God Flies In Nuclear Poison
Left God shows over the state of Florida in cloud form this
nuclear bomb is soon to hit North America! The "3" cars
representing "3" main religions in this second Jer-
lem nation seen under this nuclear bomb soon to go off,
the Window for this to happen is now open! Look at the
cloud God put in this open window says

Below Church I put this original Nuclear bomb going off
sideways to show you what it means in signs from God
Almighty. The Goat I show on the top Open Vision left of
Father God's head in smoke form God shows this Goat
Church soon to be blown up into the air ... the one horn of
this Goat sends her up and it heads is pointing to the right
looking at the beast very rich President Trump, the head
of this
Bald Eagle Bird Nation ... second Jer-USA-lem.
Notice trumps golden beak right of his whiting bald head.

Below Golden President Trump 45 you can see the
dead head skulls of all the people he killed
! Below the
dead skulls you can see who is over the images above,
the head of the
DRAGON ... SATAN looking to the right.

Below the Goat Churches of today that God showed from
one of his fiery volcano's, we see God showing the Goat
Churches also tied into the Preachers who put Beast
Trump into power and their
red fiery pants seen left from
the Abyss all of Satan.

Below this is another Open Vision from God's Hubble
telescope in his heaven's shows the naked woman Church
of today being hit in her head with Nuclear Radiation and
she falls backwards seen in Isaiah 28:13! The next two
verses 14-15 says she made a lie her refuge and hiding
place that when a huge thing comes against her it cannot
touch her for she has made a lie her refuge and hiding

God is the God of Numbers not Satan the goat Church of
today claim. Isaiah 28 added refers to today 2 + 8 =
sleeping Virgins! Verse number
"13" touches on
Witchcraft that the Church of today are part of.
This very naked woman Church seen left came from God's
Hubble telescope in his heavens showing the naked
breast of the woman Church and below her naked stomach
you can see her dark hairy area of her sex.

Below this O' your goat Churches of the last days today,
you can see the black hole of hell, Satan with a white ring
around it that Satan is saying to these goat Churches,
"Follow me for I am God." God made this awesome image
of the Goat Churches all heading into black hell. Notice
their two black eyes and black mouth looking at you with
two goat horns on their heads as they race into hell.
Notice the smoke on the right shows the big heads of the
goats being Preachers who has led this once Sheep
Church now a Goat Church Pathway into hell.

God made this image left from black and white smoke ... a
profound miracle from God! The above one of this Church
falling backwards is also real from Almighty God of the
Church of today who does not follow God anymore but
they all follow Satan into black hell unless they get on their
knees and repent or else it is curtains for them and hell
forever and ever a world without end!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Left God shows himself
Coming in from the fires in
South America and the
smoke heading up into
North America soon and
suddenly refers to poison
nuclear war now on it's
way to take out second
USA-lem who
transgressed against
Almighty God. You can see
God's nose pointed right
and below his nose you
can see his mouth spitting
out poison gases from
nuclear bombs soon to go
off over this nation! You
can faintly see the the
light color of smoke
coming out God's mouth.
This is God's head
spitting out nuclear
smoke from his mouth
seen on the right.
Below you can faintly see the
head of the
Goat Churches of
today looking at you with their
black nose and black mouth
spitting out black garbage from
Satan that God is stopping.