Gods Eye Over Both
Top left is the God's eye over his creation. Right is the Red
headed scarlet Church of today laying in bed sleeping with
her leg in the air snoring away as if nothing is happening
while God is in the process of destroying her.

Left is the 144,000 of God's people ready to fly away to
heaven seen in Revelation 14:1-5 who have overcome Satan
today ... the man looking down from on top and the woman
looking right below the man, they are the stars in heaven
that God soon takes home leaving the red headed woman of
Revelation 17:1-7 behind to suffer the 42 months of wrath.

Below is another Open Vision from Almighty God from his
Hubble telescope showing his SUN ... SON Jesus standing
right of the SUN looking at you. Below this is the larger face
of Jesus Christ also looking at you among the Stars that
refers to the saints.

Below Jesus looking at you is a picture of the dark haired
man child children with their heads tilting to the right in the
sign of a heart from Almighty God.

Below the dark haired woman Church God soon take out to
be with him shows the sleeping BEAR of Russia that are
soon to wakeup 100% and are seen below as the huge mouth
of Snake Satan in their bodies and then come after this gone
to POT nation of today. Notice his tail over his head with his
huge mouth wide Open coming after the Red headed
sleeping woman Church seen above with her foot in the air.

Below is another Picture from God's Space Hubble showing
the fiery red preachers today with the fox of Song of Songs
2:15 ruining God's Vineyard. Notice over the head of these
FOX preachers of today the white capital letter "V" for
Virgins soon to wake up at midnight due to these lying
preachers of today who are riding the two eyed black Satan
you can see carrying them all today at Judgment time.
Above cooking is the Chicken egg of this Chicken sleeping
Church now ready to go into the fire! Right is seen also from
the Hubble space telescope from God
, showing both the
Chicken egg
and add the nuclear bomb gong off right that
cooks the Chicken Church egg.

Today God is blowing down this nation and also drowning her
out as people can plainly see while some are opening their
Midnight eyes and repenting!  

Right you can see what is coming, the serpent with his big
mouth wide open showing his big teeth. God made this as
seen from his Hubble Space Telescope in his heavens and
not made by man! I remind you all the Open Visions above
came from God's Hubble camera in his heavens!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Sleeping Bear Russia
soon to wake up
Nuclear soon