God Shows Man Blowing Up
Quote:    THOUSANDS OF TOURISTS have been
stranded as Bali shuttered its international
airport following a volcanic eruption on the
Indonesian resort island that shot a thick
plume of ash and smoke thousands of metres
into the sky, officials said.

The early morning closure of Ngurah Rai
airport sparked the cancellation of nearly 280
flights to and from the tropical paradise with
some 15,700 passengers affected, according to
revised figures from an airport spokesman.

The initial numbers given were nearly 450
flights cancelled and 75,000 travellers
affected. The spokesman did not give a reason
for the dramatic revision.

A striking orange-red glow could be seen at
the top of Mount Agung’s crater after it shot
smoke and ash some 2,000 metres into the sky
yesterday evening.

The airport was closed early this morning after
a pilot flying overhead detected traces of
volcanic ash as high as 23,000 feet.
Quote:    Scientists have hailed as “historic”
the first sighting in Spanish waters for at least
three decades of what is thought to be a
critically endangered great white shark.

Researchers who caught sight of the 5 metre
shark near the Balearic Islands yesterday say it
is the first time in more than 30 years a great
white has been seen in the area.   

God is not mincing any words ... period! The top
volcano shows a man's head in dark smoke
looking up  ... very plaining shown by God
Above is the sign of shark Satan
now coming into the picture to
take out the people.
Head looking up
Above the red fire is the head of man
looking at you that God is taking out
and soon to be sucking in fire.
Drop down to the next plain Open Vision from Almighty God, also shows under his head and face
looking directly at you, this coming nuclear fire which is very close at hand today. Notice his brown
hair, his pink forehead, his two dark eyes, his nose and his mouth is seen sucking in the fire into this

Anyone with eyes can see these Open Visions God is giving out just before he destroys mankind as
they are today! God is not leaving anything to the imagination ... Period!   
Anyone with eyes in their
heads can see these Open Visions that God is showing to the whole world just before he blows
everything to smithereens
!  Most of mankind follow Satan because they all turned against creator
God and follow this Shark into fiery hell designed by God for the angels that sinned and not mankind!
Left God shows in cloud form, his face and his
end time Prophet
"P" for "PauL" seen right of
Father God in a large letter "P" what is soon to
happen to this whole world as what Jesus spoke
about in Luke 21:34-36.  

I wonder who made all these Open Visions if not
God Almighty? I wonder who shows the faces of
man on top of these mountains if not God
Almighty who created everything that was
"Wake Up! O' Sleeping Church" your
days are at an end! It was 1991 when I published
this book of over 300 pages and 19 chapters. This
is not just a short time ministry for I have been on
this awesome message for "33" years but most do
not want to believe it, so now God is showing in
no uncertain terms, it is finished!

Left you can see God with the red fire under him
standing on his high mountain in black form,
notice his white head and his left arm pulled back
getting ready to hit this white headed woman
Church off his high mountain. Notice her naked
breasts and thin waist now at the bottom of God's
high mountain soon to be completely off his
mountain that brings in his Son Jesus Christ to
rule the world for 1000 years, seen in Daniel 9:24
after this ministry is closed down by God, these
Visions and Prophecies just before Jesus' 1000
year kingdom is setup.

We add Daniel 9:24 =
"33" the age of Jesus when
he died and rose again still
"33" years of age and
also this Ministry coming back to the Lord
years ago.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...

Below I make this picture larger to show you for
real that God make this man's head larger in the
fire over this volcano. Notice his reddish brown
hair and his two dark eyes looking at you as he
sucks in the hot fire from Almighty God.
Letter "P" for
Prophet Paul
goes down
God even put a white light
around this dark cloud over this
dark mountain of his world,
showing man is finished ruling
the world for the last time ... it is
finished! God is not leaving
anything to the imagination, he is
showing it all without hesitation
for the time is very, very short!
God said when people are
saying peace and safety then
destruction fill fall down on them
like labor pains coming upon a
pregnant woman and they will
not escape. 1 Thes. 5.    
 Paul ...
The very end of days