God's Eye Is Over The Fire
Taken from God's Hubble telescope in his heavens shows the face of God far left, pointed downward
to earth below with one eye on second Jer-
USA-lem and the world as it is today gone sour! Above in
the center of this storm picture shows God's face looking downward with the yellow fire coming out
from his mouth with the capital letter "V" for "V"irgins of second Jer-
USA-lem now beginning to
Burn and the people being murdered like never before!

You can see God left as pointed out his two dark eyes looking at you spitting fire down from heaven
to earth below on a people who turned away from him and follow Satan today who they think is God
but Satan himself. The fires are burning here in Oregon like gang buster and they raised the fire
danger to critical this last weekend. They are blaming these fires on people or whatever comes into
there devil filled minds but it is God who created all things and not mother nature they claim is in
control of everything! Man has been in control for 6000 years and now God says ... from here on out I
will rule the world!
Letter "V" for Virgins
Yellow Fire happening---->
God's face looking down------->
Father God
Quote:  Tuesday, July 9, 2019: An enormous burst of
water gushes over Pad 39B at NASA's Kennedy Space
Center in Florida during a water flow test at its new
mobile launcher. The launch tower will support the
upcoming flights of NASA's new Space Launch
System megarocket for the first Artemis moon
mission. About 400,000 gallons of water poured onto
the mobile launcher during this test, which took
place on July 2. — Hanneke Weitering.   

Left in white water cloud form is the face of God
looking down saying ... "Your days are at an end!
Quote:  Tuesday, July 16, 2019: The Saturn V rocket carrying
three Apollo 11 astronauts to the moon soars behind an
American flag shortly after lifting off from Kennedy Space
Center in Florida. As the rocket broke the sound barrier, a ring
of vapor formed around the rocket's second stage. Today is
the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Apollo 11 mission,
which landed the first astronauts on the moon on July 20, 1969.
— Hanneke Weitering.   

The "3" astronauts touches on the "3" Churches of Matthew 25:
6-7 ...
the Catholic ... Protestant and Pentecostal now getting
ready to leave earth who has become enemies of God.

God shows left the rocket takes out second Jer-
USA-lem who
has turned against Almighty God and they think they are God!
Below ties in with this nation and the Moon, as the Moon
relates to the Woman Church in Joseph's dream; his father was
SUN and his mother was the MOON and his 10 brothers
were the stars.
The tall white rocket left shows before it took off to
the space station in the sky, shows three numbers ...
71 ... 10 ... 34. First we see 71 added is number "8"
which means a new beginning!  Next we see number
"10" referring to the
"10" sleeping Virgin Church.
Thirdly we see number
"34" added refers to the "7"
sleeping Churches of Matthew 25 added =
Churches and also the year this last day Leo the Lion
Prophet of God was born ... year
"34." I never put
these numbers left, it was Almighty God who did it
and showing he is taking out the "7" Churches as
they are today ... all gone to
POT and today all with
their pants down!

Right of the Pot Head Church and her nation shows
the man and woman Church and people with their
pants down when fiery hell is opened full bore on
earth. Below the Pot Head far left you can see this
naked Church of today puffing away on her Bong
smoking pot pipe as she heads to hell. God says
today in no uncertain terms I am tossing out my hot
fire of purification to this POT smoking nation!
God's white face
looking down ...
God above looking down watching a
nuclear missile take out USA flag ...
God says in no uncertain terms
... right ... out you go O' you Pot
head people today out to the
bottom of the sea of time from
my Noah's Ark as in the days of
Noah so shall it be in the days of
the coming of the Son of Man
today! Out you go because you
are ice cold to Jesus Christ
today ... notice the Moon Church
far right is dripping with ice. You
can see the fire pushing her out
Ice Cold
of Noah's Ark shows the capital letter "C" for Church upside down and
backwards as this moon Church of today holds her hand out offering lies
to the whole world today when hell is being opened up on earth yet she
sees nothing!

Left is the sign of the so called White little girl Church today as a white
dog Church making a huge stink in God's house of worship gone to POT.
You can also see this white Dog Church gone to POT ... the little girl
Church is jumping over while the Dog Church goes to

Laugh or cry when you read what this last day Prophet of God shows in
signs and also in rock and cloud form but they are real! Your days of living
for the wrong god is over and nothing but hell on earth awaits those who
make sport of these awesome messages!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...