God's Happy Hell - Opens Up
Satan says today ... I am taking as many of God's creation
down to hell will me! God says, if you go to heaven with me
you will be with me in my good warm fire and never cold!
if you go to hell with Satan you will also be with me in my hot
! So wherever you go I will be there to either comfort you
or to torment you for forsaking me like Satan forsook me
eons ago along with his angels who left the third heaven and
now are with Satan in his second heaven to where he was
cast out many eons ago. Isaiah 14:14 speaks about Satan
putting his throne
Satan is in the second heaven and is over the first heaven
where the stars, saints are.
God is saying today through his Ring of Fire
Ministry, Yours Truly
... It is either Heaven or
Hell, which will it be for you? The choice is for
you alone because I do not want Satan's
people living with me in heaven and this will
not happen!
The state of Florida in second Jer-USA- lem is
opening up Sink Holes all over the place today.
This is a sign from God that hell is now being
Open Up to swallow the PIG & DOG Churches
who has forsaken Jesus Christ for Satan.
The dirty birds are going down,
down, down into the hot ring of
and nothing in heaven or hell
will stop this from happening. I
ride at the head of my army and my
forces are beyond number, Joel
2:11. Number "11" is the number
of Jesus Christ who has "11"
letters in his name and he rides at
the head of his army. Russia.
China, etc.
God is showing this Dog Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22
seen left, putting them over the
Lake of Fire for
. This is another Open Vision from God in
one of his fiery volcano's looking this Dog Church of
today in its face ... notice God's two eyes and below
his eyes you can plainly see the
head and very big
mouth of today's Dog Churches with their rear-ends  
setting on top of God's Fire Pot purifying them
. See
where the fire is coming out from below the Dog
Churches fiery rear end. If you want to see God you dog Churches of today,
you must set on God's Fire Pot burning off all your stink that you accumulated
while sleeping in bed with Satan ... Committing adultery on husband Jesus
Christ. You have been a nation now turned into a
POT HEAD. You went from
smoking tobacco to smoking and eating POT as both are dope that satisfies
mankind ... horrible ... and are habit forming to say the very least.

Who created hell if not God Almighty where he takes his evil angels and now
evil people who will not repent and come to him! Hell was not created for man,
it was created by God for angels that sinned. Left is the ring of fire today from
the Holy Bible that saints must have also been in the fire for purification.
Jesus also says ... your enemies will be the members of your own household!
The Churches of today do not even know this passage exists. The Churches
have all been sleeping per Jesus Christ seen in Matthew 25:6-7 and do not
wake up until the Midnight hour now in front of their faces. Satan is the one
they have been sleeping with for some time, and when sleeping with Satan
they let him have intercourse with them, making them an adulterous wife to
say the very least. Jeremiah shows them under every spreading tree,
meaning men, Satan, laying down and having intercourse with them making
them an adulterous wife to God.
"Long ago you broke off your yoke and tore off your bonds; you
said, 'I will not serve you!' Indeed,
on every high hill and under every
spreading tree you lay down as a prostitute
." Jeremiah 2:20 ...

Look at the Chapter and Verse is for today! Adding the numbers and not
the zero we see this ties into Revelation
"22" the end of the Church age
as well and this Prophets birthday number August
22. The harlot Church is
laying down under every Spreading Tree, meaning Satan and his people ...
making love with Satan and they do not wake up until
darkest hour ever now before our very eyes!

Today there is no wedding ring for Church women like this! They either
wake up and repent of sleeping with Satan, or they go to hell with him and
be with him for ever and ever, a hell without an ending.
You either set on
God's hot pot of purification, or you go below and be with little rock god,
little jesus in God's hot fire for eternity ... which will it be

As I write and show these awesome messages, I looked at the time on my
computer and it says:
5:06 and the day is 5/6 added together is two
11's added is "22." Meaning the end of days and is also seen
above in Jeremiah
2:20 now speaking to the Church, a true whore-house
Church of the last days!

In Closing I show you a happy heaven! God shows this in another fiery
Naked Woman Church
Tree man Jeremiah
2:20 speaks about
volcano in fire and smoke form of his angels
in heaven, top right corner, crying out
Hallelujah the Church is going into the hot
fire of purification
! Notice the woman Church
is see in the left top corner with white hair,
and her two eyes, nose and mouth is seen
above her white neck wearing a black dress
going feet first into the
hot fire of God to be
purged of her many sins that she repents
from when the fire hits
! Notice the red fire
looks like the dog Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22
laying down with the letter
"V" over her head
for "V"irgins of Matthew 25:6-7 ... the sleeping
ones today who are soon to Wake Up and

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...