God Says Your Naked Road Ends
The wedding of
God is speaking today to the Seven bird Churches of 2 Peter 2:20-22. They are
seen in Isaiah 16:
1-2 ... as the "3" birds, the Catholic, Protestant and
Pentecostal Churches of second Moab
, the 42 nd camp of first and second
Israel! Israel's last camp was
Moab 42 and this second Moab, the USA, comes
in after the fire begins with Russia and China ...
Bill Clinton number "42" the
first head of the two headed Lion Beast of Clinton 42 and Burning Bush 43.

The second head of second Moab is seen in Isaiah
16:13-14 the chapter
number and the last two verses is 16 + 13 + 14 =
"43" equals George W.
Burning Bush. Isaiah 16:1-2 ...
"Like fluttering birds pushed from the nest so
are the women of Moah at the fords of the Arnon
." Now look at Isaiah 16
for it touches on this nation gone to pot at
"16" hundred Penn., Ave.,
Washington DC.
The naked woman Church is saying without
knowing what she is saying, its Midnight seen in
Matthew 25:6-7. Notice my alarm Clock is ready to
go off says the Church and I'm still naked. The
wedding ring I will be wearing, is it God's or is it
Satan's? Its fire from WW III that wakes her up!  
                     To Confirm The Dog & Cat Situation Today!
My small black Poodle dog named
Tina, is seen left in
shadow form
from almighty God
chewing on two
bones, two religions, Catholic and
Protestant alike. Making up her
head chewing on a bone is from
the second beast, GeOrGe GOG
burning Bush 43 of Ezekiel 38. Her
tail end shows in black burned in
rock by God, BC for Bill Clinton 42.
Notice making up Tina's back are two heads seen in
rock from Almighty God! The left head is a demon and
the head right is the head of the
red dragon. Right of
the Dragon's head is
BC for he is the head of this Red
Dragon rock Bill Clinton 42 close to my home, and
George W. Bush 43 is the second head, the Republican
Elephant seen here with his trunk attacked to the back
of the head of Clinton 42.  

A few days after I got Rex, the cat who they had already
named Rex, a fixed male cat who went into the back side
of my bathtub, and pulled out
"3" small birds. A black
and white woodpecker had made a hole in my south wall
behind my bathtub and Rex went back of the bathtub
and pulled out "3" young birds and brought them out to
me one at a time all still very much alive.

Rex means KING. This Lion colored Rex cat represents
King Jesus is coming and taking out the "3" bird
Churches of today because they have built their own
nests in the Father's house, "3" Churches today who
are now looking at going down, down, down to a
wedding with Satan. Its Midnight the darkest hour ever
and now the two headed beast is getting ready to do his
part in this last day scenario. A Democrat and a
Republican something no one expects for Satan is a
Tina is seen in
black, the black
dog Church full
of demon's.
is the Rex cat
which refers to
the King is
. When I
put Tina down
because of her
old age at "16" ...
the hospital gave
me this Rex cat.
Left is part of the 300 to 400 yard long Red
Dragon rock close to my home. This sign of
Shark and Skull belongs to these two men,
and the three birds meeting their end.
Behind the shark is the Skull and over the
Skulls head in cloud form God shows the
Burning Bush Republican Elephant. Below
the Skull of the bird Churches, you can see
still in rock form, the sleeping Church along
with the head of the Burning Bush Elephant 43 behind the
Church ready to take her out. Add 4 + 3 = "7" Churches!

Below this sleeping Church of Matthew 25:6-7 ... is the head
of the preachers who have led the Churches astray at
kingdom time. I show the two ears on these dog-wolf
headed preachers, the left ear looking at it is the head of
the sleeping Church, and the other ear is the head of the
beast who rides along with her today. Both beast men, Bill
Clinton 42 and George W. Bush 43 added together is
Both men came out from the sleeping Church as the NT
says, the anti-Christ is already in the Church! If this is the
case which it is, this is where they come out from today!

Below the red headed beast preachers, is the first head of
the beast, Bill Clinton a Baptist man standing behind the
podium of the Baptist Church spreading his arms out to the
sleepers. The preacher who knew the Clinton's said Bill and
Hillary are good Christians. The Bushes belong to the
& Bones"
secret society of Satan, and they too call
themselves good Christians. Hillary and Bill are a top
moving part of the evil devil secret society of the Phoenix
Bird coming in to take over after the fire has burned.

The Phoenix bird society is a society of Satan in Satan's
images, of living for 500 years and dying and coming back
anew and ruling the world! This is their re-incarnation of
the devil and his people. I live about 100 miles east of the
I-5 freeway showing this sign is real. The little town named
Phoenix is on freeway
I-5 and a few miles south is the large
city called
Ashland. God put this there to get people's
attention that after the Phoenix Bird comes the Ash-pit land
of the USA of Ashland, Oregon is seen burned down.

South of Ashland you come into northern California to the
grape vineyards seen in Isaiah 5:1-5 that burned down this last year! God has already shown signs of
him burning down this last day grape Church Vineyard
. Read this passage for it states that God dug
up his first Vineyard, the Jews. He then removed the stones and replanted it with the choice vines of
Judaism and the Church appeared. Now 2000 years later and another 42 generations later seen in
Matthew 1:17, he went to look for a good crop of grapes but he found

Now in Isaiah
5:5 added are "10" sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25:"6-7" God said, "I am lifting my hand
of protection from around her and she will be destroyed
." Next read verses "6-7" that ties into Matthew
25 verses
"6-7" and God tells this last day Church, I am removing my water from her ... removing my
cultivating from her and removing my pruning from her and she will turn into a thorn patch of what
she is today!

Only fire will take out this thorn patch Church that is now ready to hit this dog-pig thorn patch Church
of today seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22! Add just the "2"s and we see this ties to the "
10" sleeping Virgins of
Matthew 25:6-7

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...