God Says - I Spit You Out
God says in no uncertain terms, I
am spitting you out from my mouth
you nation full of Idols ...  and one
of the largest Idols are
"CARS"  and
seen from the
"CARR" fire in
California which is still burning.
Notice how God made this true
message today ... he shows us in
fire form beside the cars on the car
freeway under the fire, He shows
his capital letter "G" for God with
the sign of the hammer coming
down on this nation real soon,  a
part of the
Hammer and Sickle of
the two Communist nations of
Russia and China
soon to take out
this nation as God is using them as
the Hammer! Notice God's face
looking left with his tongue
sticking out of his wide open mouth saying in no uncertain terms ... I am spitting you out of
my mouth
! The other sign of the hammer right of G for God he is saying without a shadow of a
doubt, the hammer is now fallling on this nation of Idols and Cars are one of the top idols in this
land of second Jer-
USA-lem shown in the Carr Fire in California!

Looking at the awesome Open Vision above made by God Almighty and not seeing what God is
showing what is now happening ... second Jer-
USA-lem is burning down! One would have to be
blind as a bat at high noon not to see this! My Bible tells me in Joel 2 from the OT and also in Acts 2
of the Son of man Jesus Christ!  What would you call the fiery scene above if not one huge sign of
the Son of man Jesus Christ!  What would you call the fiery scene above if not one huge sign from
the creator of all things ... God Almighty?from the creator of all things ... God Almighty?
Below the Sun ... Son of God
shows Jesus the Son pushing
the naked woman Church off
his high mountain.
This Open Vision left also came
from the fires in California. I
pointed out the naked woman
showing her two naked breasts
and her naked two legs being
pushed from God's high mountain
fire ... the fire
Almighty God is now shoving this
last day naked woman Church
from her high position she once
held. This week of August
21 and
... today and tomorrow, took
place one years ago, the Solar
Eclipse that went over St. Paul
Oregon on August 21, 2017 showing the bear of Russia coming down over
the eye of this Pig Church and nation taking her out. Last week the stars
fell in the skies big time and today we are looking at Revelation
22:21 and
last year the
Solar Eclipse God told us, "A new Beginning is coming!"  I was
"6" of "7" children in a preachers home in year "34" and am
preaching today to the 3 + 4 =
"7" Churches of Matthew 25 ... 2 + 5 = "7"
Churches of verses
"6-7." I was born on Leo the Lion month of August

You can see this last day Leo the Lion prophet, yours truly of "6-7" in
Revelation 14 at the
Hour of JUDGMENT ... preaching this awesome
message today to the verses of
"6-7" Churches who fell asleep at
Judgement time ... Revelation 14 verses
"6-7." I preach today from my
third and final
flying in midair, angel website this Eternal Gospel at the
HOUR OF JUDGMENT ... MEANING TODAY! Read it for this is what this
passage refers to that this
Leo the Lion of God is showing you!  Leo the
Lion is now on his way spitting fire out from his mouth from the West Coast
where this small Leo the Lion lives! This is where the fires are burning and
nothing will put them out but will only get worse as the days go by, and the
sky is full of unhealthy smoke for the people to breath.

Below when God created the earth and everything in it, he made this map
of Oregon and shows in red his last day Prophet, yours truly.
put a red ring around my eye, and my mouth
wide open seeing a new beginning coming in
one year ago today on Leo the Lion month of
August 21 and tomorrow is 22 the end of the
Bible in signs as we know them and now a new
beginning is coming in! Below my face you can
see the grey bear of Russia covering the eye
of this
Pig Nation and Church seeing nothing.
The head of the pig is soon to be squealing out
when the Bear attacks,
bear Putin of Russia.
Katy Sasie of
St. Paul, MN., lives in the state
that uses to be named ...
"PIGS EYE." It was
changed to
St. Paul in the 1800's.

This Solar Eclipse left the USA in
SC ... South
. Left shows a huge storm named PAM
a few years ago, the name of my in-home care
lady who helps me out a couple days a week
due to loosing most of the use of my legs and
feet to Diabetes the last
"6-7" years.

Above the first red X is my head and face
looking at you. Below it is the face of this Lion
Prophet of today. Right of Paul in his bed, you
can plainly see the capital letters
"SC" for
South Carolina where the Solar Eclipse left this
nation one year ago today. The people who put
this image out also shows the rocks under the
cloud showing in rock form the finger pointing
to God's last day
Leo the Lion Prophet.

Left shows another picture of Pam pushing me
in my wheel-chair while I am blowing my
trumpet downward from the heavens to the
people on the earth below. You can see me in
the center of this storm with the head of my
trumpet pointing downward to the earth below.
You can see me wearing a cap as I often do
when outside and looking in the face of a man
wearing dark glasses below on earth.

Left of my head you can see Pam pushing me in
my wheel-chair also wearing dark glasses as
she often does when outside. Notice me
looking downward and my right eye is also
seen as black to show you these three people
are people with eyes.

I still have my wheel-chair and I also have a
electric red horse seen below. This red
electric Car or scooter is much like a car and
has the ability of going 45 miles on a single
charge. I got off my wheel Chair last month and
got on my new electric scooter ...
went downtown Klamath Falls, USA soon to Fall
Oregon, and preached this end time message
to people and passed out some of my website
Ministry cards.  
X              X
I did this same thing last week on a Thursday also, as July and
August on the third Thursday they close down this cities Main
St. ... Literally called Main St. and set up tables advertising
many different things which begins at
"6:00" and ends at

This Leo the Lion Ministry of Almighty God not only is the sign
Leo the Lion, but also the sign of "Apostle Paul" of 1
Thess. 5:1-6 and
"Paul Revere" when Paul rode his red
horse down town at
MIDNIGHT telling the people ... "The Red
Coats are coming
." I am also doing the same thing and have
now done it twice. "The
Red Coats are Red Russia and Red
soon to be coming ashore in this nation!
First, we see Russia with her nuclear bombs
and second we see China and her 200 million
man army strong seen in Revelation 9:16.

God shows this naked Church of today in the
center circumcised only in the flesh and not
the heart, with her "V" for Virgins hand in the
air worshipping
MONEY, the Bull Market she
is laying on today stark naked!
 This clam
shell trap, Jesus speaks about in Luke
21:34-36 is now closing down on mankind!
After this we see the soldiers of Russia and
China coming ashore. We are soon going
from the
Black Bull Market of money into
Red Bear Market of war with Red
Russia and Red China!

God's Ring of Fire
Hubble telescope
world Evangelist - LION Apostle Prophet
Paul Gerig ...
My fire
hammer is
coming down
on your carr ...
Above Leo the LIon born on Leo
the Lion month  of August 22,
year "34" with the rock below
pointing to God's Lion Ministry.
PS:  I spoke from SC ... South Carolina 18 years ago
from long and short wave radio for half an hour,
telling the world who the coming beast, Bill Clinton
42 is
and that Russia would nuclear bomb this
. After we hung up the phone which I spoke
for about half an hour, I picked up my Bible to
have it open to Revelation 8:1 ...
"Heaven was
silent for about half an hour
Men below
God shows this in cloud
form of Pam Pushing me
in my wheel-chair while I
spred this unhappy
message to the messed
up world today!
Paul Reveres Red Horse
Pig headed Church with fish tail
Paul and Jesus