God's Beast Head Knocks Out US
In signs God's beast head is taking out second Jer-USA-lem who has
gone bananas! Tie beast storm Dorian with the rest of what is
happening across God's second Jer-
USA-lem nation ... storms, winds,
flooding, tornado's ... car. bus, truck, train, airplane
. ship accidents
and murders like never before and now this, God is showing this
nation and Church it is over ...
my third and last ball game is finished!
God says in Isaiah 5:5 ... 5 + 5 = land of
"10" sleeping Virgins ... "I have lifted
my hand of
protection from around her,
the USA ... and she will be destroyed
Matthew 25 added equals the "7"
Churches seen here in verses
"6-7" of
Isaiah 5 and Matthew 25 ... God telling
this Church at midnight ...
Today ... "I am
taking away your Vineyard water ... I am
removing my cultivating and pruning you
and you will turn into a thorn patch
!" This
is what she is today ...
a patch of thorns!
God says, my last and final baseball game
of mankind running the show is over
This baseball game
left played in the
outskirts of Chicago at the tail end of a
huge storm shows the devil looking down
God Knocking Out Second
USA-lem in Weather Signs
from above with his mouth wide open over the Setting Duck Church now in the mouth of the Dragon
as I pointed out above
. God very plainly says today, my last and Third Baseball Game of time is over!
From now on my Son, Jesus Christ age
"33" when he died and rose again still "33" will reign for
1000 years seen in Daniel 9:24 ... 9 + 24 =
"33" and at the end of this one verse we see Jesus Christ
setting up his 1000 year Kingdom
on earth.

Just before this verse ends showing Jesus and his kingdom, you can see God putting an end to this
"End Time Ministry ending my Open Visions and Prophesies!" After God puts an end to this ministry
of Open Visions and Prophesies
then Jesus comes back to reign for 1000 years! Jesus "33" years of
age and it was
"33" years ago when I came back to the Lord and began warning the people ... what is
your relationship with Jesus
"33" years of age today?
Devil looking down
Left I lived under this cloud showing "77" that
also ties into Daniel
9:24 added is "33." Daniel
9:24 begins with
"77" is decreed for your people
and land to stop sinning! I purchased a Red
Electric riding horse ...
a sign of Paul Revere ... to
help me spread these true words of God
! I
purchased my Red Horse
from the State of
Florida where storm Dorian first hit this
second Jer-
USA-lem nation! It was on sale for
"33" hundred dollars! It was marked down from
"73" hundred dollars! We add 7 + 3 = "10"
sleeping Virgins I preach to today
that most do
not want to believe the truth even if it is thrown
into their faces
by Almighty God!
God's third and last Baseball Game is over!
Pot Head Thistle Church of the last days!
Setting Duck Church------->
The oldest sibling from my oldest sister married to a Doctor in Chicago, died about 2 years ago at the
age of
"60" brain dead from Altimers disease. My next to the oldest sister Shirley an English
Professor who graduated from a Mennonite College close to the East Coast died at the age of
brain death like Karen who died at
"60." Shirley told me some years before she died, Paul if anyone
in our family dies of this sickness it won't be me! It was her! She told me, Paul I know you are not a
scholar for you almost flunked English in grade and high school ... you are not a scholar!

When God called me to this awesome ministry
"33" years ago, this was my weakest point and God in
his Awesomeness brought out himself in his last day Apostle Paul Prophet!  God showed me many
years ago that he is the God of numbers not Satan who copies God that the sleeping Church of today
say Satan is the god of numbers! Was it Satan who said, I numbered the very hairs on your head or
was it Almighty God? Who said he named all the trillions of stars in his heavens, was it God or was it
Satan? Who put all the numbers in God's Holy Bible? Was it God or was it Satan?

Karen died brain dead in Chicago at the age of
"60." This also ties into the end of the "6"th
Millennium today ... the 10 sleeping Virgin Church
Brain Dead Today! Now we are going into the "7"th
Millennium the 1000 year kingdom of Jesus Christ number
"67." God created man on the "6"th day of
"7" day week seen in Genesis 1:27. Today God ends it also in numbers ... 1 + 2 + 7 = "10" sleeping
Virgins also seen in Revelation 22:21 ... add 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus "1" equals "7" equals

I was born "6" of "7" children in a preachers home in year "34" ... you say so what? I preach this
awesome message from my final and third angel website at the last hour, seen in verses
Revelation 14 speaks about the
"3" angels flying in mid-air as this ties into my "3" flying in mid-air
Angel Websites now at the
LAST HOUR! This is my final and "3"rd flying in mid-air Angel Websites!

