Golden Gate Out Of Sight
... for Dog Pig Church ...
Quote: The iconic Golden Gate Bridge in
San Francisco disappeared under a
cloud of smoke, and the skies above the
city had an eerie golden glow from
out-of-control fires spreading across

There is another fire burning in
California named the
Holy Fire. This is a
sign from Heaven the
Holy Fire from God
to clean up his dirty Church now burns,
and is hiding the
Golden Gate from the
Dog, Pig Churches of today.
The Dog Churches of 2 Peter 2:20-22 are seen in
Smoke form or water form on the left as they
watch the 144,000 overcoming saints cross over
the Golden Gate Bridge into heaven, leaving the
rest of the Church behind to have the
Hot Fire...
HOLY FIRE burn off all the Garbage in their

You seven Dog-Pig Churches of 2 Peter 2:20-22
this is all you will see of the
Golden Gate today ...  
just a glimer shown by God as he takes out his
144,000 overcomers of Rev. 14:1-5  leaving the
rest behind. These saint taken out crossing the
Another fire just started in California called the
Golden Gate going into heaven, are seen being born just before Hell is openned up on earth seen
in Isaiah 66:7. This passage states: This pregnant woman Church of today, gives birth to the man
child, meaning the man chiild 144,000 saints ... men and women saint alike before the 42 months of
Labor Pain wrath falls down on this
Dog-Pig Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22.  This is also seen in Rev.
13:5-7 ... the beast of the "42" goes against these saints for "42" months and conquers them. The
lying preachers today say these are Jews!  No they are not Jews but the last day Church who has
gone crazy and are following Satan into the pit of hell, thinking he is Jesus.
The Harlol Church
of Rev. 17:1-7 has
"7" heaads and
"10" horns, the "7"
Churches ... the
and seen as the
"10" sleeping
Virgins of Matthew
24 and 25 also seen
in Matthew 25:6-7.

This naked woman
Church of today is
holding a golden
cup in her hand
while she rides the
beast of Revelation
17 who has messed
up the entire world
today and has killed
the true saints of
God. John could
hardly believe what
God was showing
him this Church
would kill his true
saints and they
have done this very
thng today.
God is showing this Bitch dog Church of today ... the "7" heads and "10" horns drinking filth from
the cup these last day Seven Churches are drinking from.  The Open Vision above the Harlot of
Revelation 17 ... came from a large rock close to my old home in the wilderness for 28 years, touching
on the
"10" sleeping Virgins. I put this Photo in my Adobe Photo section of my comuter and took out
the substance not part of this picture, and it shows the nake, woman Church of these last days riding
the golden beast President of this nation today ...
Golden Billionaire Beast Donald J. for Jesus Trump.

The above Open Vision from Almighty God was taken from a volcano showing this woman Church
looking and runing to the left in smoke form, notice her naked breast below her head. The people
below this woman, are seen as this woman Church who has gone down the drain of time and who will
be no more. You can see the woman above holding her cup of filth up showing her naked breasts
riding the
"7" heads ... the "7" Churche of Isaiah 4:1 and Rev. 2 and 3 added together are "10"
sleeping Virgins of the beast who has "7" heads.

"In that day seven women will take hold of one man and say, “We will eat our own food and
provide our own clothes; only let us be called by your name
. Take away our disgrace!” Isaiah
4:1 ...

We add Isaiah 4:1 with Rev. 2 and 3 and we see the "10" horns of the "7" beast Churches of today.
Now look at Isaiah 4:1 ... showing these
"7" women Churches of today telling Jesus Christ they will
do it all themselves. They will provide their own covering, man's covering and not God's covering.
They will eat their own doctrine and not God's doctine ... then at the last of days, today, they soon will
"Take away our disgrace."
The Open Vision above of the Church riding the beast, I
took from this Open Vision on the left showing the naked
woman Church riding the beast soon to come against
the Silver Goat of Russia in nuclear war. You can see
her riding the Cross of Jesus Christ showing the head of
a pig, the pig Church of today at the top of the cross.
This last day Church rides both at the same time, Jesus
and this Satanic once Godly nation and the golden man
is setting in the White House today claiming to be a
Christian but is a liar instead and is a Roman Catholic.
The sign today is, all three Church have gotten together,
and are now looking at the
hot bed of suffering they
have now begun to lay in seen in Revelation 2:20-23.

Thyatira is the Roman Catholic Church and Sardis
follows, these the Protestants who came out from the
Roman Catholic Church and Sardis means the remains of
the true Church. After Sardis is Philadelia which which
refers to the Pentecostal Churches of today and all three
of these Churches have gotten back together! This
passage states: Those who commit Adultery with her, the
Roman Catholic Church, will also go into this bed of
suffering unless they repent of her ways ... meaning the
ways of adultery ... worshipping Idols like their cars ...
boats ... houses and etc. God shows the Carr fire is one
of their to Idols today.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...