God Sees Naked Church & Bears
Jesus said, men are seen as trees! Over the top of these
trees on the left, God shows in cloud form, what these dog
people are saying to the true Prophets of today! You can
see far left also in cloud form, the head of the dog Church
looking to the right giving us true prophets the finger.

God knows everything and he knows and shows things in
clouds and on the earth below seen in Joel 2 and Acts 2 ...
that before the return of the Son of Man, Jesus Christ, that
he would show signs in both heaven and on earth. Now I
wonder who made these images if not Almighty God?

Below the Dog - Pig Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22 giving the
finger God is showing them in cloud form laying down
sleeping and resting at the hour of Judgment. Notice their
legs in the air laying back with their snout in the air smiling
as if they are soon to be raptured out which will not
happen. Now talk to me as if I made these Clouds, God
made them! While the pigs and dogs are sleeping God
shows what is ready to happen in this cloud picture below,
showing the face and teeth of the beast coming in.
    Bear Russia Coming In after the naked dog Church - God sees what is about to happen!
Naked Dog Church Says This ...
This is the way I got this Open Vision in God's
heavens in cloud form marked TOP 10 that
touches on the "10" sleeping Virgins of
Matthew 25:6-7. This shows the beast of
Satan coming in with his mouth wide open
bearing his teeth. God said, everything
under the Sun belongs to me as does the
Hubble telescope in his heavens as well.

Below shows the bull market is leaving,
running out. Notice the nose ring in the bull
and over the Bulls head is the head of the
red headed woman Church of Revelation
with her mouth wide open screaming
out. The Black Bull Market leaves when the
Red Bear Market comes in from the two
bears of Russia and China.

You can see this black Bull Market leaving
and the fiery one of the two bears come in.
Below this Bull with the ring in his nose that
is there to guild a bull, is another picture
from a Hurricane on the east coast showing
the Bull Market leaving. This ties into the
Panda Bear of China and the brown bear of
Russia raising up on one side as seen in
Daniel 7:5. He has one rib in his mouth that
they go after, the One rib of Adam now
broken into "3" parts, Catholic, Protestant
and Pentecostal.

You can plainly see the head of the bear with
two black eyes and black nose now looking
at the Bull market with the Bull's eye in the
belly of this Bull. The golden rich Donald J.
TRUMP ... the TRUMPET seen on the head of
this Bull market today and also seen on the
top of the head of this Blue bull on the left.
Soon the bears will hit this nation on the
bull's eye, and then the
Red Bear Market of
Russia and China move in!

Notice above the red bull's head above, you
can see the red headed woman over it, and
in her hair you can vaguely see the capital
letter "V" for the 10 sleeping Virgins ready to
meet the two red bears of Russia and China.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...