God With Fire Writes In Rock
“‘You profane and wicked
prince of Israel,
(Second Israel
... second Jer-
) whose day has come,
whose time of punishment has
reached its climax, this is what
the Sovereign Lord says:
off the turban, remove the
crown. It will not be as it was
The lowly will be exalted and
the exalted will be brought low.
A ruin! A ruin! I will make it a
The crown will not be
restored until he to whom it
rightfully belongs shall come;
to him I will give it.’"
Ezekiel 21:
25-27 ...

This crown is coming to Jesus
Christ not the Church seen in
showing they are dead
heads today but a Church
gone down the drain to pot
says Almighty God!
Above in solid rock, God burns out what is soon to happen to the Church of the last days! Close to
my old home in the lava area where I lived for 28 years of God showing me his hand writing in on the
Rock wall ...
The hand writing on the wall ... the rock wall today seen in Daniel 5:25 pertaining to the
Matthew 25 sleeping 10 Virgin Church of today! You can plainly see the
Crown on the Churches head
looking down as dead
. It will not be restored until the rightful one comes, meaning Jesus Christ
coming into his 1000 year kingdom on earth!

God is speaking in no uncertain terms today,
Church and World it is over ... after the 42 months of
wrath is finished then Jesus takes the Crown the sleeping Church of today lost because of all their
sinful ways ... forsaking the true Son of God Jesus Christ and followed the enemy of our souls ...
Satan! Notice under the dead head Churches face you can see white haired Trump on the left
nuclear war with Putin of Russia bringing in the fire of purification.
You can vaguely see these two
men who brings in Nuclear war upon the Church and world!
Trump     Putin at War
First I will show you a picture of a real
nuclear bomb going off and God shows
the 10 sleeping goat Church going up in
fire. Notice the one long horn of the Goat
Church looking like a rocket. At the head
of the rocket is the head of the goat,
notice his eye and fore mouth. God also
shows the head of the white bald eagle
looking to the right with his large golden
beak. Below its head is a white skull
looking at you. Below the white skull you
can see the head of Dragon Satan looking
to the right. My God is a God of Miracles
who is your god? Satan!

The third beast of the
"666" seen in
"66:6" that God is using to take
down this Temple Church of today, his
enemies, read it ... Trump 45 ... Bush 43 ...
Clinton 42 as all three were born in year
6." Here we see "66:6" that God is
using to take out this dead head Church
of the last days and he is using nuclear
war to do it.
"God rides at the head of his
army and his force's are beyond number
who obey his command.
" Joel 2:"11."

Jesus Christ has "11" letters in his name
and verse
"11" refers to Jesus Christ
riding at the head of the Russian and
Chinese army also seen in Revelation
9:16, the 200 million man army of these
two nations!

The first head of the "3" headed LION
Bill Clinton 42 born on Leo the
Lion month of August 19
. The second
head is G.W. Burning Bush 43. The 3rd
head is setting in the White House today
Donald Satan ... Hitler Trump
"45." He ties
into Harry Truman who dropped two
nuclear bombs on Japan in year
To take this farther down the road to truth in God's numbering and lettering system, We see Trum-an
in year
"45" the "33"rd President of second Jer-USA-lem, and we see Trum-p today the "45"th
President ... 4 + 5 and 4 + 5 added together is 9 + 9 =

This takes us to Revelation
"18" today! Now hold onto you pants when I show you who this refers to
today! Revelation 18:1-3 ... add 18 + 1 + 3 =
"22" as 22 is the end of the Holy Bible ... Revelation 22.
This number is also the number of God's last day Leo the Lion Prophet, yours truly born August "22"
"34" added preaching this awesome message today to the "7" Dead-Head Churches seen
heading this awesome message the sleepers heading into nuclear war who do not want to believe
the truth but would rather listen to good things coming from SATAN the liar of all times!

Revelation 18:1-3 states: "Fallen ... Fallen is mystery Babylon the Great, this mystery Babylon the
Great is this second Jer
-USA-lem the sleeping Churches knows nothing about! Here it states for
Fallen ... Fallen spoken twice, first for the Church and second for its Politics! Both has fallen
to the devil for both are full of evil spirits and devils from hell.

The next two verses
"4-5" says, "Come out from her my people lest you go down with her when I
destroy her.
" Who is running this show today here in second Jer-USA-lem if not the third head of the
"3" headed lion Beast, Donald Beast Trump "45." Next in short, we see the next two verses "6-7" of
Matthew 25:
"6-7" saying this: "I set as Queen and am not a widow, and I will never mourn!"  The
next verse "8" Almighty God says something very different!

"In one day her plagues will overtake her ... DEATH ... MOURNING AND FAMINE ... she will be
consumed by Fire for mighty is the Lord God who judges her."
Revelation 18:8.

Above in cloud form ... the 45th beasts favorite state of Florida, shows the Mushroom cloud bomb
going off, the bomb big mouth Trump "45" is now causing to take place. God is showing here the
window for this to happen is now at hand! In the window in cloud form, God shows the word,
"Church." Under the word Church you can see "3" automobiles driving down the freeway road all
coming to an end!
The "3" Christian religions today, Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal.
Left on Election day over this
nation a few years ago, God
shows this ministry of second
Moses blowing the Jesus
Trumpet and the head of Jesus
hits the head of the white bald
eagle nation killing it over the
state of
FLORIDA. The nuclear
bomb going off seen above in
two Open Visions.   

Below I show only this ministry
blowing this Jesus Trump as I
removed the rest to empathize
what God is showing the blind
Church of today ending!   
Anyone reading and looking at God's awesome Open
Visions and tossing them out, you will soon be looking at
the nuclear bombs going off!
Three men ... the first one from Almighty God showing the two
nations first involved in nuclear war ... Putin of Russia and Trump
of second Jer-
USA-lem! Jesus said in Matthew 24:20 ... Pray that
your flight moving out from the cities does not happen in winter!
Winter just started a few days ago in "12"/"21" 2018. We add 12 +
21 =
"33" as Jesus rides at the head of his army, Joel 2:"11" ... and
many are those who obey his command. Jesus died and rose again
and is coming in soon, at the age of
"33." Joel 2:11 ... 2 x 11 =
22" the end of the Holy Bible and the end of the Church today!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Left I took this burned out scene from a huge rock
close to my home that I named Babylon Rock some
years ago. Over the Open Bible you can see the
wolf-Dogs preaching out from the left side of
God's Bible and dragging behind them this dead
head Church I speak about today! Above the wolf
preachers you can faintly make out the word
JESUS in capital letters!
"The Hand writing in on
the Wall !!!!!!!!
"       Prophet Paul ....