God Looking - On Naked Man
God's face
looking down
on naked man
Naked Male
with Pony tail
Lion Hurricane
Dorian coming into
the Bahamas Islands.
You can see the
scared faces of the
people left and below
their frightened
heads you can see
the head of the beast
coming in with power.
Left shows a picture from
God's space Hubble camera in
his heavens heading for the
tropical islands and then into
God's second Jer-
You can see the black eye and
large black mouth made by the
camera in the heavens taking
this picture as this beast
storm coming in is very angry
sent here by God who is also
very angry with mankind and
he says,
it is finished! Your
days has come to a close and
will be no more as it was, for
my Jesus is coming to take
where naked man has
messed up the show
! My
Prophet Paul never made this
image God says, I make it! I am
sending in my Horsemen of
the Apocalypse to take over
as seen in Revelation
and following them is hades ...

The 3 beast Presidents who
ride these
"3" horses of the
Apocalypse are seen here in
the chapter and verse
"6:7-8" Trump born
"6" ... Bush born month
"7" ... Clinton born month "8"
"6:7-8." All three
beast President men were
born in year "4
6" making them
all tied into the number of the
beast ...
"666." Revelations
13:18 says,
let him with insight
calculate the number of the
beast, for it is man's number
and his number is
Trump is the final big mouth
beast President!
Below frightened
Beast head flying in ...
Above in signs you can see the black
eye and black Open mouth of
Hurricane Dorain coming in with God's
face in cloud form looking down over
the naked people not covered by him.
Far left he owns this huge building in NYC
Babylon of the
666. He is the final and huge
open mouth beast as God shows him in this
storm, a fish with its mouth wide open as
usual as the whole world knows! Isaiah
66:6" says ... "What is that noise coming
from the cities ... what is that sound coming
from the Temples
(Meaning the Churches)
it is the sound of the Lord repaying his ENEMIES ... the Churches all they deserve! Who are the
enemies of God today?
 His enemies are the Churches who all have gone Bananas! The sign of
storm Dorian in the Tropics ... the land of
Bananas! This also ties into the "Virgin Islands" ... the 10
very Asleep Virgin Churches of Matthew 25:6-7 have gone to sleep in true Christianity and bedded
down with the enemy of their souls, Satan! This Church of the last days are and have committed
adultery on husband Jesus Christ when they opened their beds for Satan to come in and they have
been sleeping with Satan now for many years committing adultery on God!

God's patience has now run out of man running the show and all three ages of Adam, the Jews and
now the Gentiles have
all done the same thing, all three has struck out! Jesus said ... as in the days
of Noah so shall it be in the days of the
Coming of the Son of Man! As in the days of Noah only "8"
people in all were saved and today my Bible states,
"One Third" of mankind will perish! What is
one-third of 7 billion people on earth today?
It is not far from one-half of mankind soon to perish!

Noah preached for 120 years to the people and when he left only
"8" of his family was saved, the
rest all drown. Number
"8" refers to a new beginning! I have not been preaching this message for
120 years but I have been preaching it for
"33" years, the age of Jesus when he died and rose again
"33" years of age. You can see me preaching these Open Visions and Prophesies in Daniel 9:24
beginning with
"77" is decreed for your people and land to stop sinning! We add 9 + 24 = "33." This
ministry is seen in this one verse just before
King Jesus sets up his 1000 year Kingdom on earth.
Fish big

This passage says ... "Closing down these Visions and
Prophesies coming from this end time Ministry
!" After God
closes down this Ministry then Jesus comes in to reign for
1000 years
after the 42 months of wrath is finished! I was born
in a preachers family
"6" of "7" Children!

This cloud picture left is what God put over my home when
living in the high wilderness area of Klamath County Oregon
28 years preaching this awesome message to the 2 + 8 =
"10" sleeping Virgin Churches from my "3" angel websites
seen in Revelation 14 verses

Left is a Boeing 767 airliner that crashed on landed in San
Francisco, California a few years ago coming from South
This touches on the "7" Churches of Matthew 25
added is
"7" Churches and verses "6-7" and Boeing "767."  
Notice the number on the wing ... 7742 and add 42 ... 4 + 2 = 6
equals "767
. God is the God of numbers not Satan the
Church claims.

