God's Moving Church - GMC
Age 67
ties to
Mt. 25:
I purchased my 2000 GMC ... God's Moving Church at the West One GMC auto-dealership in
Klamath soon to Fall USA. Upper left is a tropical storm over this second Jer-
USA-lem nation several
years ago on Election day showing
God's West One Prophet blowing his Jesus Trumpet over this
... and on the end of my Trumpet is the head and face of Jesus Christ looking down over the
State of Florida hitting this white headed bald eagle nation in its head and killing it!

Far right is a picture of yours truly standing in front of my 2000 GMC four wheel drive truck at the age
"67." This number touches on Matthew 25 added = "7" Churches fast asleep today and verses
"6-7." Below my License Plate I enlarged the letters and numbers that tied into the Newsletter I had
written and mailed out a week before I received the new license plate for my 2000 GMC truck. The
title to my Newsletter was ...
"Crossing Yahweh's Jordon" referring to the 144,000 seen in
14:1-5 that are taken to the Throne of Jesus Christ just before hell is opened up on earth!

When I opened the package containing my new license Plate I knew what it meant! Here goes ...
"Crossing" ... "Y" meant "Yahweh" ... and "J" meant "Jordan." Next came the 144,000 seen in
Revelation 14:1-5. We add 1 + 4 + 1 + 5 = "11" equals Jesus Christ who has "11" letters in his name
and Jesus Christ is written on the foreheads along with the Fathers name of these 144,000 true
saints of God today! God takes them out just before hell is opened up on earth!

My license plate is
"XYJ".... as seen above and the numbers are "892." Now to you people who say
God is not the God of numbers, Satan is! Numbers controls the entire world and God said to prove
his point, I have numbered the very hairs on your heads yet the sleepers see exactly nothing! Now
we go to the "3" numbers on my license plate ...
892 and I remind you my GMC is a 2000! God told
me not to add this number but to multiply it so I did. 8 X 9 = "72" X 2 ... year 2000 and we see
overcoming Saints who go to heaven first leaving the rest behind to have the
fires burn off all the
Hay, Wood and Stubble from their lives as Jesus said ... you will be saved but
ONLY as one
escaping through the flames of FIRE!
Top left shows nuclear
bombs and its poiso
n gas
hitting this naked sleeping
Church in her face pushing
her backwards seen in
28:13-15. Chapter
"28" added refers to the
"10" sleeping Virgins of
25:6-7. Add verses
1 + 3 + 1 + 5 "10" sleeping Virgins! You can see her naked body falling backwards coming from God's
Hubble telescope in his heavens... her two naked breasts and her lower dark area! Right of this you
can see the same naked Church riding the golden beast president today, Donald J. Trump 45 taken
from a large rock close to my old home. Notice written on her belly is the large capital letter
"V" for
ten sleeping

Right of this taken from the Hubble telescope is an Open Vision of this naked woman Church with her
arms reaching out on both sides of her
as I outlined. Her arm reaching out to the left in this Open
Vision from God Almighty, shows a
dark bear ... Russia ... with its mouth open coming down her arm
beginning to eat her. Below the bear
eating the Woman Churches arm you can also see a man with a
warm winter wool cap on his head matching the woman Churches cap on her head and he is also
wearing a
wool winter cap looking at the woman Churches sex organ. Now I wonder who this is?
Could it be Sex Maniac Donald J. Trump? Yes!  
Below I will show you this for proof positive.

Below the woman Church above being hit in her head with nucler poison ...
shows her stark naked
holding onto the Rock Jesus Christ while she bows her
naked knees to little rock Satan. Right of this
also in a huge rock close to my old home, shows God on the right with his left arm pulled back ready
to knock out the USA Church of the last days gone bananas
! Left of this you can see the beasts of the
USA pushing this golden rich dog face Church into nuclear war with Russia. I will show them below in
the Open Vision of Trump eating this naked woman Church going up her le
Left is another large rock close to my old home
in the high wilderness area of volcanoes
shows this message burned out ... written out
in rock form from Almighty God of the last days!
You can see the golden face Dog Church
walking to the left and her pretty human face
looking back into the black face of Satan who is
riding her back.

Right of Satan's black head you can see the
other two heads of the beast, Clinton 42 on top
and Bush 43 the Texan cowboy added together
is also seen as
"67."  Below Bush is the Black
Shark, Trump 45 with the golden
X I put on his
neck who
eats women! Notice the red scarlet
haired woman Church of Rev. 17:1-7
, 1 + 7 + 1 +
equals "16" hundred Penn., Ave. Washington
DC in Trumps mouth!
Also notice where Trump
is headed for, the Churches sex organ. Right of
her sex organ is his middle initial ...
the golden
letter "J" for John!

I didn't make this awesome image of sex maniac
Donald J. Trump eatkng the woman Church,
God made it with his fife finger in solid
rock close to my old home in the high wilderness area of Klamath County, Oregon! I took these
pictures with a very good telescopic Cannon Camera and after developing the films I put them into
my Adobe Photo section of my computer! After God showed me in my commuter the images I saw
, I
drew lines around them and then removed the substance that was not part of the Open Visions and
now you see what God is showing to the Church and world in
Solid Rock Form what is happening!
Left shows the face of Jesus over the "V"irgin
Church of today! On the left side of Jesus' face
over the Church ... you can see the face and
head of the Pig Church! Right of the head of
Jesus over the Church, you can see the capital
"C" for Church. This Open Vision from
Almighty God came from a volcano in Iceland
showing this
Ice Cold Pig Dog Church of today
are Ice Cold to Jesus Christ
! God shows in no
uncertain terms the Church of today are soon
to be screaming out
bloody murder!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope
world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul
Gerig ...
Bloody Murder