I was born on Leo the Lion month of August
"22" year "34" ... Preaching this awesome message
today to a
brain-dead "7" Churches at the hour of judgment! Karen and Shirley both died brain
dead!  Karen in Chicago and Shirley in Oregon! What does God's Bible say about this?
"I will keep
him in prefect peace whose mind is stayed on me

Sister Shirley died brain dead a millionaire! Karen died also rich married to a Doctor in Chicago! The
baseball game of the last days, the third one is now over! I have three nephews that hold preaching
licence from the
Assemblies of God-Goat Churches today. Below is an Assemblies of Goats preacher
holding his lying finger in the air that God named every star in
his heavens, Stars refer to people. This 73 year old lying
preacher wears a died Black head of hair and Goat-T-Beard of
Satan! 7 + 3 =
"10" sleeping duck Preachers today! His name was
named by God,
Doctor Michael Murdering Murdock! This lying
false prophet preacher lives in Texas and also preaches from
the Assemblies of Goat Church from South Carolina to the whole
world and screaming out send us the seeds in your pockets for
God has told us to evangelize the world, another lie from hell.  
Lying Doctor Murder Murdock a multimillionaire looking at you, is a
top preacher of Satan today! He is crying out with many more like
him, dig down into your pockets and pull out the seeds, meaning
money, and send them to us! This ties to the rich Church of today
multimillionaires to the hilt!

There are two top men today ... Lying Dr. Mike Murdering Doc. and
President Donald Trump both multimillionaires both
"73" years of
age! Both doctor up their hair, beast president Trump in yellow gold
and beast Dr. Murdering Murdock black.
My smart Professor sister Shirley with a degree in Art and English, died brain dead at the age of "80."
Now I will take you to this number in Revelation 18:1-8 showing these two brain dead tying into the
Church and Politics both full of Satan seen in the first three verses! This passage states ...
"Fallen ...
... meaning two parts to her, mystery Babylon the great." Babylon means the richest and
strongest nation on earth and we all know it is second Jer-
USA-lem without a shadow of a doubt! Two
fallens, as every nation on earth has two parts to them,
her religion and her politics and both have
fallen to the devils as this passage states! Here we see the two devils above taking them down with
them both
"73" years of age. We add 7 + 3 = "10" sleeping Virgins and both are devils!

Next we follow verses
"1-3" and we see verses "4-5" that touches on beast Trump the "45"th
president of second Jer-
USA-lem now heading down into hell fire and brimstone! God says in verses
"4-5" to his true saints today ... "Come out from her my people lest you go down with her when I
destroy this nation

Remember numbers "6-7" above as we leave number "6" and are going into number "7" ... and now
heading into number
"8" that also ties to my sister Shirley who died at the age of "8'0" brain dead.
"8" refers to a new Beginning after the fire of purification has burned off all the hay, wood
and stubble Jesus speaks about ... Jesus said,
"You will be saved but only as one escaping through the
flames of fire

This verse
"6-7" ties into the sleeping Church of Matthew 25 verses "6-7" still fast asleep! In short
we see this passage saying ...
"I set as Queen and am not a widow and I will never mourn!" Now for
"8" which means a new beginning God says something totally different of this Church setting
as Queen, but setting as the devil himself!   
8. "Therefore in one day her plagues will overtake her:
death, mourning and famine. She will be consumed by fire, for mighty is the Lord God who judges her
Revelation 18:8 ...

To end this awesome message of sister Shirley dying brain dead the sign of the Church today dying
brain dead and the Politics also dying brain dead! The 40th President, Ronald Reagan also died brain
dead of the same sickness of my sister Spiritual Shirley ... both the sign of the Church and Politics
both brain dead that God is now in the process of taking out!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Beast 45
Spiritual Murdering Doc