God Burns
Setting beast---->
with 3 horns ...
Burning Bush 43
Clinton 42  and
Trump 45.
Jesus said, men are seen as
trees! The forest left is seen as
the Church, many trees. Left God
shows the fire coming into his
forest of people ... trees ... his
Church that has gone down the
drain of time and is flushing
them down the drain, the birds
seen as people in Isaiah 16:1-2
go down the drain ... pushed
from their comfortable nests!
This passage touches on Moab
the 42nd camp of Israel's 40 year
wilderness trip ... today it
touches on the beaat Clinton 42
coming back into the fire picture
of the tree Churches. The
second head is Burning Bush 43.

The three men of the "666"
Trump born year 46 ... Bush born
year "46" and Clinton born year
46 we now see God using these
"666" men to take down
his forest Churches today of

Left is another fiery volcano's
from Almgithy God showing the
Burning "Red Pants Bush"
coming out from the Abyss, hell if
you will. He has the beast head
over his head and talking to the
Goat Churches of today. This is
spead around the world, notice
the microphone!  
Three men makes up the fire burning BUSH among the trees in the forest Churches of today ...
Trump born
"6"th month ... Bush born "7"th month and Clinton born "8"th month and now we see
"6-7-8." These three "666" men together are seen as the Pale Rider of DEATH seen in
"6:7-8." Above I speak about the birds pushed from their nests in Isaiah 16:1-2
and left is a picture of this ... God showing on a beach the bird
seen in the sand flowing down into the drain of time.  

The Cat King Rex Goes After the Birds!

Below the birds that God is taking out by flushing them down the
drain, we also see the Cat, Rex in the forest below. Notice his tail
sticking up in the air nad his head and his two ears looking to the
left and his legs below. Rex means KING. Pam, my in-home care
lady took my black Poodle Dog Tina who was 16 years old to the
animal hospital to have her put to sleep and they offered her this
"3" year old nuttered Rex cat for me, a real lover. (Rex means King
in coming, King Jesus)

A short time later Rex went in the bathroom and found a nest of
"3" black and white baby woodpeckers and brought them out one
at a time which they were running away from the Rex. We read
Isaiah 16:1-2 that states: "Like fluttering birds pushed from their
nests, so are the women of Moab at the Fords of the Arnon. This
entire chapter of Isaiah 16:1-14 speaks about today and its

Moab was the 42nd camp of first Israel, at the end of their 40 year
wilderness trip. This is the number of the first head of the beast
seen heading this message, Bill Cinton 42 seen in Isaiah 16 verses
"1-2." Now the last two verses added to the chapter "16" is 13 and
14 showing within "3" years as a servant bound by contract would
count them, Moab's spendor and her survivors will be very few
and feeble. Now we add Isaiah 16 + 13 + 14 = "43" equals the
second head of the "3" headed beast in the forest of God
Almighty. The third and last head is Billionare Donld Trump the
pimp of the Black House soon to be seen as the
Red House
on fire. Notice God is showing the face above the
flag to the right, looking at you in the fire. This
picture left and above is soon to happen! Notice
the white head in the fire with two black eyes and
mouth shows the white hot fire from Russia's
nuclear bombs hitting and taking out the White
House that brings in the "3" headed Beast seen
above in the forest fire.

Below is a picture of the volcano in Hawaii, a lava
volcano showing the driver of this black bird
nation today setting in the drivers seat racing into
the white hot nuclear bombs and the dust
billowing out behind him. This ties into the last
two presidents of this nation, black
Obama-nations ... the blackbird in
signs left showing the White Hot
Nuclear bombs blowing away the
lower part of the head of this nation
that brings in the "3"headed beast,
Clinton 42 ... Bush 43 and Trump 45.
You can see the drivers hands on
the steering wheel of this nation
driving headlong into nuclear bombs.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Today's Goat Churches and burning beast Bush 43
and black white eyed Clinton 42 ...
God Burns 3 Horns In Forest
Birds going down
the drain
Cat Rex King Jesus
comes into the scene
White House set on fire man looking
at you overhead in flames of fire
Two last day Presidents driving into white hot
nuclear war ... two black bird presidents.