Going From 6 to 7 Millennium
Jesus is God! Today we are going from the "6"th Millennium into the "7"th Millennium after the
fire of purification burns off all the Hay, Wood and Stubble Jesus speaks about also saying,
"You will
be saved but ONLY as one ESCAPING through the flames of FIRE.
Meaning Jesus, God, is the
Fire burning down the Trees seen above in this Carr Fire. Jesus, God said, people are seen as
TREES. All the fires on the West Coast and other places are signs of Jesus the Fire is coming and we
see the
"7"th Millennium ... the 1000 year kingdom of Jesus, God ... the golden 1000 year kingdom

God has given man 6000 years in three different Ages ... Adam 2000 years ... Abraham the Jews 2000
years and now the age of Jesus head over the Church 2000 years and all of man has messed up big
time and now we see Jesus God coming in on the
"7"th day of the week setting up his 1000 year
kingdom before Eternity comes in.

"67" is top number of God! Today we set at the going out of number "6" and going into
"7" of God ruling the entire world today bring to an end of man's rule! God is the God of
Numbers, not Satan the sleeping Churches of today claim. God is the God of all numbers,
Subtracting and Dividing
and he shows it from the beginning to the ending. What do you mean
brother Paul?

God Began his Bible with numbers
"67" and ended his Bible in numbers "67." Geneses "1" shows
God created man in his own image on the
"6"th day of a "7"day week and rested on the "7"th day,
"67." God ended his Holy Bible in numbers "67" as well in Revelation 22:21 when he added these
two numbers together ... 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus 1 equals "7" or

I preach for Almighty God today born in a preachers home
"6" of "7" children. You can see me
preaching from my
"3"rd flying in midair angel website spoken about preaching this Eternal
Gospel today at the HOUR of JUDGMENT ... TODAY
seen in verses "6-7."
Don't forget the end of God's Holy Bible of
22:21. The Solar Eclipse of last
year on August
21 ... went over St. Paul of
Oregon a small county a few miles east of the
capital ... Salem one day before my
birthday. Again a compete Solar Eclipse that
went over
St. Paul, Oregon only a few miles
from where I grew up as a child means one
thing ... a new beginning is coming in ... the
1000 year kingdom of Jesus Christ is coming

Left God shows this St. Paul Prophet in
on the map of Oregon. God had them blowup the small county of St. Paul putting a red ring around
my eye seeing what is about to happen to this nation and world. God shows this Ministry looking to
the left where the Solar Eclipse came from, showing a new beginning is coming in!

Here is the Killer and is seen as an awesome killer that I spoke about in year 2000 from long and
short wave radio around the world from
South Carolina where the storm Florence came in, and
Florence is where I had move to on the West Coast in year
"55" ... pointing to the Sleeping Church
today of their
"5" wise and "5" foolish Virgins today. This solar Eclipse came in a few miles north of
Florence Oregon at
New Port, Oregon. This refers to a New Beginning ... a New Port ... and going
St. Paul and ending up at South Carolina the land of many PIGS! They say the pigs in the
Carolina's are as many as people and this flood is washing out all the pig urine and poop poisoning
the water. This also ties into Revelation 8 poisoning the water and food in signs.

Hold on to your hat for I spoke about what is happening today on radio around the world from South
Carolina 18 years ago. The first thing this brother from South Carolina asked me, who is the coming
in beast? I said, Bill Clinton number 42.
Second I said Russia is going to nuclear bomb this nation as
what is now happening between Putin of Russia and big mouth Trump today setting at the same
table lying to each other as also seen in the book of Daniel
. What was before will be again, and what
is now was before ... there is nothing new under the sun. Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19 ... same type of
numbers for God is the God of Numbers not Satan the Dog and Pig Churches of today claim.

Look at St. Paul above and you can see the grey bear of Russia and China moving down covering
the eye of this
PIG NATION AND CHURCH ... as she is getting ready to strike this nation with nuclear
bombs and then the 200 million man army of China seen in Revelation 9:
"16" moves into Washington
DC that sets at
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. This is the sign of the two bears of Russia
and China covering over the eye of the pigs, this nation and her Churches totally blinded today. You
can see the bears covering the eye of this Pig Church and Politic nation blinded to this fact.

You can see this PIG headed Church with their mouths wide open still swimming with the tail of a
FISH the Church began with and ends with the head of the PIg and the tail of a FISH. Notice the tail of
a Fish shows the black face of a man with a large black nose showing the black, naked Preachers of
today are not from God but from Satan!
The storm in South Carolina going on
today is seen in storm Pam, the name
of my in-home care lady who helps me
out a couple days a seek because I lost
the use of my feet and legs to Diabetes
seven years ago and get around today
in a wheel-chair and an electric cart.   

You can see God put this all together
showing his last day Leo the Lion
Prophet above the first
Red X ... and
below it is the face of a
LION looking at
you as I was born on Leo the LION
month of August 22 meaning the end.
You can also see my arm reaching out
to the capital letters
"SC" for South
where I preached from in
year 2000 on short and long wave radio
to the world for about half and hour
seen in Revelation 8:1.
Storm Pam
X                 X
Left God shows in another cloud picture of Pam, my
nurse pushing me in my wheel-chair looking over the
back of my head wearing dark glasses as she does
when the sun is out. You can see me in the center of
tis huge storm blowing my Trumpet down-ward to earth
below from my last and final flying in midair Angel
website to the earth people below. Notice my Trumpet
pointing downward. Notice the head of a man looking
up in front of me also wearing dark glasses as the
bright lights from this
Sun ... SON ministry is very,
very bright!

Two witnesses ... Prophet Paul from St. Paul Oregon
and the other from st. Paul, MN. ... Katy Sasie. Katy ties
into St. Paul, Oregon living in St. Paul, MN., that used to
be named,
"Pigs EYE" but changed to St. Paul in middle
of the 1800's. Notice St. Paul above shows the Bears of
Russia and China covering over the Pigs Eye in St. Paul
above. Remember above in the Carolina's where the
pigs are as many as people and has poisoned the
water that also ties into Revelation 8:8-11 ... the star
Wormwood in the Russian language is Chernobyl that
ties into Russia, their nuclear power plant that melted
down some years past that killed many people
from the poison nuclear radiation soon to  
coming upon this nation and world suddenly.
star Wormwood is Chernobyl.

God shows his nuclear bomb in the state of
Florida in cloud form, coming upon the Church
seen in the Open Window below the Mushroom
cloud above in the stem of this mushroom cloud
bombs coming from the Russian bear. The
window for this to happen is now open. Notice
the word written out by the finger of God in cloud
form, shows the word,
Church. God made this
awesome open Vision, not me!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Rocks under cloud shows
the bottom Rock ... Rock
Jesus  points to Yours
truly both seen as LIONS.