God Shows His Smiling Face
... as he takes Out His Overcomer's ...
God's Overcoming Church soon
disappears before the unhappy faces of
the sleeping Churches. The taking out of
the 144,000 overcoming saints, soon
leave to be with Jesus Christ on his
throne, as seen in Revelation
14:1-5 is
soon to happen! Jesus Christ has
letters in his name and add 1 + 4 + 1 + 5 =
"11" Jesus Christ soon to appear on the
face of this filthy earth.

Left is an open Vision from God's Hubble
space telescope in his heavens, as God
says, everything under the Sun belongs
to me
! God is showing his face as happy
ready to take out his 144,000 true
overcoming Star Saints.
The sleeping,
untruthful, star saints of Matthew 25:6-7
are telling the sleeping Church
... stars
are Angels, a lie from hell! The
are seen in the
top heaven, Satan's
is the second heaven where he
was cast out from the top heaven.
God is
seen above
with his star saints soon to
take then out his over-coming Church.

Apostle Paul was taken to the third
heaven and was told by God not to tell
what his saw. God's Angels live with God
and not Satan! God tossed Satan out
when God found sin in him
, and Satan
occupies the second heaven and he
says in Isaiah 14:13 that he would put
this throne above the stars of God that
occupy the first heaven see left.

Above God is showing his face in the
first heaven among the Stars. Left God is
showing among the Stars the man
looking down and the woman looking to
the right that are the two witnesses of
11:7-11 ... a man and a
woman! We add 1 + 1 + 7 + 1 + 1 =
Jesus Christ has "11" letters in his
name and he takes out the
Father God Below Smiling as he takes out his
144,000 true Saints of Revelation 14:1-5 ... His
Overcoming  Big  Little Stars ...
Notice above these two witnesses are seen among the Stars, as God is showing they are the stars
in his first heaven and not Angels
. These two witnesses are seen as a man and a woman, not two
old Jewish  men like Enoch or Elijah from old Israel the sleeping, seeing nothing Church of
Matthew 25:6-7 all claim come back to life and preach for
"42" months in old Israel and are killed
and lay on the ground for
"3" days, and then are raised to life again and go to heaven in a cloud
while their enemies look on!

This blows
the lying theory of two past Jewish men, like Enoch and Elijah or ETC., come back to life
and preach for
3 1/2 years ... 42 months from old Israel. The two witnesses, a man and a woman that
uches on 144,000 seen in Revelation 14:1-5, are taken out by Happy Father God seen in the top
Open Vision in his heavens
, as God owns all three heavens! God's top Prophet today, yours truly
born of my father Henry and my mother Bertha both had Jewish blood running through their veins
and so this last day Prophet of God is both
Jewish and Gentile alike.
Left is St. Paul of Oregon! The Solar Eclipse went
"St Paul, Oregon" last year of Leo the Lion
month of August
"21" one day before my Leo the
Lion birthday of August
"22." Here we see in
reverse August
22 ... 21 showing the last chapter
and verse of the Holy Bible ... Revelation
added is 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus 1 equals "7" equals

67." I am preaching today to the "7" Churches of
Matthew 25 added is
"7" Churches and verses
." The beast coming in, Bill Clinton #42 ... 6 X
7 =
"42" goes after the sleeping "7" Churches.
I grew up close to St. Paul Oregon that sat close to the Capital of Oregon, Salem only a few miles
east of Salem. God had the map people put
Red as the small county of St. Paul. He had them also
blow up St. Paul showing this ministry what is coming! He had them put a
red ring around my eye and
my mouth wide open in amazement! Now hold onto you hat while I explain what God is saying today!

The bears from the North, and this is where the two bears of Russia and China are coming from the
North! They are walking down past my
red eye and seen in GREY form and covering the eye of this
PIG Church nation today as they see exactly nothing!
You can see these two grey bears of Russia
and China coming down over the eye of this
PIG Church nation and they can see nothing. The head
of this
PIG CHURCHY nation soon to have their mouths screaming out ... Bloody Murder when the
200 million man army of China seen in Revelation 9:
16 hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC comes
in and
rapes the woman ... seen in Zechariah 14:2. Add 14 + 2 = "16" hundred Penn., Ave.,
Washington DC.

You can see the black nose fish tail Church preachers still preaching from the Fish Tail Church of
2000 year ago, and today has the head of a
PIG ... seen in 2 Peter 2:20----22. Number "22" means the
end and the end of the Holy BIble, Revelation 22 and also this last day Prophets birthday number

Next we go back to the other Witness of Revelation 11:11 added is "22" the end of days today!  11.
"But after the three and a half days the breath of life from God entered them, and they stood
on their feet, and terror struck those who saw them
." Revelation 11:11 ... 11 + 11 = "22" the
end of days as we know them

The second witness is the
Woman Prophetess, Katy Sasie from St. Paul, MN. In the middle 1800's St.
Paul, MN., used to be called ...
"Pigs Eye." They changed the name of PIgs Eye to St. Paul! Now
remember the Open Vision from God Almighty above showing the bears of Russia and China
covering over the
PIGS EYE of this nation and her PIG Church are seeing exactly nothing today as
the bears from the north are coming in to punish this nation who is run by the "3"rd and last
president beast
, Donald John Trump "45."

Trum---an in year "45" nuclear bombed Japan killing thousands of Men, Women and Children
and now
Trum---p number "45" Is about to cause this to happen again ... O' Big Mouth USA ... you
are about to Diah!
This is seen in Obadiah 1:15 ... added is "16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington
DC. This passage in short says this:
"What you have done will be done to you ... your deeds will
God shows in his fiery volcano, a man under the Lake
of Fire in hell who did not repent of his evil ways! This
is what happened in Japan when Harry S. Truman
dropped two atom bombs on them in
"45." This also
ties into today and is soon to happen! This is also seen
in Zechariah 14:12. The heads of the people .. their
eyes and their tongues will rot in their heads as this is
what nuclear bombs do, their skin will fall off their
bodies while they are still standing on their feet!

Notice the Lake of Fire God is putting this sleeping
Church over to be purified, is loosing her skin as she
walks her DOG ... meaning DOG ... PIG Church of today.
Notice her husband as I point out, his face is looking at
the skin falling off her right arm that has the lease of
her DOG still on the meat of her arm. Her man has lost
the skin and meat of his body as well and those who
refuse to repent go to hell seen below.
Why did God show this awesome Open Vision if it is not true? All I did was put in the writing showing
what God is showing what is very soon to happen! The fire of Paradise California ... meaning this
golden state nation of the
Golden Gate Bridge nation, second Jer-USA-lem ... is already on fire and
soon to get worse as the days go by! Above God is showing nuclear comes next! Are you ready to
face nuclear war coming from God Almighty?
For God is a consuming fire!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...