God Blows Out Woman Church
Right you can see God showing in this storm heading
for the Hawaii Islands ... the
"50"th State of this "50"
State Union of second Jer-
USA-lem. As I pointed out
right the white head of the sleeping Church today with
white hair, as she is 2000 years old and has gone to pot!

You can see her two dark eyes looking to the left as
God is now blowing her out of this last day picture!
Your days of ruling like dogs and pigs of 2 Peter 2:20-22
has ended! God said left ... your setting and laying down
as I show from my clouds in my heavens is over!

God says today, "
How much plainer must I make it
showing you
.. "I am blowing you out of the Picture!"

You have done worse than your older sister, the Jews
did as you have seen what happened to them and
Hitler, is now coming upon you! Your days are now at a
close and will be no more as you were!
Wake Up O'
Sleeping Church
your days are over! I wrote this Book of
over 300 pages and 19 Chapters 26 years ago!
<----Head of
woman Church
God blows her out
of the Picture!
Left God shows you big headed white cloud woman Church your
off my mountain! Both heads above and left are looking to the left
and God says today ...
"Off you Go!"

Left shows this large headed know it all Church, this she thinks is
pointed left and being knocked off Father God's high white
mountain. You can see the white head of father God standing on
his high white mountain in dark color with the red fire under him
showing he has come to the end of his rope with this Church of
today now off she goes! Notice under her big head you can see
her two naked  breasts as she is stark naked! Notice her thin waist
line! She doesn't worship God today but bows her knees to little
rock Satan.

Below shows this naked Church standing on rock Jesus looking
out over the ocean waiting from Noah's Ark to come and take her
away that will not happen. Left shows her bowing her knees to
little rock Satan who she thinks is God but the devil himself!
Below the naked woman Church of the last days God shows from one of
his fiery volcano's in fire and white smoke form, this woman church and
her white hair blowing to the right and her two black eyes looking at you as
she carries her babies with her while she has been hooked by Satan.

Right of this hooked Church you can see God putting her on top of his
Rock, Jesus while the hot fire of purification burn under her to purify her.
You can see her below in black, as the black money Church of old Johnny
Cash money man who died some years ago that ties into the Johnny Cash
money Church of today. Notice below the gold dripping out from her
panties shows the gold she took from Satan that she said came from God
... another lie from hell! Notice below the gold running from her bloomers
down her leg that she took from Satan when she was sleeping with Satan
in Matthew 25:6-7 who is soon to wake up when nuclear fire falls down
upon her blind head at Midnight!
Notice where her gold money went
back to when God puts her on his
Rock Jesus the fourth man in the
fiery furnace! You can see the gold
running back into the two black
headed serpent of Satan! How
much plainer must God make it in
these "5" Open Visions from God's
"5" fingered had seen below now
ready to toss out the Atomic Atom
fire, as God is the "3"rd Adam ...
Atom as he created all things from
Right shows
God's "5"
hand tossing
out his hot
Atom fire
upon the
Church of
God is the third Adam ... Atom! God works in "3"s ... Father,
Son and Holy Spirit who created man in his own image, body,
soul and spirit. He put his third man kind from Adam and the
Jews in a large country of
"3" coast lines ... "3" timezones ...
showing the "3" letters of "USA" in the middle of his "3"rd set of
people in Jer-
USA-lem. God put his golden gate on the west side
of first Jerusalem and also second Jer-
USA-lem. The first gateway
into his second Jer-USA-lem is seen in the east ... the Hudson
harbor going past the Woman statue of Liberty. Now going down to
"3"rd part of second JerUSAlem we see Corpus Christi, Texas
meaning the
Body of Christ and then back up to the Golden Gate
we see the perfect Diamond of God, Jesus Christ over this nation
now gone to POT. The fire comes to burn off the POT!
Now we drop this Diamond Jesus Christ over his great Pyramid ... God's Government ... and we see
"6" sided star of David coming in to rule for 1000 years! The rule of man is coming to a close and
from now on Jesus, God rules for 1000 years and then we go into eternity!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...