Golden Bully Calf Worshiped
Last night 4/20 added is "6" end of the "6"th
Millennium ready to go into the
"7"th ... "67"
the old picture of the Ten Commandments
played on nation
al TV. I plainly remember when
this awesome movie came out, I was living in
Portland, Oregon at the age of 19-20 when I
remember seeing it advertised on the movie
display on 21st street. One of the main players
Yul Btynner bald headed, that goes to
today and the men today shaving their heads
... bald headed ... another sign from God. We
add 2 + 1 =
"3" gone mad crazy ... money
Churches today who put Golden Bully, Beast
Trump into power!

"3" Churches that God is showing he is
taking out from Paris, France to this second
USA-lem nation and around his entire
world today, are the
Catholics, Protestants and
Pentecostals who has become ICE-COLD to
Jesus Christ seen left now being flushed out
into the ocean of time!
She is sliding out of
Noah's Ark with her hand stretched out
begging for money ...
this the money Church of
the days of the Jews when they too worshiped
Golden Calf! Today we have the golden calf
beast President with his huge mouth wide
open put into power by the
"3" Churches
who worship him ... he is their Golden
Bully Calf Idol they worship today!
<----Notice her hand
hurch upside down ice cold to Jesus
Beginning this awesome true message that God send me to 28 years ago, added is "10" seen in
Matthew 25 added preaching to the
"7" sleeping "10" ... once Virgin Churches but today are not
Virgins but sleeping whores who has been sleeping with Satan, their father today!  You can see
entering my
42 day camp on top of Bly Mountain,  stood this Ten Commandment stone ... "10" feet
wide and
"7'' feet tall ... 10 sleeping, dead once Virgins today whores!

In front of my 42 day camp stood this Ten Commandment rock seen heading this message. Below
this shows
the "V" for Virgins ... today money whores ... with their hand in the air worshipping the
Bull .. Bully Golden beast Trump showing they are stark naked today, circumcised only in the
flesh and not the heart
! Here we see the Sex Maniac Church worshiping the Sex Maniac 45th Golden
Bull ... Bully President today!
Notice top right of this clamshell trap now getting ready to close down
on man, you can see the Chinese and Russian bear soldiers looking at this nation and
getting ready
to take them all out

The black bull market is now beginning to leave! The Black Bull is going out
... leaving!  GMC has laid
off thousands of workers just like Ford Motor Co
mpany. Sears going bankrupt! Payless Drugs
bankrupt and others in the same boat and liar beast Trump says things are getting better! Now I
wonder who the liar is today! Wake Up O' dead, sleeping whorehouse Church God is sliding you out
from his Ark of Safety with you
r hand still held out for money as you can plainly see above.

God shows this Church today completely
ICE COLD TO JESUS. In Joseph's dream his mother was
seen as the
Moon that gives a reflection from the SUN that refers to Father God. Then we see his
10 older brothers as the
STARS. The gross lying Church tells the people, the stars refers to God's
angels, another lie from hell. Notice the Moon above behind the woman Church that God is now
flushing down the toilet of time, is dripping cold ice.
God shows in smoke form the woman Churches old white
blowing in the wind, holding her baby for she too is
still a baby
as she looks at you with the red hook of Satan
below ...
she has already been HOOKED!

Below the hooked Church are "7" trees that stood
on the
in front of my 42 day camp on top of Bly mountain
by the Sprague River of God
, coming out from the top of
this high mountain.

You can count the "7" tree Churches, as Jesus said,
people are seen as trees! On the top left you an see the
cross of Jesus as I marked. In the center of these seven
tree Churches of today sets the large Axe Rock of Jesus
ready to cut them all down and toss them into the fire of
purification. Looking close up on the left side of the Axe
head of God, you can see the face of a
LION, meaning
LION JESUS is now ready to cut them all down and toss
them into the fire ...
for God is a consuming fire! Notice
the light color in front of the first two trees is
a sign
shows the capital letter
"V" for the 10 sleeping Virgin
Churches today!
Remember what God shows us in Joel 2
Acts 2 put together is "22" meaning
the end of the Bible, Revelation
"22" and
this last day Moses Prophet of God also
born on
Leo the Lion month of August
"22." These OT and NT witnesses both
"Signs would appear in the heavens
above and on the earth below before the
return of the Son of Man, Jesus Christ

