God & His Washing Machine
I took this picture of storm Dorian Sunday on 9/1/19 coming into the lower State of Florida. The People
in Florida and the first several states on the East Coast are running like Jack Rabbits preparing for
this storm from Almighty God and not no mother nature they call God as they follow the Devil instead
of God today! Above in cloud form from God Almighty we see the main part of the storm Dorian as the
body of this Cat Church of the last days and its head pointing to the right with his mouth open looking
downward crying out!

Far left of this last day Dog and Cat Church you can see its hind legs with two large black eyes and
Open mouth as they sets down now crying out!  Left of her crying out today and all the money it took
for them to prepare for this Dorian Hurricane Storm now heading into second Jer-
USA-lem as it is a
mind blowing event that Father God is bringing upon the dog and cat people who has forsaken him
ate poison messages from the lying Dog, Pig Goat preachers of 2 Peter 2:20-22 and call him
mother nature!

Notice the front legs of this Brother Rex Church ... my younger Brother is named Rex and 83 years of
age who is well off money wise, is a person seen above with his two black eyes, nose and mouth
setting down looking at you with his dollar signs on the left. I put the gold dollar sign left of the white
one God shows in cloud form also a dollar sign of rich Brother Rex Church. The hind legs shows the
lying Preachers and the front legs shows them as a money rich Church of today now being blown out
of commission by God Almighty!

Now I will show you the message about the Rex Cat Money Church of the last days today that ties into
my family of
"7" children!  I was born "6"th in a family of "7" children ..."67."  My name is Paul and my
younger Brother is
REX and the word REX refers to the king is coming ... this refers to King Jesus is
now on his way coming in to clean up the mess the Church left behind! This also ties into my brother
Rex who is a Southern Baptist who believes the Lie of ... "Once saved always saved that goes 100%
against the Holy Bible that this lie has also drifted into much of the sleeping Dog ... Pig ... Goat and
Cat Churches.
Cat Head
Money Baby Dog & Cat Church front legs are Rex  people
Storm Dorian God's Washing Machine
Above the Dog
Head and below
the Cat Head
Fighting Church!
I received a Rex cat from a friend that was "3" years old, a very
loving yellow gold Rex cat whose name was also Rex. I had Rex
for about six months and when I moved into Klamath Fall,
. One evening i opened my front door and Rex ran out
and I never saw Rex again for
"6" weeks. He was living under
my house when a little girl who lives across the street told me
she saw a yellow cat go under m
y house. I left my back door
open for several hours and Rex came in and very skinny. He
went directly to his food and water dish but that was the end of
his eating.
My in home care lady who helps me out took Rex to the vet to have him checked out after he began
to vomit
Yellow from his stomach and the Dr. said Rex had Yellow Jonis, a deadly condition when
cat's eat poison food that effects their liver. Now here is the sign from God about my Rex Cat and my
"REX." My Brothers in Christ today are lost like my Rex cat was lost under my house. (I am a
Father type Ministry in signs from God as God said signs would follow in the last days) Rex was
eating poison food when he was outside for Six weeks! Now we go to Revelation 8 that speaks about
nuclear poison coming down on the Dog-Pig-Goat-Cat church of today soon to be eating and
drinking poison coming from the poison nuclear fallout of
nuclear radiation from the nuclear bombs
from Russia and other nations soon to attack this second Jer-
USA-lem nation who has gone to POT.
I had the Vet put Rex down ... to sleep ... death because he was in pain and started vomiting YELLOW
vomit the sign of Yellow Jonis that takes out the liver!

I have a friend named Matthew who is giving me another yellow Rex cat 2 years old and very lovin
g. This is a sign of the Rex cat Church after they have repented and then died from eatin
g poison food and water ... they go back to Father God! The poison food and water coming from the
Star Wormwood that touches on the Star Chernobyl in Russia
, the nuclear power plant that melted
down some years ago killing thousand of people. This is what the Rex Church is soon to go into,
Poison food and water seen in Revelation 8:1-11.

Before I go any farther I will explain Revelation 8:1. Heaven was silent for about half an hour! I
receive a phone all from South Carolina from a preacher who had received one of my books about
the end of days, and he asked me if he could call me back i half and hour and put me on long and
short wave radio ... I said Yes! He called back in
half an hour and asked me who the beast was, at the
time I only knew who the first head of the beast was, Bill Clinton number
"42." This happened in year
2001. The next thing I told this man was...
"Russia will nuclear bomb this nation!" I spoke with this
man who is gone today, he passed away ...
for half and hour! I hung up the phone and picked up my
Bible and it opened up to Revelation 8:1 ...
"Heaven was silent for about half an hour."

