God Sees Naked Church Burn
Notice this woman Church seen
above shows the top of her breast &
wearing a black dress showing the
top of her breasts as fire along with
the lower part of her head.
Below the naked top of these "7"
women Churches, as this nation and
world is also showing the naked tops
and bottom of women today without
hesitations and now God is also
showing what is coming to them in
fire form.

Notice the crack in her behind on
fire and the white number "7" to the
right refers to the "7" Churches of
Isaiah 4:1 and Revelation 2 and 3
added together is "10" sleeping very
naked Churches today at Judgement
Left is a picture of the
true black dressed red
hair Church laying
down in Christianity
showing her naked
legs to the entire
world, the red headed
woman of Rev. 17:1-8.
The top left is what God shows in his heavens a naked
woman with her arms spread out to the right and left with
her head resting to the right in picture form. You can
faintly see her two naked breast as well. The picture right
of her shows a woman doing the same thing only she is
wearing the top of a bathing suit with small panties below.
This Red haired woman Church of today is seen in
Revelation 17:8 as she goes against the true saints of God
killing them in Spirit form that old John of Revelation
could hardy believe when God was showing him this
terrible thing the Church of today are doing.

God also showed me these two fires showing, the top and
the bottom of this naked woman Church of today soon to
burn to the ground. Right I show God holding this black
Church of today over the fire as she stands on the ROCK
Jesus Christ while the fire burns out all the gold she took
from Satan while calling herself a Christian.
(This was also
a fiery volcano
)  Right of this she is setting down stark
naked on the heads of the beast and riding the beast ...
the presidents of this nation. You can see this beast she
rides today, standing on his two front legs and setting
down on his two hind legs. Notice under his white
President hat, you can see his full face looking at you in
all his glory.

The next Open Vision from Almighty God shows these
Churches today burning down with the fire hand of God
over them with is fingers spread apart showing this is the
"V" for Virgins of Matthew 25:6-7. Jesus said people are
seen as trees and here we see two large trees behind the
graveyard for the Catholics and the Protestants alike ...
both are seen in Revelation
2:20-23 ... 2 people laying in a
bed of suffering, the Protestants and the Catholics alike ...
read it. Number 22 means the end and number 23 means
DEATH. This will be their lot unless they repent of the
spirit of Jezebel in their lives.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...