God's Face In Ring Of Fire
God's face----->
God's face---->
Left is a picture of the Ring of Fire from the
above volcano's from God who is the
now coming into purify his people. The map
on the left came as you see this
Ring of Fire
around the Pacific Ocean
, with the square
insert placed
by the map people where you
see it today. The face of a man is seen right
of the light seemingly head of a man,
right of this is another face of a man with
both looking to the right. The heavy fire is
seen over his head the area where I live
today on the west coast of ...
"God's Ring of
fire Ministry - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig
The white head inserted by whoever, shows
this ministry, and the face in dark looking to
the right in dark smoke, touches on God that
is the fire in this
RING of FIRE and also in
"Ring of fire Ministry."

About 10 years ago while driving west on
Squaw flats road I took this picture of God
writing my last name
Gerig in white cloud
coming from a small black cloud that
rolled up into a rope and spelled out Gerig
in as day. I show above the Ge G that I
put there to show you what was left of my
last name before the wind
blew out the R
and I and left
Ge  G. God is showing this
ministry is part of the messages coming
from Almighty God today of this last day
of Fire
now coming upon the Church and his
world. This is also the mountain where i
broadcast this last day Ministry from.
Left is this same mountain a short distance
<------Prophet Paul
from the tower I broadcast from on Swan Lake Mountain in the
Spring of the year
, showing the heavy snow melting and spelling out
the capital letter
"G" for Gerig that God also showed in cloud form a
very short distance from this letter

Below sets Saddle Mountain right of the letter "G" for Gerig. Looking
from the right side of this picture shows the Saddle for the
Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I see the Saddle part of this mountain  
from my front window where I live. I pointed out the Russian bear on
the left and the Leopard China on the right in snow form
, miracles.
This is also seen in Revelation
13:1-2. The Leopard is the largest
part of these "3" beast nations as
seen in these two verses, and this
refers to China the 200 million man
army soon to come in seen in
Revelation 9:16. The next part of
the "3" beasts is the Lion's mouth,
Bill Clinton "42" the first head of
the beast. This Leopard, China
walks with
Russia's Bear feet.
God shows this in white snow form like he showed the letter "G" for Gerig. I serve a miracle God who
shows miracles after miracles in rock, snow and cloud form and etc. Some people have said I make
up these miracles from God myself. If this is the case this old 83 year old man riding around in a
wheel-chair due to loosing the use of my legs and feet to Diabetes and cannot walk anymore.
Left is another face of God with his mouth wide open, telling
the people his fire is now on the way to purify his creation.
The bird people are now in the process of going down the
drain and his bird Churches of today who do not listen to God
at all, they only listen to the enemy of our souls,
God is now in the process of taking them out!

"Send lambs as tribute to the ruler of the land, from Sela,
across the desert, to the mount of Daughter Zion.
fluttering birds pushed from the nest
, so are the women of
at the fords of the Arnon." Isaiah 16:1-2 ... NIV
Moab was the last and 42nd camp of first Israel at the end of their
"40" year wilderness trip. This touches on today that once was, now is
not and yet is coming seen in
Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19. Second Jer-
USA-lem the White House nation that sets at "16" hundred Penn.,
Ave., Washington DC that ties to Isaiah
"16" verses 1-2 and these "42"
beast Church Birds are headed into the hole in the sea of time ...
going down the drain! The ring of Fire is seen in the Sea and going
past where I live as shown above.

As I write this I have a
woodpecker bird pecking the wall behind me
which is only 5 or 6 feet away, as I set in my wheel-chair writing this
awesome message. I use a mop to hit the wall but it doesn't do much
good, he still comes back pecking away. This ministry is seen as a
Father Ministry and shows the Bird Churches of today trying to get
into the Fathers house!
These Church birds are not coming into the Father's house by his front door as the Bible says, but
are tying to come in another way ... pecking their way into his house through the west wall. They are
pecking the west wall showing where the
Red Ring of Fire is coming from seen above.

Some ten years ago in this house that I build some 15 or so years ago, I opened my front door and
screen door only to have a
snake about three feet long come sliding into my house. I picked it up by
the tail and tossed it out and never thought a thing about it. Two weeks later this same thing
happened again, but this is when God spoke to me very clearly, Paul I have had two snakes also come
into my house! Meaning the Father's House ... the tribe of Dan from the Jews who was seen in the OT
... the Serpent that sets by the road and strikes the horses heals where the rider falls backwards. The
other snake was Judas from the Church who sold out Jesus for
30 pieces of silver!  Today this refers
to the
MONEY Churches who have all turned in the Judas Snake today that God is taking down the


I had a dog name Kelly who was 18 years old at the time I am telling you about now ... that was about
"3 or 4" years ago. We had about one foot of snow when Kelly went over to Clinton's house about 300
yards east of my home that I build. She suffered from arthritis in her hide quarters and went down in
the tire tracks and couldn't get back up and howled until Clinton 42 years of age, the same number of
years of the beast
Bill Clinton 42 comes in and then goes after this Bird Dog Church of today that
God is soon to remove and take down the drain of time if they do not repent and come back to him.

