Ring
God show
ed about "10"
feet in the air beside my
vacation trailer while I
camped 42 days on Bly
Mountain close to the
"7" tree Churches God
is cutting down and
tossing into the
will show this Open
Vision below
of 7 trees.
Coming into my 42 day
camp stood this
"7" foot
"10" foot wide stone
image of the Ten
Commandments seen
below that this last day
Church has broken like
her older sister the Jews
We go back to Joseph and
his 10 older
Brothers that
touches on Jesus today and
the 10 Sleeping
Joseph ... Jesus was sold
into slavery for silver as it
ties into today, the
Church now being dumped
into the ocean of time!
In Joseph's dream his Father that represents Father God, was
SUN and his mother represented the MOON and his "10"
older brothers were seen as the
STARS! The top right Open
Vision shows the
Moon woman Church of today slidding down
the ramp of Noah's Ark into the ocean of time. Notice behind her
head is the fire and the capital letter
"C" for Church upside
down and backwards as this last day
"7" Churches are! She has
her hand held out pointing to the Moon that she represents
COLD to the true Jesus Christ today ...
notice the ice dripping
from the moon Church as God the Father Sun removes her from their evil flight today! The Moon ...
the Church gives a reflection from God the Sun-Son but today are ice cold to God! Below
the above
came from God's Hubble telescope
, shows his nuclear bomb going off behind the naked Church
dancing to music while
Second Rome Burns. Notice her scarlet red hair blowing to the left and behind
her you can see the white hot nuclear bomb going off!

Right of the white explosion you can see her again in red looking downward as praying with her arm
hanging down
. This Open Vision shows much of the sleeping Church sleeping with Satan now
repenting and coming back to the real Jesus Christ, not Satan the Church worships today!
Right of the Ten Commandment rock I show above, sets
"7" tree Churches on my wedding ring camp for "42"
days ... number 42 refers to rebellion
the Church
rebelling against God
. We add 4 + 2 = "6" of the "7" tree
Churches seen in Matthew
"25" verses "6-7." This
picture stood in front of my 42 day camp showing the
tree Churches with the cross bar in the trees, referring
to the "7" Churches today who has re-crucified Jesus all
over again
finguratively speaking ... Revelation 11:8 added
... 1 + 1 + 8 =
"10" sleeping Brothers. God shows his Son,
Rock Jesus as the Axe now ready to cut down these
"7" tree Churches and toss them into the hot fire of
purification! Left of Axe Jesus on the Rock shows the face of a LION ... Jesus Christ the Lion from the
Tribe of Judah. God uses this Lion also in his last day Lion Ministry, yours truly born on Leo the Lion
month of August
"22" as this number means the end and also the end of God's awesome Holy Bible ...

Next we go up to the cloud picture I took over the area where I had lived for 28 years ... 2 + 8 = "10"
sleeping Virgins that I have been preach these messages to a dead, sleeping
brother Church of
Matthew 25:6-7. Putting this awesome photo I took into my Adobe Photo section of my comupter and
drawing lines around the two subjects the overcoming woman on the left and Father God on the right
driving the Bride of Christ to the Father who is the last and "3"rd Adam ...
Atom for God is the God of
! God made all things he created from Atoms! The Nuclear ADAM ... ATOM bombs soon to
happening drives the overcoming 144,000 of Revelation 14:1-5 Church to God!
Left is one of the same type of
's I took of fhis cloud over my
home in the high wilderness area of
Klamath County Oregon. It shows the
true Bride of Christ today
, the
Bfothers and Sisters that
God soon takes out to be with him
while he burn off the garbage the
Church has messed up the world
with. Above you can see the nuclear
bomb going off in white color but left
it is seen in dark color.
Below I show
this again upright and right of the
white woman Church blown against
Father God, you can see the face of
the surpised woman Church with
their mouth wide open in surprise
while this picture shows what this nuclear war coming in
does ...
it shows the True Bride of Christ being pushed
against Father God
! Again looking at the dark man,
Father God
, and his clean white 144,000 overcoming
saints of Revelation 14:1-5 who has
Jesus' and the
Father's name written on their forheads that God
removes just before nuclear war begins

Left you can see the dark nuclear cloud bomb pushing
the true Bride of Christ to the Father. What happens to
the woman right of the Overcoming
woman Church seen
left? She is seen going into the nuclear bombs seen
above in the two open Visions of the nuclear bombs
going off behind her and the one with the fire woman
Church slidding out from Noah's Ark ... Jesus Christ into
the ocean of time ... the ice-cold Church of today!

Below the Father & the Bride you can see another Open
Vison from Almighty God
, a picture taken from Iceland of
his Ice-cold Church of today
... ice cold to the true Jesus
Christ and
red hot with Satan! God shows lower left the
large Capital letter
"V" for the "V"irgin Church ready to
scream out
bloody murder!

You can see over the head of the
"V" for "Virgin Church"
the head of Jesus overlooking this Church who went
South with Satan! God shows this Church today are the
Pigs seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22 ... adding the 2's as 2's
"10" sleeping "V"irgins! This pig head is seen in
cloud form left of Jesus' head! Right of Jesus' head you
can see the large capital letter
"C" for Church!

This ties to the Open Vision above showing God slidding
out from his Noah's Ark
mouth the fiery woman Church of
today who turned from him and follow the enemy of our
today ... Satan!

The fire is burning now out of control in the southern
State of Oregon
! Today, Sunday July 7/28/19 as I write
this awesome message to the Church ...
"7" Churches ...
28 added is
"10" sleeping with Satan Churches, and 1 + 9
"10" sleeping Churches I had this dream last night!
This dream was real and God made it real last night even to the point of showing me in finger form of
my wedding ring finger on my left
hand that would ache and stop and ache again that went on for
quite some time. This morning it does't ache but I got the message last night to write this message
for today to the Church who still loves God and not Satan they think is God but the devil himself!
I lost the use of my legs nine years ago to diabetes and get around
today in a wheel-chair. God shows me preaching in a wheel-chair
left in the center of this storm and my in-home care lady who helps
me out
, God shows behind me pushing me as you can see her face
left of my head wearing dark glasses as she does when the sun i
out. God shows this ministry is the center of this storm today
preaching this awesome message from heaven above ... the
trumpet I am blowing is seen pointing downward and in front of my
head you can see a man
also wearing dark glasses looking up to me
from below\\

I preached this message for half an hour on long and short wave
radio some 20 years ago from South Carolina from a preacher who
got one of my books. He asked me who is the beast? I told him who
the first head of the beast was, Bill Clinton 42 and that Russia would
nuclear bomb this nation! We hung up the phone after 30 minutes
on the air. Just after we hung up the phone of 30 minutes, I picked up my Bible
to have it open to Revelation 8:1 ...
"Heaven was silent for about half an
." It wasn't man who gave me these end time messages, they came from my
Father God above to warn the people below of what is now on the skyline of this
nation and world is finished!

To close this awesome message I give you the update of this huge fire burning
in southern Oregon burning almose 100% hardly nothing contained. God shows
in not uncertain terms in his numbering system ... Fire number
"97" added ties
Nuclear Bomb Pushes
the bride to the Father
Left is the
Church left
Nuclear Bomb pushed
the bride to the Father
Pig Head
into this nation ready to burn! "9 + 7" equals "16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. They list this
huge fire as ...
"97" Fire Campground now at 11,009 acres. Number 97 ties into Washington DC  
added is
"16" Hundred Penn., Ave. Now burning 11,009 acres ... turned around we see "90011" or
"911" emergency day number second Jer-USA-lem your days are over!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...