God's # 22 Means The End!
SISKIYOU COUNTY, CA -- A fast-growing
wildfire along the California and Oregon
border that took the life of one person grew
22,000 acres Saturday evening. It was
20 percent contained. (From me: 22 + 20 =
42" the beast is coming Bill number "42.")

God is the God of Numbers as he has control
over everything he created and not mother
nature as the people today claim. God ended
his Holy Bible with chapter
"22" and he also
had his last day Prophet born on day
"22" ...
his second Leo the Lion Prophet yours truly
born on day
"22" of August.
Jesus came from the Tribe of Judah ... meaning Leo the Lion! I preach for Jesus ... God ... as seen in
3:4 which states, "Let God (Jesus) be true and every man a liar."  This speaks for today at
the end of the Church age ... his last and true Prophet born on Leo the Lion month of August
year "34." I preach this true Gospel of God at the HOUR of JUDGMENT seen in Revelation 14
"6-7" as I was born "6" of "7" children in a preachers home in year "34."

I preach today at the Hour of Judgment to the "3 + 4 = "7" Churches of Isaiah 4:1 who came from a
preachers home in year
"34." Now we Multiply 6 X 7 = "42" which means rebellion and is the
number of the first head of the "3" Lion Beasts of Satan ... Bill Clinton number 42 from Washington
and is also seen as 43 with Burning Bush 43 ... the second head of the Lion Beast and added
together is
"67." The third head of this "3" headed Lion Beast is the setting president today,
Donald John Trump 45.

Turn in your Bible to Isaiah
"66:6" to see these "3" President men that God is using to take out
these last "7" Churches of today. This passage says;
"What is that noise in the city ... what is that
sound coming from the TEMPLE
(Meaning the Churches) It is the sound of the Lord REPAYING HIS
all they deserve." Isaiah "66:6."     (Here we see his enemes today, the  3 plus 4 equals
the "7"  Churches

My awesome God of numbers shows these "3" beast men in no uncertain terms in his numbering
system!  My God has control over everything he created even to having people born on the day he
wants them to be born. Now going in reverse we see God showing the three beast president men
of his last and third Babylonian nation, second Jer-
USA-lem. Trump was born in year "46" ... Bush
was born in year "4
6" ... Clinton was born in year "46" and now we see "666" that soon goes after
the sleeping Churches today of Isaiah

Next, we look at the month each beast men were born beginning again with Trump. Trump was born
month "6" ... Bush was born month "7" ... Clinton was born month "8" and now we see
You say ... So what?
These "3" beast President men are seen today as the "PALE RIDERS OF
" How do we know this for proof-positive? Old John who wrote the book of Revelation
shows us this in God's awesome numbering system! Old John wrote this in Revelation
Notice this lines up with these last day "3" beast president men! Would you call this just another
accident going someplace to happen?
Next, we go to the end of the Holy Bible which is
22:21 added is "67." Add 2 + 2 + 2 =
plus 1 = "7" or "67." Last year on Leo the Lion
month of August
"21" one day before my birthday
of the
"22"nd ...  there was a Solar Eclipse that
came over
St. Paul ... a small county in Oregon,
and left at South Carolina ... what does this mean?
This means a New Beginning is Coming!

Left is the map of Oregon and they put St. Paul in
Red that also touches on the red ring around my
eye in the blownup picture they made of me.
Now here comes the new begining that God is showing the world today through his last day Leo
the Lion Prophet that is now on its way into reality. Here God shows yours truly looking to the left,
the west where this Solar Eclipse came from, showing what is about to happen to this Pig headed
Church and nation! Notice the Grey Bear of Russia and China coming down passed my face over
the eye of this PIG headed Church, and we see this PIG screaming out Bloody Murder as these two
bears begin to kil the Pigs who are still swimming with a fish tail of the earth Church.

This is also seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22 which also includes the Dogs ... Pigs and Dogs alike that these
Churches of today have become! Peter said it would have been better for them to have not heard
the true salvation, than to have heard this truth and then turned their backs on it and today preach
a man's gospel which is no gospel at all! Notice the tail of this pig-fish Church of today has the
black nose of the lying preachers of today that God is taking out real soon and suddenly!  
Far left above is the fire burning in California of the Vineyards ... the Churches now being
destroyed by Almighty God seen in Isaiah 5:1-5 and
"6-7." God is now burning down this wild
vineyard Church of today, and the above picture on 22 thousand acres is part of this message big
time. The seond picture in white shows these large nose preachers of today telling lies to the
Churches! This Open Vision came from the 50th state of the Union in Hawaii that touches on the
"50" states in his Union of second Jer-

The third Open Vision is from a large truck accident killing the driver. Notice the black smoke and
the large black nose of the driver which refers to these Preachers of today telling lies to the flock,
are soon to be under these
MUSHROOM NUCLEAR BOMBS coming in from the Russian bear ...
there end is what you see above in black.
Left is a nuclear cloud shown by God in the state of
Florida not long ago. This means,
"The Window is
now Open for this to happen

Notice in the Open Window ... is the word ...
"CHURCH." You can plainly see the first two letters
"Ch and then the rest ... urch. These are those
seen in Isaiah
"66:6" who has become ENEMIES of
God. These are not Jews but are the Church in the
window seen left that God soon takes out in the
coming in nuclear bombs of Russia! God says in no
uncertain terms ...
"The Window is Open!"

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...