God Ready To Shake Dog Church
Dogs Head
You can see the Dog Church of 2 Peter
2:20-22 where I put the word Dog on the
Dog's forehead. You can see his two black
eyes and long black dog nose and his mouth
below, soon to be caught in fire! This also
touches on the Dog Christian TV and Radio
station in the Los Angles area and all over
this nation as well. You can see the two
hands of God with
fire tips on the end of his
smoke hands and fingers ready to grab this
Dog Church of 2 Peter 2:20
-22 by the throat.
The last number is "22" that means the end
of days today and the end of the Holy Bible
in Revelation
"22." This also is the day I was
born on Leo the Lion month of August
This fire happened west of Los Angles
where they are waiting for a huge
earthquake to shake the West Coast of this
second Jer-
USA-lem nation.
One mile east from my home is a rock I named about 25
years ago,
Babylon Rock. The Open Vision left is a picture I
took of the south side of this rock still attached to Babylon
rock, a picture not of this black dog seen here chewing on
two bones. This picture of my little black haired Tina
dog chewing on two bones, is seen only in shadow form. I
didn't see this until I had my film developed. Above her back
is the head of a
DEMON and right of the DEMON is the head
of the
DRAGON, These signs are all in burned out rock from
Almighty God
done In shadow form ... God is showing this
Dog  Church of today full of
Demons and Dragons.

Below my small black Tina poodle dog sets another pile of
rocks showing the golden faced Dog Churches of today
stark naked
, and both Churches, the Protestant and the
Catholic Churches are both naked Dogs
! You can see the
woman's face of the golden face dog looking backwards into
the b
lack face of Satan who she thinks is Jesus but Satan
! I also outlined the head of Bill Clinton 42 who had
black wound of impeachment on his face, the lie he told
about his young Jewish Intern at the White House, Monica.

The house impeached Bill but a short time later the
turned him loose, his head wound healed the black mark on
his lower jaw
. Below Bill is the other head of the beast,
Texan Cowboy George W. Burning Bush 43 ... Rev. 13:3-4
shows this. The one head of the beast seemed to have had
a fatal would but the fatal wound healed and the whole world
goes along with him. Notice below Bill is the Texan cowboy
Bush 43.
Below Bush 43 is the Shark, Donald J. Trump 45 seen here as the Shark with the woman Churches
head in his mouth. I never put the head there I only drew a line from the top of her red head and
outlined the Shark I saw in this Open Vision from Almighty God. Notice where this shark of Trump is
going, up to her vagina where God put the golden letter "J" for Donald "J" Trump the beast number
"45" in office today. (Many people are calling the White House a Whore House because of Donald J.
Trump who is seen as a pimp, and his three wives were all loose women
as everyone knows.

All three of these beast men were born in year
"46" ... equals the "666" of Isaiah "66:6" that God is
using to take out this
Dog Church who has messed up everything on earth, also seen in Revelation
. Trump was born on the "6"th month, Bush was born on the "7"th month and Clinton was
born on the
"8"th month and now we see "6"-"7"-"8." Now we see Revelation "6:"7"-"8" the Pale
Rider of DEATH
coming into the picture that is what this passage talks about! Following these "3"
beast men is
Hades which means HELL.
This large red rock sets about 4 miles from my home. This entire red rock I named some 28 years
ago, Dragon Rock. What you see above is only the first part of this Red Dragon Rock which is
appoxamatly 2 to 3 hundred yards long showing the Dog Preachers at the ene of Dragon Rock just
behind the Sleeping Churches of today along with beast George W. Burning Bush 43. The first three
beast men of the
"666" of Isaiah "66:6" are seen above as the two heads on the left ... 42 and 43
and the third head is the Shark, Donald J. Trump 45. The Shark is seen above below Clinton and
Bush with the Red headed woman Church in his mouth as he heads for her sex organ the
letter J for John beside it

Above the Skulls of these Dog head preachers of today, God is showing in cloud form the trumk,
head and body of Republican Elephant George W. Burning Bush 43 who belongs to the
"Skull &
Bones" secret society of the NWO and the Illuminati
Left is another Open Vision from Almighty
God, showing George W. Burning Bush 43
with this
Skull of a Beast over his head
who belongs to the
"Skull & Bones"
secret society of Satan. Notice who he is
talking to, the Dog-Pig Goat Churches of
today as all part of the beast system in
this second Jer-
USA-lem nation! All three
are together, the Goat Church on the left,
the second head of the beast, burning
Bush 43, and black Satan on the right!
Notice the Goat Churches and white faced
Burning Bush both speaking to the entire
world today over Internet and radio seen
in Revelation 17:1-8.
Behind the Skull which is behind the Shark, Trump,
sets the sleeping woman Church of Matthew 25:6-7
along with the second head, beast George W. Burning
Bush 43 ... 4 + 3 =
"7" Churches today. Behind this
scene sets the wolf-dog preachers of today riding the
tail of the
Red Dragon Rock which sets about 4 miles
southeast of my home.

I marked the two ears on these Wolf-Dog preachers of
today. The ear on the left is the head of the sleeping
Woman Church and the ear on the right is the head of
George W. Burning Bush 43. As I said before, this rock
is so long I had to take more than one picture to show
you the beasts with the sleeping Church along with
the wolf-dog preachers today.

Below these Red Dog-Wolf preachers set this rock
burned out by the hand of Almighty God, showing his
Jesus burned out in solid rock in capital letters, and
below sets his Open Bible with the sign of the wolves
preaching out from the left side of his Bible. On the
right side of Jesus' Open Bible you can see the
HEAD of the Churches today being dragged along
behind them
. Notice top right corner the short "IS"
"ISIS" cutting off the heads of these dead head
Churches of today under the headship of Satan.

We go back to Amos 9:1 that states, Bring down on the
heads of those under the headship of the devil so to
speak ... not one will escape ...
read this passage for it refers to
today as well as for the Jews.
Now go to the 10th verse
speaking today to the
sleeping Virgin
s ... all the sinners
among my people will die by the
sword! Those who say disaster will
not over them will die
... a must to
read for now it goes for the
sleeping Churches!
"Wake Up O' Sleeping Church!" I wrote and published this book with over 300 pages and "19"
chapters in 1991. A friend of mine now ... after he found one of these books in a used book store in
Portland, Oregon, Pam's Book store, is now a good friend of mine who lives in northern California
who is helping to put out these awesome messages from Almighty God. The other Book I wrote was
"Return To The Early Church" which I published in 1987 ... showing on the front page Satan
setting in the Churches today. I haven't heard of anyone finding this book today. I have written many
articales in booklet form and many newsletters as well as tapes and CD's. I have been on Radio
world wide and also on TV in Louisville, Kentucky for "7" months. I tell you this to let you know this is
not just a ministry of passing, it is real and from the mouth of Almighty God!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Notice "G" for God on God's right hand
also for Prophet Gerig Showing Truth