God Shows War At The DOOR
Revelation 9:1-6
God confirms this twice in his numbering system! First in Revelation 9 verse "16" and Revelation 9
+ 1 + 6 =
"16" hundred Pennsylvania Avenue Washington DC. The war tanks are seen on top of
this nation! The black Locust are seen as Scorpions on the woman Church here in second
USA-lem seen pointed out in Red writing. You can see the Black Scorpion on the side of this
naked woman Church with her head facing to the left under the war tanks soon to take place.

Right of the
black scorpion on the woman Church, you can see black Satan looking down into the
hot fiery pit of hell where God is holding this naked dog Church over the Abyss to clean her up
while Jesus is seen below Satan ...
the Lamb of God as the fourth man in the fire of the "3"
Hebrew Children ...
the Catholics, Protestants and Pentecostals.
Left you can see this white ... black dog Church laying down as
sleeping with its tongue hanging out listening to Christian
music while
they lay on the ground doing nothing! In another
open vision from Almighty God, he shows her in black laying
down chewing on a bone. Both dogs are seen as Poodles. The
black Poodle is seen in shadow form of my little black Tina
Poodle dog chewing on a bone she dearly loved and having the
picture of the Demon's over her back marked in golden X ... and
right of the Demon is the head of the Dragon, Satan, as both are
full of devils from hell today.

Below Black Tina is another Open Vision from Almighty God in
one of his fiery volcano's showing the two bright eyes of God
looking this Dog Church of today in their face, and the black
Dog Church are setting over the fire pot of hell soon to happen
and purify her!  God has already begun to burn off all their
wood and stubble from their lives that Jesus promised would
Jesus said, you will be saved but only as one
escaping through the flames of fire

Below in 2 Peter 2:20-22 adding the 2's as 2's equals
"10" very
sleeping Virgins Dog Churches
The dogs of
2 Peter 2:20
- 22 this is
your lot!
God has already begun to put this Dog
Church of today over the Abyss across this
second Jer
-USA-lem nation and soon are
already howling seen above and seen in
5:5 ... where God said, "I have lifted
my hand of protection from around her and
she will be destroyed
." This meaning the "7"
Churches of second Jer-
USA-lem! This
refers to the Matthew 25 ... 2 + 5 =
Churches of verses
"6-7." This is also seen
in the next two verse of Isaiah 5:
"6-7." This
follows the destruction of this nation now
happening and God says in these two "6-7" verses, I will take away my water from my Vineyard
garden ... I will not cultivate nor prune her and she will turn into a thorn patch that she is today! God
is now destroying this nation yet most cannot see a thing! Airplanes crashing, trains crashing,
automobiles crashing by the thousands and Tornadoes taking out housing area's! Snow storms, rain
storms and you name it ... God is angry beyond discription!
Almighty God is showing above the "V" for Virgins that war is on the horizon of this nation and world
and the 45th President is the big mouth causing this scene to appear! Above the large capital letter
"V" for Virgins, you can see the fire coming out from the mouth of the Russian Bear ...
Nuclear Fire!
This nuclear fire is also seen above as God is soon to hold this DOG Church over the hot fire from
the Abyss ... nuclear fire from the Russian Bear!

Right from the howling Dog above, you can see the Tornado that is taking out communities showing
God is not happy but angry with his second Jer-
USA-lem nation today and also the entire world that
she, this third Babylon nation has messed up seen in Revelation 17:1-7 and has also killed the
scarlet Church! Below is a picture I took some years ago while driving into Klamath Falls, Oregon.
I put the writing on this picture some years
ago about this
Eagle Bird Nation going down
by the ...
"White House-Senate-House Brings
her Down
!" This is exactly what is happening
today between the
House and the Senate as
everyone can plainly see if only they have
eyes in their heads! The war between the
RAT's and the Republicans still goes
on and the Christian Republican Church put
gross liar Trump 45 into power! Using God's awesome numbering system we see Trump "45" from
Washington touches on
Trum--an of year "45" who dropped two Atomic Bombs on Japan killing
thousands of innocent people.
Trum--p  "45" is the President who is causing this to happen again
and seen in Obadiah 1:15! Add 1 + 15 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC! We put the name
of this book into understanding and we see this:
O' But "U" are about to DIAH" O' second

Truman was the
"33"rd President of this second Jer-USA-lem nation who followed the 32nd
President, FDR ... Franklin D. Roosevelt. I returned to the Lord from my teen years when I left him
many years ago and came back to him
"33" years ago. I lost the use of my walking about "8" years
ago to diabetes and have a nurse lady help me out a couple days a week named Pam. Now we see
"32"... "33" ... "34." Now 32 equals FDR the 32nd president, "33" touches on Truman the
33"rd President and "34" touches on the year this last day Prophet of God was born!

I had to move from the high area of Klamath County a short time ago into Klamath ... soon to fall ...
USA Oregon.  My in-home care lady, Pam, found the apartment where I live today from a friend of her
family who does the maintenance work where I live today. His name is
Rich! He had lost his wife
sometime ago to
MS! Here is the address in signs of Truman and FDR ... Franklin D. Roosevelt! I was
born year
"34" preaching today to the 3 + 4 = "7" Churches of Matthew 25:6-7. I was born in a
preacher home
"6" of "7" children.

This home I live in today is between
"3"rd and "4"th street ... equal's "34"  the year I was borb, The
street I live on is street
"Roosevelt." Now I wonder who planned this to happen like this? Next, I will
show you how God planned this with my in-home care lady Pam.
Left is a huge storm named PAM. It
shows this Lion Ministry laying in bed ...
notice the face of a LION below the
face of yours truly both looking at you.
You can see my left arm reaching out to
the large capital letters,
"SC" for
South Carolina. I preached from
SC for
half an hour in year 2001 on short and
long wave radio, that Bill Clinton 42  
would come back as the head of the
beast and that Russia would nuclear
bomb this nation! This is now in the
works!  You can see under the cloud
the weather people put this picture up,
the rocks. Notice the heart of Paul
under my arm in rock form, as I had an
only son we named Rocky who lived
two days, the sign of Rock Jesus who
lived 2000 years ago and died and rose
again. Peter said, a day with the Lord
is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day. This
ministry is a sign of Father God and his Son Jesus Church, not
making me God nor Jesus, but making this Ministry His end time
Ministry without a shadow of a doubt!

At the bottom of my white bed shows another rock pointing to
God's last day Leo the Lion Prophet born on Leo the Lion month of
"22" ... the last chapter of the Holy Bible ... Revelation
"22." Left is another Open Vision from storm Pam pushing me in a
wheel-chair as she does at times. You can see me in the center of
this storm as in the sky, pointing my Jesus Trumpet downward to
earth from heaven to the people below. In front of my face you can
see a man looking up in my face, wearing dark glasses as they see
nothing today! Behind my head you can see the face of Pam
pushing me along while I preach this awesome message today to a
dead, sleeping Church of Matthew
We are leaving the "6"th Millennium and going today into the "7"th Millennium ... "6-7." This "7"th
Millennium is the 1000 year kingdom of Jesus Christ still
"33" years of age as God never ages! We
see Jesus ... God ... in Daniel 9:24 ... added is
"33." This one verse toward the end shows this
Ministry as
Visions and Prophesies coming to a close and after this happens, and after the "42"
months of wrath is over, then Jesus sets up his 1000 year Kingdom on earth ... read it! We now see
this ... 6 X 7 =

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...