God Says - its over - Out You Go!
"V" for Virgins---->
God tossing
Judas out!
Virgins Burn soon
This once Jesus Church ... now a Judas Church
both with "5" letters in their names ... 5 + 5 =
"10" sleeping Virgins today ... God in cloud form
is telling us,
out you go! The top left is the fire
that burned in Northern California burning down
the Vineyards of Isaiah 5:1-5 and verses
"6-7" of
Mathew 25:
"6-7." The Open Vision below this is
the woman Church now on the
Ropes of the
Judas Church
with this same large letter "V" in
very light form, going from under her chin up to
the two top corners,
as the naked Judas Church
is hanging herself today

At this writing I still have my message titled,
"God Says - Your Electric Goes" ... and at this
writing it is not finished! Yesterday when I
finished my other message titled,
"Judas "V" For
Virgins on Rope
," I went back to ... "God Says -
Your Electric Goes
," to work on it again when my
Electricity went out for about one hour. What a
God to confirm these messages from him!

The Naked, Judas, women Church of today, your
now hanging from the
Judas Rope ... your up
against the
Ropes of DEATH! You are hanging
from the tree on the right looking at your old
temples on the left on top of
God's Holy
where you have sold out your once
true Jesus for Money! ... "3'0" pieces of Silver
and now "3" grape religions has forsaken the
Lord and Savior of are souls,
Jesus Christ!

You all are seen in an Open Vision from God
Almighty in solid rock form close to my home,
burned out by the
Fire Finger of God and not
man. Below I leave this miracle in a large rock
formed by God Almighty, showing the "10"
sleeping Virgin Church who see nothing, being
caught in the trap Jesus speaks about in Luke
21:34. We add 2 + 1 = "3" Churches of today,
Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal Now we
add verse "34" ... 3 + 4 = "7" Churches today.  
We add all the numbers and we
"10" sleeping Virgins! Jesus
said in this verse ... don't get
caught in this trap for it will
cover the entire earth. This
large clamshell trap God burned
out in solid rock, shows the
picture of this sleeping "10"
Virgin Churches of today laying
down on the old
Black Bull
soon to become the RED
BEAR Market of Russia and
! These Churches are all
naked, notice she-he is
circumcised only in the flesh
and not the Heart that Jesus
said we are suppose to be
circumcised in today. Now check
out the
RED BEAR soldiers of
Russia and China coming in!
The only thing I did to this Open Vision from Almighty God, was put the wording over this awesome
Vision picture from Almighty God. Notice how God shows the soldiers wearing a military war hat over
the top right corner of this huge clam-shell trap, this rock burned out by the miracle hand of God. If
you look at this and can't see what God is showing you what is about to happen, then you have the
eyes of Satan and not God! God burned this out with fire in this high elevation of
"43" hundred feet
where I have been living for the past 27-28 years, a man who was born in year

We seen 43 + 34 = "77." Below on the bottom of these messages, is the cloud "77" seen over my
home where I have live for the past 27-28 years that ties to Daniel 9:24 that begins with
"77" is
decreed for your people and land to stop sinning and come back to the Lord! I will continue this
Paraphrasing of Daniel 9:24 as it speaks about this ministry today of
Visions and Prophesies and
when these are over, which is soon to be finished, then we
Anoint the Most Holy Jesus Christ into
his 1000 year kingdom on earth
. The liars today writing these new Bibles, added one more word to
the very end of Daniel 9:24 by saying,
PLACE. The older translations say this: put and end to Visions
and Prophesies and then we Anoint the Most Holy!
Not place, the Most Holy is Jesus Christ into his
1000 year kingdom on earth ... and not place that the dogs has changed this meaning!

