Gods Destruction Across USA!
Yesterday beast President Trump quoted after looking at the Carolina's of Hurricane Florence, he
referred to this as happening from
Mother Nature and not Father God. All the wicked news casters
and most Churches refers to this also as
Mother Nature for they do not know God nor do they
acknolege him as God in their lying mouths.

God created heaven and earth and everything in it, not a mother nature that does not even exist!
God created everything, bad men to do his bad work, and good men to fo his good work. God
stands at the head and top of his creation and is in control of everything!

Today Beast Trump is one of God's bad men standing in his White House, and evil or wicked men
as  Daniel states, God puts into office who he wants in office and takes out who he wants ... as God
is in control of his entire creation down to who governs the nations of the entire world. We have a
very wicked man in office of this nation setting in the
White House that has become a Black Whore
and wicked Trump a PIMP runs the show today!
Quote: Trump and his accusers: Ninni Laaksonen:
The former Miss Finland, second from left, said
Trump groped her in 2006 before she appeared on
the Late Show with David Letterman with Trump and
other Miss Universe contestants. Donald Trump
posed with Miss Universe contestants during the
July 17, 2006 visit to the "Late Show with David.  

Below is is another woman taking Trump to court
becasue she said
Quote:   "Stormy Daniels
crowdfunding her legal fees in suit against Trump

This is happening becasue she claims Trump did
things to her against her will. Two more women are
coming against Trumps choice of a male for the
Supreme Court of this land that did unheard of
things against "2" womem! There is an old saying,
"Water seeks its level" and this also ties into
Donald Trump the "45" president of this gone mad
nation today ... second Jer-
The beast who God is using today along with
two others past beast Presidends, Clinton
"42," Bush "43" and now Trump "45" ...  all
were born in year "46" of Isaiah "66:6" ... all
"3"  added together in God's numbering
system is
"22" hundred Penn., Ave.,
Washington DC. We add 4 + 2 + 4 + 3 + 4 + 5 =

"22" means the end of days and the
last chapter of God's Holy Bible, and his last
day Prophet born on Leo the Lion month of
The Open Vision above came from a very large rock close to my old home in the wilderness of
Klamath County Oregon a few years past. Using my Adobe Photo section in my computer I put this
photo I took with a good Cannon camera, and seeing the images I outlined them and putting the
writting on this Awesome Open Vision above.

First, I saw the head of old George Washington number "1." Then I saw the homosexual act of this
nation gone Gay as I pointed out. Then I saw the two war horses of
Red Russia and Red China
hitting the gay forehead of old George. After this happens then we see the LION coming out from
the mouth of Old GeOrGe Washington! Notice left of the "3" lions coming out from the White House
of this gone down the drain nation, God shows them as the
old German Swastika now coming upon
old Israel's offspring ...
the Church.
Left came from a lava flowing volcano in Hawaii
showing the old German HItler in signs, coming
against the sleeping Church of today. Notice on
Hitler's side the Capital letter
"V" for "Virgins" ... the
10 sleeping Virgins of Matthew

Below HItler and his famous millitry solute, we see
this again as the Bible says in Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev.
1:19 ...
"What was before will be again, and what is
now was before
." We see Trump the president of
today, the biggest mouth President ever setting in
this black-bird hot-rod racing into the white hot
nuclear fire coming from Russia.
This Open Vision came from the
same Volcano as the one above of
HItler. Notice his black bird beak
with its mouth wide Open as usual,
heading into the white hot nulcear
bombs of Russia and fire happens.
Notice the
red blood below. You
can see his white face with his
hands on the steering wheel racing
into nuclear war and the dust is
flowing out behind him as he races
this gone done the drain nation
into oblivia.

God confirms this awesome fact in
the State of Floida in one of His
large clouds. The Mushroom cloud
bomb soon to go off over this
nation is seen left. Below the
Mushroom cloud bomb, you can
see in the stem of this mushroom
cloud bomb with the
window now
for this to take place. Notice
the Open Window means

God shows in a cloud, the word
Church! Below the word Church
are two Carr's on the freeway
below that ties to the
Carr Fire from
the West Coast, as the fire is now
close to beginning with nuclear
bombs. "
Carrs are the top
idols of this second Jer-
nation that God is soon to remove
The two carrs below the mushroom
stem with the window now
are the
Catholic and the
Protestant Churches today.
Above is the naked church below hit by nuclear seen
in Isaiah 28:
13 falling backwards & verses "14-15.'
Left we see the two beast Presidents,
Golden Face Bill Clinton 42 and Burning
G.W. Bush 43 pushing the Dog faced
Church into nuclear war with Russia. This
was a large rock close to my old home in
the wilderness that God burned out with
his fire finger, showing God on the far
right with his arm pulled back ready to
strike the leaders and preachers of this
nation. I put in red below the stick pile
over the preacher heads, that are all
upside down today. Notice Father God
ready to strike the leaders of the Church
in their heads seen in Ezekiel 21:25-27.
“‘You profane and wicked prince of Israel, (The Church today)  whose day has come, whose time of
punishment has reached its climax,
this is what the Sovereign Lord says: Take off the turban,
remove the crown. It will not be as it was: The lowly will be exalted and the exalted will be
brought low.
A ruin! A ruin! I will make it a ruin! The crown will not be restored until he to whom it
rightfully belongs shall come; to him I will give it.’"
Ezekiel 21:25-27 ...    (Notice the Crown over the
Rooster preachers heads that God is now in the process of removing)

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
I took this Open Vision from
across Klamth Lake in
Klamath Falls Oregon of
Father God over his white
moutain with his hand
around the Cock Rooster
preachers necks today,
taking them off his high
white mountain. You can see
Father God in dark color
with white hair above the
black rooster preachers!
Above his dark cloud color
of Father God, you can see
his Son Jesus Christ with a
sharp sickle in his hand
seen of
Rev.14:14 ... now
ready to cut down the grape
Church that has now gone
wild. 1 + 4 + 1 + 4 =
sleeping Virgins ... Matthew
Prophet Paul ...