God's Lips Say - Beast Is Here
Taken from the Ring of Fire Volcano in Hawaii,
God is showing his
Red Lips telling the Church
and world it is finished! The white beast is now
coming into position ... top right corner seen here
in smoke form ...
the RED hot words comes from
God's hot lips in fire
, seen here as the Lava
flowing out from the
Ring of Fire!

GeOrGe W. Burning Bush the 43rd president of
this gone down the drain nation, is this white
beast ... top right corner coming from the Church,
coming into position as the second head of the
three headed beast system! The third head sets
in the
White-Red-Black House of this nation,
Donald J. Trump 45

The second head is see below God's Red hot lips
showing this white head beast, GeOrGe W.
Burning ...
Red Pants Bush seen left in a fiery
volcano with a white head
. the white beast seen
above God's fire lips is walking in. Notice above
Bushes white head is the
Skull of this Beast!
Notice the black microphone in White head
Burning Bush.

Left of
Red Pants Burning Bush you can see the
GOAT CHURCHES today, as Jesus said, the GOATS
will be on the left which means Judgment, and my
sheep will be on my right, meaning
Goat Churches of these last and final days, are all
talking to the white head in signs ...the
who they believe is Jesus but is Satan himself!
Satan comes as an angel of light!
Right of Red Pants Burning Bush you can see the black head of Satan with a white eye with his nose
under the black microphone in
White Headed George W. Red Pants Burning Bush that came out from
the Abyss, Hell if you will, and the Goat Churches today are all following him in signs above from the
hot red lips of Almighty God!
God's Hot Lips Reveals One Head of
BEAST ... Red Pants Burning Bush 43
White Beast Coming in --------->
Burning Bush 43 ... 4 + 3 = "7"
Churches today at Judgment
The   "7"
Left is the inside page of Mother's old
Bible which my Jeremiah calling came out
from the day after mother died and went
to be with the Lord. My family gathered at
her home the day after mother died in
1985 and we passed out mother's old
Bibles for one thing. Mothers old Bible of
1942 ended up in my hands and is still in
my hands today. Left is the inside page of
her old Bible where my Jeremiah's calling
came out from written on a paper by
Mother, Jeremiah's calling from Jeremiah
This ties to this nations Presidents of the last days, and also them all coming out from the Church ...
how does this work? We must use God's Awesome Numbering System to see this. October is the
"10" month tying into the "10" very sleeping Virgins today who see exactly nothing!
 (My sister Grace
took mother's Bible from my hands and opened it up and took out Jeremiah's calling written out by mother and handed it to
me saying, Paul this is for you! I wept then and for years later when i would think about this time)

Oct. 15 refers to two things! First it touches on Jeremiah
"1:5" and the setting President today,
Donald John Trump who has
"15" letters in his full name. Next, we see when mother purchased this
Bible was
"1942." This is the sign of the first head of these "3" beast Presidents and Bill Clinton was
born on Leo the Lion's month of August
"19" and was the "42"nd president ... 1942.

Now we move down to the bottom line saying, Matt:
12:43-46. First, we add Matt. 12 ... 1 + 2 = "3"
beast men of these last days ...
Clinton 42 ... Burning Bush 43 and Trump 45. (We add 4 + 2 + 4 + 3 + 4
+ 5 =
"22" as this number refers to the end of the Bible, Revelation 22 and also God's last day
Prophet yours truly ... Leo the lion's birthday number August 22)  Next we see verse
"43" as the
number of George W. Burning Bush seen above! Lastly we see verse number that mother put in this
scripture number following
Burning Bushes number "43" ... number "46."

All "3" of these Presidents were born in year "46." Clinton 46 ... Bush 46 ... Trump 46 ... "666"
and all "3" are seen in Isaiah
"66:6." What does this passage say? God says, "What is that noise
in the city ... what is that sound coming from the TEMPLE
, (Meaning the Churches) it is the sound of
Lord repaying his enemies all they deserve!
"  (This refers to the sleeping Churches today)

God is using these "3" men as a tool to punish the Churches today who have wondered away from
Almighty God.
Now we see these three men making up Revelation "6:7-8" as the Pale Rider of DEATH
with Hades, Hell following close behind. Number
"23" refers to DEATH and William Jefferson Clinton
the first head of the BEAST has 23 letters in his long name. Now we see all three men were born in
"46" and all "3" were born making up the passage in Revelation "6:7-8" the Pale rider of
DEATH that makes up the Pale People soon to die ... DEATH ... from disobedience to God.

Hold on to your hat for these "3" beast men who ride the Pale horse of
DEATH, God shows them born
in the months that point to this chapter and verses of Revelation
6:7-8! Now we see this in reverse
to the beast President setting in office today. Trump was born month
"6" ... Bush was born month "7"
and Clinton was born month
"8" now we see the Pale Riders of DEATH riding out as seen in
"6:7-8."  (This also touches on "21" when added, the day of the Solar Eclipse, the end)  

Anyone reading this message and can't get it or won't believe it, are not God's true Church of these
last days! There is only 144,000 coming from the Churches today seen in Revelation 14:1-5 who are
overcoming believers! The rest are all under the headship of Satan and do not know it. The lying,
Goat Churches today preach these 144,000 comes from the Jews, another lie from hell that they
believe. These 144,000 have JESUS and the FATHERS name written on their foreheads! Would you
believe that God puts his Jesus' name on the Jews foreheads who never accepted Jesus as their
Messiah over 2000 years ago? Not on your life would God do this!