Now we add Daniel 9:24 ... 9 + 24 =
"33" equals the age of Jesus Christ when he died on the cross
for our sins and still
"33" today ... as God never ages. He is still 33 years of age when he comes into
his 1000 year kingdom on earth. The Churches of today hang themselves! Below is another Open
Vision from Almighty God, showing the Russian and Chinese tanks getting ready to roll over these
Churches of today who has
the sting of the
on them and are seen under
the tanks soon to roll over
them! They are under the
war tanks of Russia and
China, as pointed out. I point
out the black scorpion as
seen in Revelation 9:1-5 as
this is now ready to happen!
This also takes us back to
the time of the Jews, when
King Nebuchadnezzar
tossed the three Hebrew Children into the fiery furnace heated "7" times hotter than normal which
touches on the
"7" Churches today!  Notice right of the black scorpion on the woman, you can see
her head above looking to the left! You can see black Satan right of her overlooking the "3" Hebrew
Children, today referring to the
Catholics, Protestants and Pentecostals! Notice the "3" heads of the
Church going under the tracks of the tanks overhead, the Soldiers soon to be coming in as everyone
can see something is drastically wrong today!

Below Satan looking down over the "3" Churches, you can see in shadow form, the head of the Lamb,
Jesus, as Jesus is the fourth man in the fire like at the time of the Jews. Jesus was the fourth man in
the fire that they saw.
"What was before will be again, and what is now was before, there is nothing new
under the sun
!"  Ecclesiastes 1:9-11 and Revelation 1:19 ...

Number 23 is the number of DEATH! We add the above, 1 + 9 + 1 + 1 and 1 + 1 + 9 = "23" equals
The first head of the beast is William Jefferson Clinton the "42"nd President who has "23"
letters in his long name. Clinton 42 is seen riding the Pale Horse of
DEATH in Revelation 6:7-8. This
also ties into this
Pale Ministry today because of what the "3" Churches of today has become, a Judas
Church ...
all "3" of them!

Now to confirm this fact seen in Isaiah
6:7-8! I was born "6" of "7" children in a preachers home
when the first man child died at birth and making me born
"6" of "8" Children that the first one died
at birth ... Revelation
"6:"7-8." When this happened my parents were unhappy, they were Pale. I was
"6" of "7" children that lived ... "6-7." I preach today seen in Revelation 14:"6-7" this Eternal
Gospel at the
Hour of Judgment ... read it ... from my third Website, the "3" angels flying in mid-air
today on my "3"rd angel website!

It was 1959 when I had an only son who lived "2" days and died, making me a
Pale rider of DEATH.
That was 58 years ago when this happened. We had named my only son,
ROCKY! God moved me down
to a volcano area of the past, showing me
ROCKS with these Open Vision ... so many it is hard to
count them all. Jesus is the
ROCK who said in Luke 19:39-40 ... "If my people do not speak out then the
ROCKS will cry out
!" This old man, yours truly 83 years of age today is preaching this horrible
message to a sleeping, gone mad Judas Church today makes me again a
PALE Rider!

My only son, Rocky, is also seen in 2 Peter 3;8 ... 3 + 8 = "11" equals the amount of letters in Jesus
Christ who is number "11." My only son,
ROCKY, lived two days and this ministry is tied to Jesus
not me being Jesus Christ but me speaking for him today! We had named our only Son, Rocky
L. Gerig
also seen here with "11" letters in his name, not making him or me Jesus Christ, but the
preacher today preaching for Jesus Christ a
PALE message from Pale Paul today "83" years of age
add 8 + 3 + "11" God's last day Moses Prophet
... Paul ... the Pale Rider of DEATH.
A few years ago on election day, this Tropical
storm hit this nation. God was showing then this
ministry over the west coast, the map of the USA
below, preaching this message ...
this Jesus
Trumpet today with the arrow head of Jesus
Christ hitting this Bald Eagle nation in its head
killing it
. Plainly put you can see the face of
Jesus Christ with 11 letters in his name, killing
this bald eagle bird nation in its head. Under
Jesus' head is the state of Florida that he is
looking down over and now in the process of
taking them all out!

This is the cloud
"77" over my home! The D for
Daniel 9:24 is where I live and God is now in the
process of taking out all these
Open Visions
and Prophecies
today, and after this happens
we Anoint the Most Holy Jesus Christ number
"11" into his 1000 year Kingdom on earth!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...