God's Burning 2nd Jer-USA-lem
... Second Rome ... Flooding Second Noah
Fires falling from heaven on his second Jer-USA-
lem nation never to return seen in Jeremiah 51
add ... 5 + 1 = end of the "6"th Millennium. Verse
"25" says God will roll you off a cliff and make
you a
BURNED OUT MOUNTAIN never to be used
again. Tnis verse number
"25" touches on
"25" today and adding 2 + 5 = "7"

Here we see two Romes ... the Rome of the first
Apostle Paul and the Rome of second Apostle
Paul. Now we see God showing this as proof
positive in one of his volcano's showing two
heads, Bill Clinton 42 in white hair laying
sideways on top of this mountain and left of him
is another beast head in black as his accomplice,
George W. Burning Bush 43.

Notice under these two beast heads ... Bush and
Clinton is another beast that shows they are the
horsemen of the Apocalypse with one more to
come, Donald J. Trump 45. Right of the Horses
Head is a head looking at you! Right of his head
is a large head, the sign of big mouth Donald
Trump as you can see his large mouth!  Right of
Trumps head is the head of a ghost ... Satan who
resides with Trump and his vise president
meaning the first head after the horses head
shows the two beast men running the show

Click on the left side of your mouse to see where
old Rome comes back into the picture seen in
Revelation 17
:"9-11." ... Old Rome Coin & New
... The Churches of today say as I have
heard this for many years, we don't look at
numbers for they come from Satan! Satan never
created nothing but LIES. God is the creator of
numbers as numbers rule the world today ... God
said, I have numbered the very hairs on your
heads. Why did God say this? He said this to
show he is the
God of numbers, not Satan.         
God put the speed limits on our highways using man to do his work for safety reasons. He also put
mileage numbers showing how far to the next place and clocks, calenders, banks, money in banks
and also our pockets ... was this Satan who hates God's creation of man, or did this come from an
Almighty God who loves his creation that he created ... not Satan's creation.

The top three Open Visions of nice homes burned down is just the beginning of fire burning down
this second Rome! Below is what is happening today while second Rome burns. Old Nero played
music while old Rome was burning and
this is what this second Rome nation is
doing as well, dancing and singing and
having a ball while Rome is now on fire
and burning to the ground.

Below shows four young women talking to
Jimmy Swaggart their leader in hand signs
of Satan. The one in blue on the left shows
"7" fingers referring to the "7" Churches
today. The one in dark pink on the far right
is showing two fingers the sign of Satan
the goat. The woman in
dark blue is showing "6"
fingers put with the
woman in light blue
showing "7" fingers we
see Matthew 25 verses
"6-7" ... the Matthew 25
added is
"7" Churches of
today going down the
drain! God is finished with
this bird and it is over for

Below this is the picture
of the Swaggart Ministry
people that also ties to
the entire Church of today
seen in Isaiah
"66:6" as
this passage speaks
about God's enemies and
he is taking them out with
the "3" beast men of the
"666" ... "3" presidents
all born in year "4
6" ,
Trump, Bush & Clinton.
Trump was born in month "6" ... Bush in month "7"
Clinton month
"8" and now we see "6" ... "7" ... "8." Now
we are looking at the Pale Riders of
DEATH in Revelation
"6: "7"-"8." Now you ask me who is the God of numbers
if not my Almighty God who I serves today and not the
god the sleeping Churches of Matthew 24 and 25 serve.

Rome Burning today in the USA second Rome on the
west coast ... and on the east coast side of this once
bible nation, as in the days of Noah so shall it be in the
days of the coming of Jesus Christ, the Son of Man.
Second Jer-
USA-lem fills the bill of both, Rome with fire
and Noah with water and both happening at the same
time here in second Jer-
USA-lem in the summer time of
the last days! It is quickly coming to a close says Almighty
God and where will you go? To heaven or will you go to

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...

Who brings the clouds for the rains ... who brings the
lightning for the fires? It surely isn't a mother nature the
world calls it, it is Almighty God who created all things
and holds them all in his hands!
"What was before will be again and what is now was
" ... Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19 ...