This all took place at 11:00 PM when Clinton came down to my house and said, bring your GMC four
wheel drive up to where Kelly is and we will put her in the back and bring her to her dog house. I said
"NO!" I can't take care of an invalid dog, would you put her down as he had his pistol on his side. He
reluctantly said, OK. So Clinton shot Kelly at my front gate and put her body beside the fence beside
the gate. That night I had a dream seeing Kelly walking down to my house and in this dream I saw the
wound in her body which had healed and then she could come to the Father's house in signs.

The next morning I got up and went to the restaurant after seeing
Kelly dead by my front gate, and the
first person I saw was outside the restaurant, a young woman named
Kelly smoking a cigarette!
Kelly was a young Christian woman who went to the Church in town.
(The sign of smoking a cigarette
is the sign of the Kelly Church of today getting ready to smoke

The Lord plainly told me, Paul, this dog Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22 ... many will come back to Me after
the fire of purificationn has burns off the
Hay, Wood & Stubble from their lives ... they will be saved
ONLY as one ESCAPING THROUGH THE FLAMES OF FIRE as per what Jesus said!
When I had my dog Kelly I also had another small dog
named Tina, a black Poodle dog a bit younger than
Kelly. I had to put Tina down not long ago because she
had reached the end of her life,
"16" years of age. This
ties into this nation that sets at
"16" hundred Penn.,
Ave., Wash., DC.
This is not a true picture of Tina but
God showed me this in a shadow form among the
rocks, a shadow of what was coming to his black
Church of today
. I show in shadow form Tina's head
chewing on two bones, the Catholics and Protestant
Churches of today that are full of Demons from hell!
Notice the two yellow X's I put on the heads of these
evil spirits in the back bone of the Churches today.
Left is the same picture as
above but wider. Making up
Tina's head is the rock showing
the second head of the beast,
Burning Bush 43, the GeOrGe of
Ezekiel 38 the land of Magog,
the land of Many GeOrGes ...
"3" in all, Washington, Bush 41
and Bush 43. Behind the
reddish head of the Dragon
beast, burned out in rock by God
are the two letters seen in black ... BC. I put the yellow BC under the black BC as it shows the two
first heads of the beast,
Bush on the left and Clinton on the right and also seen as Bill Clinton.

These two Open Visions above is one rock that I had named Babylon Rock some 25 years ago that
sets one mile from my home and spoken about in Luke 19:39-40. This passage states;
"If my people do
not speak out then the ROCKS WILL CRY OUT
! The rocks are crying out big time today without a
shadow of a doubt! Notice on the left the Cross of Jesus Christ is laying dead upon the ground as
this last day
Babylonian Church has crucified Jesus Christ all over again as seen in Revelation 11:8
... Sodom and Egypt figuratively speaking where also our Lord is crucified, meaning all over again
this time by the Gentile Church! Above the word Eagle Dead ... set the Eagle bird of this nation is
soon to be laying
DEAD upon the ground as the Ring of Fire erupts big time today!

The rock on the right is attached to the rock on the left and shows Satan, the Dragon overlooking
this Babylonian nation today and ready to take it over and destroy her! You can see my Tina dog
below the Dragon who is full of devils to the hilt. You can see the tree above the Dragon, Satan, the
left side is the head of the
PIG and the right side is the head of the DOG Churches of today and
these two animals are seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22. The Dog Church has returned to their vomit and the
Pig Church has returned to her wallowing in the mud. Is this you? If it is you are in serious trouble

You can see above in
RED ... the rafter down, meaning houses of the pigs and dogs are soon to be
taken down. Above the yellow letter
"N" nuclear ... that takes down these rafters, you can faintly see
the small letter
"N" for Nuclear which is coming from the Russian bear soon and suddenly. There is
a saying, a picture is worth a thousand words and this message from Almighty God today is worth a
thousand words as seen above in these
"13" Open Visions from God's last day Moses true Prophet
and the
"42" months of wrath that is coming seen in Revelation "13."

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...