Goddess Ester - Christ-mass
God burned down the Temple of Catholicism the
other day in Paris, France. It also was the Roman
Catholic Church who started Easter from the
goddess in Rome Ishtar of fertility and sex. It also
brings in the
Rabbit and the Chicken also meaning
the Chicken Church who today have not done
their jobs! It also touches on today the Rabbit,
Chicken Church will soon be running like rabbits
to get away from the cleansing fire from God

It was also the Roman Catholic Church who named
Christ-mass as a Mass and has corrupted the
entire world today. Here we see the Protestant
Church today following in the Roman Catholic
Churches footsteps! God first took down the
Temple in France and then around Easter time he
burned down
"3" Baptist Churches in second Jer

The people were crying out to God, help us for the
devil is burning down our Churches! No! It was not
the devil doing this cleansing job, it was Almighty
God taking them down!!

Look at Isaiah
"5:5" and verses "6-7." First we
see 5 + 5 =
"10" sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25 ...
5 x 5 =
"25." Next we see Matthew 25 verses "6-7"
and this shows God taking down this last day
I will begin from the back forward! Verses "6-7" ties into Matthew 25 verses "6-7." God says here ...
"I am lifting my water from her ... I will not prune nor cultivate her and she will turn into a thorn
."    (This is what she is today!)

Verse 5 says what God is doing right now, he has lifted his hand of protection from around her
and this Church today is being
DESTROYED!  (Add 5 + 5 = "10" sleeping not Sheep, but Goat
Now if you have not gotten so angry with me telling you these truths, we go back to Isaiah
5:1-5 to see this first beginning in verse
"1" speaks about first Israel, God's first Vineyard and next
talks about the Church! Now hold on to your pants for this is what the Lord God Almighty says to this
sleeping, once sheep but today Goats have done!

God says in no uncertain words,
I dug up my first Vineyard, referring to the Jews. He removed the
stones from it, Judaism ...
and took the choice vines and replanted this Vineyard and this began the
Church ... the 12 Apostle Church
! God had given the Jews 2000 years and "42" generations as seen
in Matthew 1:17! This shows the 2000 years from Abraham to Jesus and also "42" generations as you
can plainly count them. This 42 means rebellion when the Jews rebelled against God and crucified
Jesus Christ.

(From Jesus Christ to today is another 2000 years and also another
"42" generations when the
Gentiles did what the Jews did to Jesus
figuratively speaking seen in Revelation 11:8. 1 + 1 + 8 -
10" sleeping virgins!)

Now we see the Jews having 2000 years and "42" generations and God took them out and replanted
his Vineyard, the Church! Then at harvest time today he went to look for a
good crop of Grapes, Fruit
but found only
BAD FRUIT. What is happening today is seen in verse "5" of Isaiah "5" ..."I have lifted
my hand of protection from around her and now she is being destroyed

What is happening today in this nation and around the world, God is saying ... "It is finished!  It
doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand this passage of Isaiah 5:1-5 and verse
"6-7" that ties
into Matthew 25 verses
"6-7." We multiply 6 X 7 in God's awesome numbering system and we see
"42" and this number means REBELLION.
Above in the middle of the red Chicken, meaning Chicken Church you can see the face of Jesus with
a red ring around his head looking out. Right of the Chicken Churches head you can see the dirty
water coming own off the Rocky Mountain in Colorado, showing God's face as unhappy wearing a
black hat. The dirty water refers to the filth coming out from the Church today who made up the sign
of Easter as the goddess of old Rome, and Christmas as a Mass of Catholicism the Churches are all
tied to today!
I took this Open Vision from God while driving north on highway 97 that also ties into today where I
live in Klamath Falls where 97 goes by my home less than a mile away. We add 9 + 7 =
"16" hundred
Penn., Ave., Washington DC of second Jer-
USA-lem. When this sign appeared to me, I was almost
ecstatic! The tall mountain in this long range of mountains is Mt. McLauglin. Notice above this tall
white mountain of God is the ROOSTER looking to the right with his mouth wide open and you can
see God overhead in white hair with his right arm and hand around these Rooster, Red Chicken
preachers necks removing them off his high mountain as he is doing today!

You can see Father God in dark blue color as he is BLUE today in Spirit with his left arm reaching out
ahead of him and his body trailing to the left. Over Father God's Blue sad body, you can see Jesus
above holding a sharp sickle in his hands ready to cut down these wild grapes. Above Jesus is the
Dragon who said he would put his throne above the stars of God in Isaiah 14:13 ... stars meaning the

Now turn to Revelation 14:14 and you can see the Son of Man setting on a cloud with a sharp sickle
in his hand as seen above! We add
1 + 4 + 1 + 4 = "10" sleeping Virgins that God is now cutting
!  We see in the last verse to this chapter and we see in verses "19-20" this:  "The angel swung
his sickle on the earth, gathered its grapes and threw them into the great winepress of God’s wrath.  
They were trampled in the winepress outside the city, and blood flowed out of the press, rising as high as
the horses’ bridles for a distance of
16 hundred stadia." Revelation 14:19-20...

This 16 hundred Stadia refers to "16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC!  God is now
tossing this second Jer-
USA-lem nation into hell fire and brimstone! Keep your eyes open and you
will see more and more destruction coming from an angry Almighty God who created all things, not a
mother nature in no way!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Rooster Preachers notice Jesus' face in center