God's Angry Face In Tornado's
God is showing from His Hubblle
space telescope his angry face
looking down from heaven at this
second Jer-
USA-lem nation gone like
her mother the Jews went. Notice over
God's head coming downward is
shaped like a cutting sickle, now in the
process of Cutting down this nation
who has gone to POT literally! Notice
where God took this picture over, the
State of Florida and his head is seen
here in the middle of this second
USA-lem nation where the heavy
storms are happening.

God took both of these pictures from
his Hubble space Telescope, the top
one just recently and the lower one on
Election day a few years ago from this
Tropical Storm showing his last day
Prophet blowing his Jesus Trumpet
over this land of second Jer-

Notice over the West Coast when I
live, God shows my face with the
Trumpet of Jesus God to my lips and
on the end of my Trumpet you can see
plainly the face of God Jesus looking
down over this nation seen here over
the State of Florida hitting this Bald
Eagle nation in its white head killing it

The Arrow head is Jesus God looking
down as you can plainly see his face
and this is happening today in no
uncertain terms, Period!
Right on both Open Visions from God you can see the State of Florida on the East and on the west
side you can see the California Peninsula behind my head blowing this awesome Trumpet at
harvest time today. Now I wonder who made these two storm images if not
The Goat Church which I am preaching to today at
judgment time seen above God shows in his fiery
volcano's left this Goat Church of today talking to
Satan who they think is Jesus Christ but the devil
himself who comes as an angel of light and has
fooled the Church who are now Goats. Jesus said
the goats will be on my left ... seen left, Judgement!
The Mushroom cloud bomb on the far right God made over a freeway in the state of Florida. The
Open window refers to today as this window is now open and in cloud form from Almighty God he
shows the word,
"Church." God shows this Sleeping Church of today ... "You are at the end of
your road

Above the head of this goat Church we see a real picture of the Goat Church going up into the air
pushed up by nuclear rockets. At the top she is looking to the right into the head of the bald eagle
nation with a golden beak ... Golden rich trump 45. Below him you can see white Skulls he made from
this Goat Church who put this Bastard of Satan into power. Below the dead white skulls from this
Goat Church you can see the head of a Dragon looking right who put this all together today!
Left God shows these
whale of storms all
coming from the West
Coast where this last
day Prophet of God
lives who is showing
what is now coming
upon the Goat Church
of these very last days
on earth.
Whale of Storms
You can see above middle on the fare right this map of second Jer-USA-lem showing the Florida
Keys. The awesome top two Open Visions also shows the map of the USA and Florida at the bottom
right corner. Notice above the Keys of Florida  you can see the light head of Satan with his mouth
wide open ready to kill this nation where God shows above the Nuclear Mushroom cloud bomb
going off and killing the Church who turned against him! Notice again the word in the nuclear cloud
bomb above showing ...

Watching the news from the West Coast where I live shows these storms coming across this state of
Oregon and the State of California that God is showing this moister is taking down this nation in
signs! Day after day, night after night God's winds are tearing down the peoples houses and also
flooding them out ...
"As in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man
Jesus Christ!
"  Wake up O' Dead Sleeping Church ... where will you spend Eternity?

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...