God Shakes Middle Sin Area
Wakeup dirty Church your
days of sinning is at an end! I
am shaking you to wake up
because the hottest is yet to
come! California is one of the
worst area's in second
USA-lem for you have
corrupted the whole world as
seen in Revelation 17:1-7 ... a
Mystery to the Church as the
richest and strongest nation
on earth is Babylon and
anyone knows this is the third
and last day Babylon!
God said, "As in the days of
Noah so shall it be in the days of
the coming of the Son of Man,
Jesus Christ! Left is the days of
Noah today across this second
USA-lem nation seen now in
progress. Next shows Fire God
angry looking toward the days of
Noah now for today. You can see
in this storm cloud the fire in
God's head and his eye, nose
and mouth looking upon the days of Noah and now the
days of Jesus, God the Fire is coming next!

Left, God shows the fire in his clouds and this fire
wave of death now rolling in ... in no uncertain terms ...
Wake Up O' Dead-sleeping Church and repent or go to
hell with your father, the devil
! Notice the blueish
water coming in is in the shape of the
Large Capital
"V" for "V"irgins!

Below is a picture of the dog faced Church of 2 Peter
2:20-22 looking at you with its front feet sticking out to
the right when two firemen try to put out this fire soon
to come in today upon second Jer-
USA-lem who has
gone to
POT. These fires have already started,
businesses, houses, grass and forest fires and
Paradise fire of last year, the fires are already here!

Below the
Hot Dog Church  (Notice under the Dog
Church between the two fire men is the shape of a hot
)  God shows you the 144,000 overcoming saints of
Revelation 14:1-5 who has the name of Jesus and God
written on their foreheads
that he loves and takes
them out just before the BIG Earthquake happens in
California that is not far from happening that kills 7
nd people seen in Revelation 11:13.

Below this Red Fire Hot Dog Church in the fire, you can
see the surprised people on the right with their
mouths wide open when they see God taking his

144,000 overcoming Church out
riding on a cloud just
before the nuclear fire bombs drop down on second
USA-lem.  The two witnesses ... the 144,000
overcoming men and women
saints alike seen among
the stars who has overcome Satan seen in Revelation
14:1-5 are see
n in the two Open Visions below.

below the woman with long dark hair and her
face looking to the right with the shape of the heart of
God around her! These are the 144,000 that God takes
, are the only saints from the Church of the last
days that God saves and takes out to be with him while
he purifies the rest of the Church that will repent in
FIRE! This is the ONLY WAY the Church of today
will be saved ...
they must go into the FIRE!

Below the heart of God around his
144,000 overcoming
saints of Revelation 14:1-5
you can see they are men
and women alike not just "2" witnessing Prophets the
sleeping Churches of today claim and they are seen as
stars and not angels!

The gone to pot Church of today say the stars in the
heavens refers to God's angels, another lie from hell!
The angels are with God in the "Third Heaven." Satan
was with God as his top music angel in the third
heaven when God found sin in him and tossed him out
and he landed in the second heaven! Apostle Paul was
taken to the third heaven as see in the NT but was told
not to say what he saw. So now we see Satan in the
second heaven and is above the Star Saints in the first
heaven as God shows below the man and woman from
his Hubble space telescope among the stars as they
are seen as stars and not angels.

Isaiah 14:13 Satan said,
"I will put my throne above
the stars of God and I will rule over them
!" This is
what Satan has done with the Church of the last days ...
"He is seen here as their god!" This is the ONLY
the Church will know for sure that they have
been terribly wrong when the great fire of wrath
begins to burn under their feet and over their heads

Below was a Tropical Storm over this nation of second
USA-lem on Election day a few years ago. I am
seen and known by God as the
WEST ONE! The picture
below Prophet Paul,
the West One, blowing this Jesus
Trumpet over this nation on Election day
... shows this
Ministry standing in front of my
GMC ... God's Moving
with license plate "XYJ-892" that I purchased
from the
GMC Automobile Dealership in Klamath Falls
named ...
God's Head
looking  left
Hot Dog Church in Fire
God is showing this Tropical storm
in cloud form over the WEST COAST
... his
WEST ONE end time Prophet
where I live on the
WEST side of
second Jer-
USA-lem! You can see
this Ministry blowing this
loud and clear as God
shows this in his tropical storm a
few years ago! You can see Jesus'
head hitting this bald eagle nation
in its head killing it over the state of

Below this you can see yours truly
standing in front of my
2000 GMC ...
God's Moving Church soon to go
When Leo the Lion who owned Leo's Camera shop in
down town Klamath Falls, Oregon a friend on mine took
this picture of yours truly I was
"67" years of age. This
ties into Matthew
25 added equals land of the "7"
Churches and verses

About 2 weeks before I received my new license plates
for this 2000 GMC I had written a newsletter and mailed
them out titled ...
"Crossing Yahweh's Jordan 144,000." I
was driving home and when I had gotten to the "22"
mile marker of highway 140 I stopped at the small
grocery store and opened the package containing my
new license Plates. I knew what the first three letters
meant ..
"X" for Crossing ... "Y" for Yahweh and "J" for
! After this God told me about the numbers ... 8 X
9 =
"72" times "2" and the year of my new GMC ... God's
Moving Church 2000 and now we see the
144,000 that
God soon takes out to be with him when all hell is
opened up on earth to purify the rest of the Church who
will be purified by
FIRE ... for God is a consuming Fire!
Age "67"
GMC --- God's
God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...