Now my older sister Virginia who left the Church in her early 20's and went to LA California and
became a whore. I moved her up to my land some maybe 30 years ago and tried to straighten her out.
Years ago when I was still living at home with my parents, I used to say, I have a sister named
Virginia, but we call her "
Virgin" for short but not for long. This was a sign of the Church of today who
has turned into a whore!

Virgin moved from my home to Lebanon, Oregon where I came from and told me she wished she had
stayed with me, for I was the only one calling her. This Ministry is seen as a Father Ministry as God
showed me this many years ago. My youngest sister Grace now 87 years of age, went to see Virginia
and she found her laying on the flour dead at the age of 76. Grace told me she was laying down by
the coffee table and spitting blood into two sea shells. This happens when one has a massive heart
attack like Virginia had and this is spoken about in Matthew 24 when the Church sees nuclear bombs
coming over the mountain tops also seen in Joel 2.

When Grace told me about the two Sea Shells, the Lord spoke instantly to me saying ...
"She shall see
the truth and the truth Shall set her free
... "Two Sea Shells!"
My Rex cat eating
poison food and
water - Rev. 8 and
star Wormwood =
poison nuclear
Cat Rex Vomiting
yellow poison from
Hind legs People's
head seen above
2 black eyes
My Rex Cat
We go back to South Carolina ... SC ... seen
left where I spoke from on Radio here and
around the world in year 2001. We add 2 + 1
= "3" Churches I was speaking to here and
around the world for about half an hour
seen in Revelation 8:1. We add 8 + 1 =
and this number means Judgment!

Left is a huge storm the weather people
PAM. My in home care lady who
helps me out her name in
PAM. I was born
on Leo the Lion month of August "22" as
number "22" is the end of the Holy Bible
and God shows here in storm PAM the
head and face of a LION in cloud form.
Above the lion's head you can see my
human head looking at you with my arm
reaching out to the two capital letters
"SC" for South Carolina where I spoke for
half an hour that ties into Revelation 8:1.
I remind you I never made this Open Vision picture above, God made it! The weather people put
under this storm cloud
PAM the rocks below this huge storm cloud and the top rock shows a heart,
as this ministry has the heart of God who has the heart for God's people. At the bottom you can see
a large Rock shaped like a hand and its finger is pointing to God's last day true Prophet
Left God shows three more Open Visions of Paul from heaven above with
my trumpet blowing down this message today to the sleeping Church
below. Left shows PAM pushing me at times while I spread this awesome
message from heaven above to the people on the earth below! Right of
my dark cap as I look forward to the white head of the man's face in front
of my face as he is wearing dark glasses as he looks up to the heavens
above where the sun is shining! You can see PAM left of my head looking
at you also wearing dark glasses pushing me in my wheel-chair for about
"9" years ago I lost my use of walking to diabetes and get around today in
a wheel-chair! The first John who wrote the book of Revelation had to be
carried because he could not walk like I cannot walk when he wrote the
book of Revelation on the island of Patmos. Revelation 10:9-11 states:
"You must Prophesy again about many peoples, nations, languages and
." This is exactly what this last day John Paul the Second is doing for
Almighty God
Left God shows yours truly in another cloud showing
his last day John Paul the second looking down from
heaven above with my two arms pointing downward
from heaven to the earth below praying for the Church
who has gone astray! Right of my head you can see the
head of a person looking left at the top of my head ...
you can see his face plainly as I preach this awesome
message today at judgment time!

Closing this awesome message God shows below his
end time Prophet called the
WEST ONE  ... the GMC
dealership in Klamath Falls where I purchased my 2000
GMC ... Gods Moving Church ... signs in year 2001. We
add 2 + 1 =
"3" gone to pot Churches of today,
Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal.

God shows this John Paul the second Ministry left in a
tropical storm over second Jer-
USA-lem on election
day a few years ago! I live on the West Coast side of
second Jer-
USA-lem blowing this awesome Jesus
Trumpet with Jesus looking down over the
State of
where his storm Dorian blows hard today
beginning to hit this second Jer-
USA-lem in it White
Bald Eagle Head beginning to kill it!

Below left is a storm God put over the state of Florida
showing in cloud form the image of the Mushroom
cloud bomb coming from the Russian bear. God shows
the window for this to happen is OPEN! Now look in the
window and you can see the word
Church that God put there in cloud
form! Left I put this nuclear bomb
sideways to show you God shows
in a real nuclear bomb going off
soon, the Goat Church going up
into the air and his horn as a
rocket seen on top, is the goat
Church of today looking at the
golden rich Trump President ... the
white head of this golden beak
eagle bird nation now going down.
Under the head of Trump 45 are the white dead Skulls
looking at you of the people he rules over today! Below the
dead heads is the head of Dragon Satan!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist
- Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Notice the "3" Car Churches below ...