God Shows End In Oregon
My latest Message today to
the Church titled ...
Wedding Ring is Here
" came
from around this area left
taken from God's Hubble
telescope in his heavens!
Notice the face of God looking
to the left at this white bird
looking up to God that he
soon takes out with him
before the heavy fire falls!
These looking up to God are
only the
144,000 Brothers and
who have overcome
Satan to-date and go to be
with God just before hell is
opened up on earth seen in
Revelation 14:1-5. Hell is
being opened up today!
white birds
Click the left side of your mouse to see my message of Oregon titled ...  Golden Wedding Ring Is
 ... that shows most of the Church exiting Noah's Ark and drowning in the sea of time.
God's head
looking left
Cross above
Ice Cold
hurch goes out
God is seen as the SUN and the Church is seen
as the Moon that has no light of its own that can
give only a refection from the SUN God, but
today has turned it all around and God says in
the Open Vision left, I am pushing her out of my
Noah's Ark for she is upside down and
backwards today!

The sleeping Church of Matthew 25:6-7 is seen
being flushed out from Noah's Ark by Almighty
God! Below God shows his 144,000 overcoming
saints who love him, he is slipping his wedding
ring on their ring finger and they go to the
wedding supper of Almighty God!
Left, the overcomer's of
Rev. 14:1-5 get the Ring
and the rest gets the fire
from God coming in on the
right shown by Almighty
God in cloud form! You
can see his open mouth
and large eye coming
against a once good
fishing church now a pig.
Right you can see God's two white hands shaking
the West Coast where I live, giving out these
awesome messages showing the Smoky fire is here!
Below God's right hand you can see his face looking
to the left as he begins to take out his second
USA-lem ... once good fishing nation today
gone to

Below in one of California's large fires, you can see
also in cloud form the man below going into the
mouth of the beast above going into the mouth of
Satan, the beast. I remind you I never made these
awesome images, but my Almighty God made them!

This image below is one anyone can see and not
made by man but made by God Almighty in smoke
form! This also touches on the pictures below of
fires in Oregon now burning. God is getting ready to
take out his overcoming 144,000 Church of today
seen in Revelation 14:1-5 who has Jesus and the
Fathers name written on their heads while the rest
of the Church today do not belong to God but to
Gods  Head
God's 2
<------Man in Smoke
<-----Man in Mouth
<-----Notice Open Mouth
Notice below the
face of people in
smoke breathing
in poison smoke
all around this
God is showing this Fire and Smoke
coming upon second Jer-
because they sinned against God Big

God confirms this fact in Isaiah
added is
"10" sleeping Virgins who
sinned against God big time!  
"I have
lifted my hand of protection from around
her and she will be destroyed
." God
confirms this fact in the next two
"6-7" that ties into Matthew 25
added equals
"7" Churches of Matthew
6-7. This passage of "6-7" God says

"I will stop watering her and stop
cultivating and pruning her and she will
turn into a thorn patch."
This is what she
is today

The sleeping Matthew 25 verses
sleeping Churches are the
above in heavenly blue color
but God
say left ... I'm burning you down ... you
have become to me a
"Thorn in my flesh
of Jesus Christ

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist - Apostle
Prophet Paul Gerig