God put the number "77" over my home. Bill Clinton the
"42"nd President of this second Jer-USA-lem nation and also
seen as the first head of the
"3" headed Lion Beast who was
born on Leo the Lion month of August
"19"th and was this
nation's 42nd president
! Bills full number is 1942 seen on the
inside page of mother's Bible
below when she purchased it in
1942. Mother purchased this Bible Oct. 15 ... the 10th
month the 10 sleeping virgins these
"3" beast men came out
Mother's Bible is in my hands today! My sister Grace "3" years my senior took this Bible from my
hands the day after mother passed away. She took mother's Bible from my hands and opened it and
took out Jeremiah's calling written out in long hand by mother of Jeremiah
1:5 also seen on the front
page of mothers Bible ... Oct.
"15" ... Jeremiah 1:5 in signs and Grace said, "Paul this is for you!" The
lot from God fell on me in year
1985 = 15 = Jeremiah 1:5. I was ordained by God that day to be his
second Jeremiah Prophet in the last days now for the Church! God said in
Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev, 1:
... "What was before will be again, and what is now was before." God is the God of numbers who put
all the number in his Holy Bible and the OT and the NT ties in together as you can plainy see!

I wept when Grace told me ...
Paul this is for you ... and I wept for years after this happened. My father,
a preacher went into the ministry also by lot! Out from four books with a piece of paper in it the
book with the piece of paper in it,
fell on my father. My father was ordained into God's Ministry by the
lot falling on him and I was born when my father was ordained. Now I wonder how this all took place if
not God's hand was on it?
This is not the way it happens today, God does hot call the preachers into
ministry today ... today is a ministry of
MONEY and they call themselves into this MONEY MINISTRY!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
from and number "15" also touches on
Donald John Trump with "15" letters in his
name. The bottom line shows Matt. 12 verses

The second head of the "3" beast presidents
was George W. Bush "43" and all "3"  beast
President men were born in year
"46" verse
46" ... "666." Mother's Bible is in my hands
today! My sister Grace "3" years my senior
took this Bible from my hands the day after
mother passed away.
PS: Left is one of the worst money preachers today
who comes from the Assemblies of Goat Pentecostal
Churches ... Dr. Mike Murdering Murdock of Divinity!
This man
73 years of age with a black goat T beard and
black hair dies it to make himself look younger than he
is ... 7 + 3 =
"10" sleeping Virgins ... a gross liar to the
sleeping Church!
This lying multimillionaire
Pentecostal preaches his lies across the entire world
is from Texas but Preaches much of the time in
South Carolina from the Assemblies of God ... Goat
Church with them as well telling the people to send
them the seeds ... meaning money in their pockets and then God will make they all rich like he is
grossly rich! He tells them God has called them to preach this message to the entire world which is a
huge lie from hell! This beast from the sleeping Goat Church preaches a
very plainly said ...
"You cannot worship me and money at the same table!" Jesus also said, "Broad
is the road leading to destruction and many are those who go there
." Then he said ... "Narrow is the road
leading to Salvation and Few are those who find it

Rod Parsley from the Pentecostal TBN station out from LA California said some years ago when I was
listening to what he was preaching ... said God has loaded the table down with money and pushed it
over to the Church ... a gross lie from hell! Almost in the same breath he said,
"When the rapture
accurs 80 % of LA will go out in this rapture ... another lie from hell!
Now you know where the
Assembles of God and the other Churches of today are coming from ...
not heaven but from hell!
Left God shows his
sad face in cloud form
where the goat
Church of today are
headed ... into the
dark hole of hell if
they do not repent of
their hellish ways!
Above left God shows from his Hubble telescope the black hole
referring to hell with white around it that this goat Church of
todaqy are all headed for and will go there if they do not repent of
what they are doing today! The top center shows in smoke from
from God this goat Church of today with his head turned around
looking at you wearing the two horns of the Goat Church with two
black eyes and a big black mouth heading into hell. Notice the
other end of this smoke shows the big head of the Goat Church
looking down into hell.
Above from a volcano from God shows the Goat Church talking into the black microphone with the
soon be be burning, liar fire preachers telling the world lies and above their white heads heading into
the black hole of hell with white surrounding it that sounds good to the sleeping Goat Churches of
today. Notice above their heads is the white skull beast head of Satan they are under today! Right of
them you can plainly see the huge black head of Satan with a large white eye mixed up in this monster
mess with the Churches today!   
Left close to my old home in the high
wilderness old volanic area of Klamath
County, Oregon I took this picture of a large
rock and added the writing to what it
represends from God today! The clamshell
trap is closing down on mankind today! This
trap is seen in Luke 21:34 ... added is 2 + 1 +
3 + 4 =
"10" sleeping Virgins! Verse "34" is
the year I was born ... Prophet Paul
Here we see in this clamshell trap of Luke
21 ... 2 + 1 =
"3" Churches Catholic,
Protestant and Pentecostal
showing the
naked preacher man Church stark naked
and circumcised only in the flesh and not
their hearts. You can see them here laying
down on the old Black Bull Money Market! This refers to the 10 sleeping Virgin Churches of Matthew
25:6-7. God says today ... meaning now ... when this is happening you can see the
Red Bear Market
sneaking in ...
Red Russia and Red China ... top right corner! This ties into the top Open Vision in
cloud form from Almighty God!  
 Prophet Paul Gerig ...