God's Mouth Speaks Today!
speaks to
the end
...  its
God shows from his Hubble
Telescope the stars in his
heavens are people who have
fallen, not angels the sleeping
Church claim. You can see the
man Church looking down from
above and the woman Church
looking into the face of an angry
God. Notice the gold outline
around God's head!
God speaks today without a shadow of a doubt to this man and woman lying Chicken Church of today
"Your days are over as Chickens!" You started out good as true Fishers of men's souls but you
ended up bad as a
Pig-Chicken-Church who will be no more as you were who ended up bad!
Left is a picture from the
weather people over second
USA-lem today, 8/2/2019
showing in the middle in white
storm form with the Red X on his
head looking left ... this nation
with its mouth open crying out
Why God ... Why God! To the
right on the head of another
white cloud, shows the face of
another storm heading into
second Jer-
USA-lem! God is
saying loud and clear ...
will you get the picture

Look at the top left and you can
see God put the capital letter
"G" for Gerig on the west coast
talking to the Dog Church seen
below my name, its 2 dark ears
and dark eyes and dark nose
looking downward as God tears down this nation who has gone to POT. Under the Dog head Church  
you can see the black letter "V" for the Ten Sleeping Virgin Church that God is taking out!

I ... Gerig live on the West Coast of second Jer-
USA-lem and have been preaching this message
across this land for over 30 years! Below I show this West One Ministry in another tropical storm over
this nation several years ago on election day of God showing Prophet Gerig blowing his Jesus
Trumpet over this land where the Head of His Jesus hits and kills the sign of this nation as the bald
eagle ... killing it seen over the state of Florida.
<--- Dog head
You can faintly see this Jesus' trumpet to my
mouth over the West Coast and killing this bald
Eagle nation that will soon be no more!

How will this happen? Below I show you what God
is saying in cloud form also in the State of Florida
under the sign of the bald eagle bird. God in no
uncertain terms shows the Nuclear Mushroom
cloud bomb going off over the freeway in Florida
"3" automobiles ... the "3" Churches
coming down! Notice God shows the window is
now open for this to happen!
Notice in this Open Window God shows in cloud form the
"Church." There is no doubt about it as God is
bringing this nation of second Jer-
USA-lem to a close and
will be no more of what she has turned out to be to God
Almighty ...
a Vineyard of Wild-Sour-Grapes!

Under God's image of nuclear war coming upon his second
USA-lem nation, I turned a real nuclear bomb going off
sideways to show you this Goat Church of today going up
in the air ... notice its head on the top looking to the right
of this nuclear bomb coming from the Russian Bear! Here
we see the head of the white headed bald eagle bird and
his golden beak ... Trump the billionaire president who is
bringing on nuclear war!

Under Trumps head of this nation you can see looking at
you, the dead white skulls of the people, church included!
Under the dead heads you can see the head of a Dragon ...
Satan looking right!

I made this baseball game below on the outskirts of
Chicago, showing this final and third baseball game of
Adam, the Jews and now the Gentiles coming to a close!
Here we see over the left bright light, Satan looking down
over this last day picture of the setting Duck Church now
in the mouth of Dragon Satan. Right of the left bright lite
you can see the setting Duck Church already in the mouth
of Dragon Satan!

Below this you can see "3" tall baseball players on the field
Adam ... Jews ... and lastly Gentiles! God is saying today
in his patience ... "3" strikes and
your out of the picture running the
show!  I am now ready to bring in
my Son ... Jesus Christ and he will
rule for the next 1000 years before
Eternity happens!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Devil looking down
Above Duck in Dragons mouth
This third and final baseball game of time is over!