Where do I get my Open Visions from?
God Almighty from his heavens above and
from his earth below! Left of these
tree Churches ready to be cut down by
God, sets
Dove Rock.
Fire Beast
Republican Church
worships today!
This Dove Rock represents the Holy Spirit of God drinking
out from his high Sprague River of God coming out from His
high mountain where God had me camp for 42 days. Below
Dove Rock of the Holy Spirit
, my friend took this picture of
yours truly standing on the
Dove rock of God in signs
drinking from this high mountain river. I happen to be
wearing a red shirt at the time referring to
today and the red
fire now on its way in for purification.

Below yours truly
, stood the tree showing the wedding ring
of God is now ready to happen! When I first moved to this
area for 42 days, I never noticed these things. I parked my 20
foot vacation trailer beside this tree showing the wedding
ring of God only feet away. This wedding ring of God was
about ten feet in the air, touches on the 144,000 overcoming
Saints who has overcome Satan to date seen in Revelation
14:1-5 who has Jesus Christ written on their foreheads.

The lying Church says these are Jews! I remember God
saying, the Jews never did accept Jesus as their Messiah! If
this is true, which it is, why then did God put on the
foreheads of these 144,000 overcoming saints the name ...
Jesus Christ who has
"11" letters in his name ... Rev. 14:1-5.
Add 1 + 4 + 1 + 5 =
"11" the number of Jesus Christ!

God is now in the process of taking down this second
USA-lem Churchy nation today! God says in Amos 9:1-10
... 9 + 1 + 1 =
"11" where would you, the 10 sleeping Virgins
hide from me?
 If you go to the bottom of the sea, I will send
my serpent to bite you. If you assent to the top of the
heavens I will bring you down ... where would you hide from
me? Verse
"10" touches on the "10" sleeping Virgins ... "All
the sinners among my people will die by the sword, not
one will escape

God in no uncertain terms today is saying, this second Jer-
USA-lem nation is going down big time! Today as I write this
awesome message is a Christian holiday they call Easter! It
was the Roman Catholic Church who named this Easter!
The Roman Catholic Church took the name Easter from the Goddess of Satan woman E-ster. They
also named Christ
MAS  after a MASS in the Roman Catholic Church as the Church of IDOLS that all
seven of the Churches today worship
IDOLS ... what their hands has made.

All seven of the Churches seen in Revelation 2 and 3 fill the shoes of the
"7"th Church, wicked
Laodicea who says, I set as Queen and am not a widow and will never mourn. Rev. 18:
6-7. This
touches on the sleeping Church of Matthew 25 added is
"7" Churches of verses "6-7." God says in
the "8"th verse something totally different. He says ...
"Death, Mourning and Famine ... she will be
destroyed by fire for mighty is the Lord God who judges her."

This seventh Church shows all six prior Churches and God says, you are lukewarm and I am about to
spit you out from my mouth
. You say you are rich in need of nothing, but you are wretched, pitiful. poor
blind and naked
! Next we go to the OT witness in Isaiah 4:1 to see these "7" woman Churches say ...
"We will take hold of ONE MAN ... meaning Jesus Christ and say ... "We will eat our own food and
clothe ourselves ... we only want to use your name
(Meaning Jesus Christ) take away our disgrace!"  
Isaiah 4:1 ...

This speaks of the "7" Churches today who go under the name of Jesus over their door posts when
the real word today over their
houses of il-repute is not Jesus ... but ICHABOD meaning God has

Lastly we see Isaiah 5:5 ... equals
"10" sleeping Virgins that God is saying today, "I have lifted my
hand of protection from around her ... and she will be destroyed
!" ... this is happening today!
"6-7" speaks about these Churches of Matthew 25 verses "6-7" ... "I God will cut off all the
water from her ... I will stop pruning and cultivating her and she will turn into a thorn patch
!"  This is
what she is today
... a huge thorn patch!

God's 2nd Moses Ministry ... Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig