God & Prophet Pulls Out 144,000
Left my Vacation
trailer and using a
rope cloud from God's
heavens, shows God
and Prophet Paul
pulling out his 144,000
overcoming saints.
Above you can see my vacation trailer pulling out the 144,000 saints who have overcome Satan
today, who have waken due to what God is showing today in Tornado form, that he is angry today
beyond messure and says, ...
"It is Finished!' I took this picture from the clouds in God's heaven's
showing the image of a rope and God is also saying, I have come to the end of my rope! This is also
what my earthly father told me a short time before he died, he said,
"Paul I am at the end of my

Now put on your glasses to see the cloud of Father God lookiing to the left and his last day
Prophet, Yours truly faintly seen right of Father God. You can faintly see the capital letter "P" for
Prophet Paul ... right of Father God. I will not outline the capital letter P for you see clearly, as God
shows it vagly as two heads working together who are pulling the 144,000 saits who has already
overcome Satan seen in Revelation 14:1-5 who has Jesus name written on their foreheads who has
oome from the Church and not old Israel the sleeping Church of today claim.

The sleeping Church say these are Jews another lie from hell. The Jews never did accept Jesus as
their Messiah so why would God put Jesus' name on their foreheads?
He didn't and he wouldn't
Far left is the picture from
above I drew a line around the
capital letter "P" for Prophet
Paul. Next is the capital letter
"G" for God and Gerig close to
where the Tornado hit this
week on this same mountain.
Left of this letter
"G" is the
tower I had broadcast this
Ministry around this nation and
world for many years living in
Sprague River, Oregon.
From this mountain of God he is showing the Church and
world today his is angry with mankind and his patience has
run out and man will not rule the world from here on out!
Below God's head and face looking to the left, is the small
face looking upward ... yours truly speaking with God
Almighty, the two heads together as also seen above.

Below is a picture of God writing my last name Gerig over
this mountain some years ago, while I was driving out from
Sprague River on morning to see a small black cloud roll
up into a black rope spelling out Gerig. I was about half a
mile west of Sprauge River when I saw this happen and I
reached for my good Cannon Camera on my front seat of
my GMC truck and took this picture through my front

I don't know what happened other than God not letting me
show the meaning at the time, that the snow letter "G" for
God and Gerig was not to be seen then.
I will attemp to explain the word
Gerig God had written out in this
huge white cloud over this Swan
Lake Mountain where I broadcast
my ministry from before I moved to
Klamath ... soon to Fall ... USA
Oregon. The top white X is on the
head of the "3" electric power lines
above that represents the three
women Churches looking upward ...
Catholic, Protestant and
Pentecostal. I put in black letters Ge
G for what was left of the white
letter Gerig above the black Ge G
that I put there. You can faintly see
the dark leter
Ge  G, for God told me
this ... remove the "r i" eye and lift me up!  Left
you can see this Nutter Church under this cloud
of Satan ... the pastor died at the age of
from stomach cancer, God said, you make me
sick in my stomach!

You can see again these
"3"  electric lines from
the Open Vision above and now below, the image
of the head of the woman Church looking upward
with the X on her head ... seen above.
Ge  g -------------->
I knew this Pastor Nutter and tried to get his attention but to no avail! On top of this cloud of Satan
you can see Satan's two horns and his two eyes below and his
Open Mouth with the "7" Churches in
his mouth
. I worn you God made this cloud and no one else made it!

I work with Almighty God and not for man! God shows this Ministry what to say and what to show in
Open Visions. God's hand writing is on the rock wall as you can see in my many Open Visions burned
out in rock by the fire finger of Almighty God and if you do not want to believe me just go through my
website and you will see this if you have eyes to see and ears to hear what God is saying today to
the Seven Churches!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...