God Drops First Bomb
Above we see the fire face of God looking left with his tongue sticking out as he spits the Church of
today out from his mouth here is second Jer-
USA-lem first. Notice the capital letter "G" for God and
right of letter "G" you can see God dropping the hammer on a nation and world gone astray. This is
shown from the fires burning across the entire northwest and other places in the USA. Now across
this nation on the East, a Nor-eastern storm that blew in showing the face of God on the top right,
for it is God bringing down upon mankind who strayed away from him and follows Satan into the pit.
Notice the Open Vision of water on the right, is God's finger pointing to the fire in the west as both
will see the fire burning up the garbage man kind has left behind.

I will keep this message short and sweet ... Sweet and sourer as this points to the Over Coming
saints soon to be take out but sweet and souer to the many who stay behnd to have the fire of God
clean them up. Those taken out are the 144,000 coming from the Overcoming Church of Revelation
14:1-5 ... the man child children seen in Isaiah 6
6:7 who are born before the 6 x 7 = the 42 months
of labor pains of wrath comes upon this pregnant woman Church of today at the end of the
millennium ... Isaiah

The first head of the "3" headed Lion beast is Bill Clnton 42 ... the second head is George W.
Burning Bush 43 and the third head is Donald Trump 45 ... all
"3" were born in year "46."  Now we
see the
"666" of those God is using to take down the Church Gone Astray seen in Isaiah "66:6" ...
that God uses to take out  enemies ... the Church seen in this passage. To those people who think
the OT was written to the Jews alone, you will soon be surprised when the fire hits you and your
family and the water washes up into your homes! "As in the days of Noah ... so shall it be in the days
of the coming of the Son of Man Jesus Christ now walking up the mountain of God seen below.
<--- Gods hand pointing to the
fire for the people on the east as
well as those on the west.
You can see Jesus ... Leo the Lion from the
tribe of Judah ... Jesus coming into his 1000
year kingdom on eatth as he is walking up
the mountain of God now! You can see his
four Lion legs as the two top legs and his two
bottom legs makes up the capital letter
C for
Christ Jesus

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
<-----Black Cross of Jesus

hrist Jesus
Above is God's
head looking
right while
pointing to the