The lying GOAT Churches say these 144,000 are Jews that came to the Lord that God takes out to be
with him in heaven, another lie from Satan. Jacob who refers to God, married two women before the
law came into effect of one wife. Jacob, God, married 2 women ... Leah the Jews first that he worked
"7" years to get! Then he married Laban's younger daughter, Rachel, the prettier daughter, the
Church. Jacob, God worked "7" years for Leah, the Jews and are seen in Revelation "7" ... the
144,000 sealed before hell is opened up on earth.

Next, we see Laban's second younger and prettier daughter, Rachel that Jacob, God, worked
another "7" years to get as wife! This refers to the Church who has wondered away from Jacob,
Father God today! Only 144,000 of the prettier wife of Jacob, God, are taken to his throne in heaven
seen in Luke 21:34-36. This passage says:
Do not let the trap spring shut on you, stay awake! Here I am
Paraphrasing and will do this also with verses 35-36. These last two verses say;
Pray that you may be
able to escape all that is about to happen, and pray that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man

God ... Jesus was not talking to the Jews in this passage ... he was talking to the Church! The trap is
now ready to spring shut as God is showing in another large rock about one mile from my home seen
below in this
show and tell ministry of yours truly.
Rachel, the Church who has done as
bad as the Jews or worse, are seen
here and in the OT of God taking out
his younger and prettier wife. Don't
forget Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19 ...
same numbers,
"What was before will
be again, and what is now was before
So when you read in both the old and
new testament they speak for both
wives of God. The early Church used
the Old Testament to preach from and
today God's last day Prophet, yours
truly uses both the OT and the NT
alike to show what was before is now
happening again today! Now to show
you the clamshell trap of Luke 21:34.
The very top of this clamshell trap God is showing coming down on the heads of the naked Churches
today! You can see God showing this very Naked Churches sex organ of the man part of the woman
Churches of today, circumcised ONLY in the FLESH and not the HEART as Jesus said we are to be
circumcised in today. They have their arms in the air showing who they are, the "10" sleeping
"V"irgins of Matthew 25:6-7.

This also ties into this MONEY Church of these last days laying down on the old Bull Market soon to
disappear before their very eyes! When this happens the
BULL MONEY Market of today leaves and in
its place the
RED BEAR Market of Russia and China moves in! God is showing this in a large rock
burned out by his Almighty fire hand seen above ... the soldiers of war coming in now getting ready
to happen with
Russia and China and the other nations this nation is in conflict with today.
God said, signs would appear in the heavens
above and on the earth below before the
return of Jesus Christ, the Son of Man.

Now here comes the same message from
above in cloud form from Almighty God. Left
is a hurricane storm off the east coast
showing the two bears of Russia and China
today rising up from a long sleep as you can
see God shows in cloud form, and not from
man, as also seen in the rock above. Notice
the white bears with two black eyes and
black nose now looking at the Bull Market
now ready to leave the picture! Here we see Blue Golden rich Donald Trump blowing his huge horn
around the world looking at you! Notice his eye ... nose and large HORN ... as you can hear this large
horn seen here over his head blowing world wide today and making the nations angry with him and
takes him out! Notice this Bull Market leaving and in its place comes the
Red Bear Market of Russia
and China!
(Notice the belly of this Bull Market, the bulls eye that Russia and China shoot at)
To confirm this again we see in cloud and rock form from
Almighty God, the picture of the two bears above showing
"3" ribs in their mouth, seen in Daniel 7:5. The three ribs are
the one rib of Adam broken into "3" ribs ... Catholic,
Protestant and Pentecostal.
You can count the "3" ribs in both Open Vision above in these two bear nations mouth today, Russia
and China as both are raising up on one side and are soon to come against this once Godly nation
where the "3" beasts of the
"666" came from. The two people in red above touches on two Religions
today, Catholic and Protestants as the Pentecostal Churches today are also seen as Protestants the
"3" broken ribs in the mouth of these "2" bears of Russia and China
that is very soon to happen.

There is one huge rock about 60 so feet in the air, one miles east of my home. It shows this Lion Rock
looking up with the Capital letter
P for Paul outlined in Red. Below this Red P for Paul, you can see
the black bull market coming down. Left of this you can see this Pig head nation on fire with the two
DC in the Fire referring to Washington DC soon to burn down.
To end this awesome message from God,  we
see the small county of
St. Paul in the area i
grew up as a child until I was
"19" years old.
"19" also shows the first head of the
beast, Clinton
"42" born on Leo the Lion
month of August
"19" and I was born August
"22." We are seen in Isaiah "2" as 2 men in
"19-22" a must to read coming in very,
very soon. Notice
St. Paul, yours truly left,
watching the Solar Eclipse going over my
head one day before my 83rd birthday with a
RED RING around my eye, as I am also seen as
Red Ring of Fire. In short you can see
me ... St. Paul in this white map of Oregon that
they blue up this small county of St. Paul.
with a red ring around my eye watching the Solar Eclipse going over my head in signs, and leaving in
South Carolina. (This means a new beginning is coming in) Notice below my head is the
Grey Bears of
Russia and China coming in to take out these Pig Headed Churches today along with this Pig headed
nation of this third Babylon nation never to rise again seen in the Jeremiah 51
. We add 5 + 1 = "6" as
today we are in the last of the "6" 000 years of mankind and it is over as we see it today.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...