God Removes Dog Church
Above is the diamond
of this nation that goes
down soon and
suddenly from the
bears of Russia and
The top left shows the right hand of God with the fire tips
of his fingers reaching out to the mouth of the Church
today ... notice above God's right hand shows the large
nose of the man, dog Churches of today that he is now
removing. God's fiery finger tips
shows God is pushing
into the dog Churches mouth ... fire ... todays fire ... the
fire burning on the West Coast
and water on the east
coast ... as in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of
the coming of the
Son of Man, Jesus Christ.

Left was a baseball game outside Chicago not long ago,
showing the third baseball game of God ...
Adam, Jews
and now Gentiles is now over and now the lights are
going out as seen below! God shows his face in cloud
form in total darkness today
.   (Notice the head and nose
of a dog looking up to the right over the first light in this
ball game from Chicago)

Above, the second Open Vision from the grape Vinyards
in California, shows the capital letter
"V' for Virgins.
Below this is another picture of the fires burning in
California ... the Church
Vineyards are all burning down.
The top right is a picture of this nation showing the
Diamond of Jesus Christ over this nation that has today
gone totally Bananas!

Making up the Diamond Jesus above on the top right,
begins at the
Golden Gate on the west coast, and goes  
to the first
Gateway through the Hudson Harbor on the
East Coast
and is also seen as Martha's Vineyard!  Lastly
we see it going down to the South Coast of the
Body of
which is seen as "Corpus Christi," Texas.

Left shows the bears of Russia and China coming in
spitting fire from their mouths into the mouth of the Dog
Churches of today
who are soon to be howling as the fire
goes into their open howling mouths
. God shows this
above from a fire west of Los Angeles, California heading
this awesome message today.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Above God's hand
is man's nose &
below his nose God
is shoving fire into
his mouth today.
The head and face of the Dog
Church over the light, shows this
last day baseball game of God is
now over for she has struck out.
Today God speaks out in total
darkness saying the fire now