God's Prophet - Woman & God
God's End Time Prophet  yours truly
looking down from the sky
Woman Church Facing God Nose
to Nose ... telling her to straighten
out her life or go to hell!
The stars in God's heaven are saints and not angels the sleeping Church of today claim. God
shows this in the Open Vision from His Camera, the Hubble telescope in his heavens seen above.
The top Prophet of God is seen above, yours truly looking down over the situation today among the
stars, the fallen star Church seen far right looking God on the right, nose to nose and God seen
here as gold telling the star Church to get the sin out from their lives or go to hell!

We read Isaiah 14:13-14 and we see Satan saying ...
"I will put my throne above the stars of God and
rule over them!  
This is exactly what Satan has done, as he rules over the Church today! We go back
to God's first Apostle Paul when God took him to heaven in spirit form telling him not to tell what he
saw. God's angels are seen with him in the
"3"rd heaven where the "3" parts of God is located,
"Father ... Son ... Holy Spirit."  Satan, Lucifer was God's top music angel when sin was found in
him and God tossed him out from the
"3"rd heaven and he landed in the "2"nd heaven where he
is today above the star saint Church of today in the
"1"st heaven seen above.

God is telling this last day Woman Church ...
"Clean up your lives or go to hell with Lucifer ...
!" This choice is up to each one of the star Churches of today! "As in the days of Noah so shall
it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man Jesus Christ
." What is happening today is what
happened in the days of Noah ... water ... water every where! Now we go to Isaiah
5:5 added for
today refers to the
"10" sleeping Women Virgins as God is showing this nation now going down, "I
have lifted my hand of protection from around her and she will be destroyed
." Or saying she is now
being destroyed!

The next two verse, "6-7" points to the sleeping Church of Matthew 25 ... added is "7" Churches
and following verse "5" we God saying to the "6-7" Churches of today, "I am taking away your water
and taking away my cultivating and my pruning of you and you will turn into a thorn patch as this is
what she is today,
a patch of thistles! All with their pants down exposing the world their
nakedness today as seen below.
This naked woman Church of these last days is seen above with their pants down! They think they
are the white dog in the middle above with their red tongue hanging out and still laying down on
the ground as sleeping ... the sleeping Church of Matthew
25:6-7. But God showed me in shadow
form of my old black Tina Poodle dog who I had to put to sleep a short time ago who was "16" years
of age and had lost most of her memory. Number
"16" touches on this nation of second Jer-USA-
lem ...
USA ... at "16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. What you see of black Tina above was
only done by God in
shadow form, showing the Dog Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22 adding just the "2"s
as "2"s equals
"10" sleeping Virgin Churches of today! This was only a shadow of the dog Church
today with over her back you can see the head of a
DEMON and the head of a DRAGON ... Satan
over her!
I put a yellow "X" over these two heads of Satan that are over the sleeping woman
Church of today!

Pam, my in home care lady who helps me out a few days a week, took my little friend Tina to the vet
hospital to have her put to sleep, my good little friend of 16 years that made me very sad, She
called me a little later after Tina was gone and said as she cried, Tina's gone. Pam had been with me
and Tina at the time for a little over
"7" years. She told me when she called, Paul do you want a cat?
They had a yellow lion colored Rex Cat at the hospital that its owner must have died and they
ended up with this Rex Cat and his name was also Rex that refers to King ... meaning King Jesus is
coming! I have a brother named Rex as God is showing also my brothers ... the Stars of heaven, the
Church ties together with
Rex Jesus the Lion Cat is coming soon and suddenly a great surprise
to most!

My Rex Lion Cat ... as I was also born on Leo the Lion month of August
"22" ... 1934. Number "22"
means the end and also the last chapter in God's Holy Bible ... Revelation
"22." I was born year
"1934" ... a God ministry of 1934 added is 1 + 9 = "10" sleeping Virgins and "34" added also refers
to the
"7" Churches as well. I serve a God of numbers, not Satan the Churches of today claim
refers to Satan!

God has hidden these truths from the wayward Church of the last days who turned away from God
and follows the devil today who they believe is Jesus! God told us in his Open Bible, that he has
numbered the very hairs on or heads, showing he is the God of numbers and not Satan. The Bible
also tells us he has named all the STARS in the sky ... as the stars refers to people and not angels.
Now put on your thinking cap for numbers controls the entire creation of God and not Satan ... all
Satan does is copy God but in so doing he twists everything around to his lies!

When you go to the bank of numbers in money form, you look at your clock to see when they open.
You go to the grocery store to buy food and without numbers you don't get anything. You drive
down the road to get your groceries and God put on the highway numbers how fast you can drive
and numbers showing what road you are on. You read my awesome website showing you
thousands of things all put there by me using numbers! The Bible begins with numbers and also
ends in numbers! Who did this ... Satan or was it Almighty God?

I could go on and on and on but I think I gave you the message to those who still has a brain to
listen to truth and not lies from the preaching Churches of today! In closing I had an older sister
named Shirley who was an English and Art Professor in College who died at the age of
"80" brain
dead who called herself a Christian who graduated from a Christian college. My Bible clearly states,
"I will keep those in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on me."

Sister Shirley told me when I was around 50 years of age, Paul, you are not a scholar! She also said,
no one will listen to you because you have not been ordained by any Church! I told her at the time, I
know I have not been ordained by any Church but I have been ordained by God! Shirley never said
a thing. God ordained me one day after mother pasted away to be with God in the year 1985. Using
God's awesome numbering system I will show you I was ordained by God of his second Jeremiah

First of all we see the year mother passed away ... 1985. We see first and last ... 1 and 5 that touches
on 1985 ... 1-98-5. Jeremiah's calling is seen in Jeremiah 1:5. The day after mother died, my family
met at mother's home and we ended up passing out all her Bibles. Her stack of Bible were many
and I walked up to the table and said, I want that old Bible on the bottom of the stack! My sister
Grace removed her old 1942 Bible from the bottom of the stake and said, Paul you can have it. She
took me my arm, Grace "3" years older than myself took me back into mother's bedroom and
opened her old Bible and removed a paper mother had written out in long hand in the KJV and the
NIV version of the Holy Bible ... Jeremiah's calling ... and she said,
"Paul this is for you."

I wept and wept at the time and also for years later when I would think about it. I followed my father
as he was also ordained by the LOT falling on him at our Church when in those days God chose the
preachers, not man as they do today. They would put a piece of paper in a book and the man who
got the book with the paper in it was the new preacher. This happened when i was born ... my
father was ordained into the ministry by God and not by man. I was born the day before this
happened or I was born the day after it happened to my father, Henry. I remember mother saying,
my father took my mother down a bumpy road in the car to induce labor so not to interfere with my
father's ordination as I was born around my father's ordination when the lot fell on my father!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...