God Blows Your Butt Out-USA
Naked Butt----->
Water & Fire ... out
you go! As in the days
of Noah now fire, with
Fire Jesus now
coming in after 42
months is over.
God is showing above
storm Michael coming into
the USA ... second Jer-
-lem now. Michael is seen
in Rev. 12:12 war in heaven
and now war on earth is
coming in. Florida where
Hurricane Michael is
coming in today, is where
God is showing in cloud
form, the Mushroom
Nuclear bomb going off.
Beast Trump gets
blown out of

Butt ------>
Looking closely at the mushroom cloud bomb going off over Florida, shows the window for this
happening is now open! Look closely at the window now open, shows in cloud form the word
"Church."  O' second Jer-USA-lem you have done worse than your mother, the Jews and God says
now your days has come to a close and will be no more!

“This is what the Sovereign Lord says: “You will drink your sister’s cup, a cup large and deep; it will
bring scorn and derision, for it holds so much. You will be filled with drunkenness and sorrow, the cup of
ruin and desolation, the cup of your sister Samaria. You will drink it and drain it dry and chew on its
pieces—and you will tear your breasts. I have spoken, declares the Sovereign Lord."
Ezekiel 23:32-34 ...

We add 23 + 32 = 5 wise and 5 foolish Virgins today at Judgment time! We add 3 + 4 = "7" sleeping
Virgins of
Isaiah 4:1 and Revelation 2 and 3 added is "10" sleeping Virgins. Isaiah 4:1 states in the
days of today ...
"Seven women ... meaning the "7" Churches ... will take hold of one man,
meaning Jesus Christ and say ...
"We will eat our own food and provide our own clothes ... take
away our disgrace
." Isaiah 4:1 ...

The lying seven Churches of today say ... there is coming a war so severe that most of the men will
be killed leaving only one man per "7" woman,
a lie from hell. This refers to the last day "7"
Churches telling Jesus Christ they do not want Jesus to teach or clothe them, they will do it
themselves! Take away our disgrace!
Church is blown out
of picture below
Beast Trump on a tennis court is handing out his
chocolate cake today with his big Butt sticking out at
you ... the "3"rd Beast of the
"666" of Isaiah "66:6."
Three beast Presidents, Clinton 42 ... Bush 43 ... Trump
45 were all born on year "4
6" ... "666." Trump was
born month "6" ... Bush month "7" ... Clinton month "8"
now we see
"6" - "7" - "8."  We see "3" beast
presidents all riding the
Pale Beast of War ... meaning
in Revelation "6:7-8."

Isaiah "66:6 speaks of God saying; "What is that noise in
the city, what is that sound from the Temple ...
the Churches
... It is the sound of the Lord repaying his
enemies all they deserve
." Isaiah 66:6.
This passage in Isaiah "66:6" speaks about God talking to this last day Church as his ENEMIES! I
never wrote this Bible ... God did! I never made the clouds ... God did! The wind are blowing ... the
rains are coming and the water is flooding today as in the days of Noah, and the fires are burning
and hell is now being opened up on earth ... what will you do?
Beast is handing you brown devil food
cake and not white angel food cake
two Churches, Catholic & Protestant
God has already lit the candle and the naked woman Church of today
has it tied to you
rear-end and there is no way out unless she
repents of her filthy ways. The "3"rd beast of the
"666" ... large butt
Trump 45 and God is showing Micheal and his angels have cast
Satan and his angels out from Heaven and now Hell has opened up
on earth without a shadow of a doubt!
Naked Woman Church is soon to hide
in the rocks with her children ...
notice the popular hair bun on the
naked women Churches headed to
the rocks to hide from God Isaiah 2:
19-22 ... add 2 + 1 + 9 + 2 + 2 = "
hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC.
God shows in solid rock form close to my old home in the wilderness that he burned out in rock form,
from his old volcano area, showing a woman I outlined in my Adobe Photo section from my computer,
this woman Church of today wearing a now popular hair bun heading into the rocks as seen in Isaiah
2:19-22. Left of her head you can see the head of a pig looking down referring to the Pig Church of
today seen in 2 Peter 2:20-
22. This last number "22" means the end of days, today and also God's last
day true Prophet ... yours truly born on Leo the Lion month of August

God is showing the Bun on the woman in rock form, means this goes for today with this popular
hairdo, meaning this is now ready to take place! Let me say one more thing about this picture from
Almighty God, Jesus said in Matthew 24:20 ...
"Pray that your flight out from the cities does not happen
in winter
!" Why winter? Winter is the worst time to move! We add Matthew 24 + 20 = "44" and number
44 also touches on
Obama 44 seen today with his head in a corner seeing nothing, the president
before Trump, while Trump sets over the Boiling Pot of old Jeremiah smoking a pipe, meaning things
are now ready to burn!  Notice both Putin and Trump both are wearing a Ponytail hairdo meaning they
are riding the horses of war today. Notice beast Obama with his tail in Trumps tail, both are beasts.
Naked woman Church with hair bun
popular today heading to the rocks.
This candle
has been lit!
God looking down                                             Obama
Putin                             Trump
Boiling Pot of Jeremiah 1 verse "16" hundred Penn., Ave.,
Wake up O' Sleeping Church I
never made these awesome
images, God made them and
then showed them to me and
what he never made he had
people make including all the
popular Bun hairdo's that
shows these messages are
for today and not tomorrow.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig
The Bible says terrible times for pregnant women and nursing
mothers ... how much worse can it get? Do you really want to be here
when this takes place soon and suddenly or do you want to repent of
your many sins before it gets worse and worse and worse?    Paul ...