Goat Red Head Church Blows Up
These three awesome Open
Vision seen here will blow
your mind if you are not one
of God's 144,000 overcom-
ing true saints today seen
in Revelation 14:1-5 that
God takes out to be with
him leaving the rest of the
Goat Churches behind to
suffer wrath and to purify
many seen left!

I pointed out the Red
headed scarlet woman
Church of Revelation 17:1-7
left to show you this last
day Church, a flock of Goats
also seen below as I
pointed out from God's
Hubble telescope and
below shows the nuclear
bombs soon to go off and
showing this Goat Church
flying in the air by Donald J.
Trump the fourth healed of
the Beast number

Below this huge Image from
God from his Hubble
telescope is a real picture
of a nuclear bomb going off
that I laid sideways to show
you the message today
about the end time Goat
Church flying up into mid-
air by nuclear missiles.

Right of the Goat Head
Church you can see her
Goat head looking to the
right at White Head beast
Donald Trump the beast
President in the white
House ... the golden
Billionaire Golden bill
Trump looking to the right.
Below Trump you can see
the many white skulls of
People soon to die!
<-----Red Headed Goat Woman Church
dancing with Black hearted Preachers!
<----White Hot Nuclear Bombs
Nose of Goat Church--------->
Below all the people soon to die God
shows the head of the Dragon, Satan
who sets on top of Trumps Upper Lip
seen in the message titled ...
Dragon On
Trumps Upper Lip
 ... Click the left side of
your mouse on the blue to see this
awesome message and real Open
Visions from God close to my old home in
the high wilderness in rock form!

Below is a picture taken from God's
Hubble space telescope of a real nuclear
bomb going off and in the bottom of the
Mushroom cloud stem you can see a
dark figure of a man standing under this
nuclear bomb soon to go off. Below this
is a picture of an asteroid in the space
exploding and both Open Visions show a
person in the bomb.
Left of a nuclear explosion
with a dark man standing
under the Nuclear bomb
going off. The one on the
bottom from an asteroid
exploding shows a person's
face in pink on the top
between the white looking at

Below these two images of
nuclear bombs exploding is
an image of the fire dances in
the "50"th state in this "50"  
State Union of the Republic
second Jer-
USA-lem that God
is now getting ready to Burn

It shows four women above
with fire Over their Heads like
the real nuclear bomb going
off seen upper left and the
dark one below this nuclear
bomb and the one from the
Asteroid left with the man's
face in the fire and also seen
below with fires over the 4
women's heads and the man
below holding
"3" fires in his

Left in the exploding Asteroid
showing the face of a person
looking at you soon to go up
in fire! Below this is the Open
mouth of fire Dragon Satan
doing God's work of taking
out the Church of today who
has defied the God of

Hawaii the 50th state of the
Union that ties into this nation
of 50 states showing nuclear
war is about here.
... Hawaii Touches On Donald Trump  ...   
Hawaii Touches On Nuclear War  ... and by
pressing the left side of your mouse you can
see these two messages that ties into today
and this Goat Church heading out into hell
fire and brimstone if they do not repent of
their goat ways today!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist - Apostle
Prophet Paul Gerig ...
<-----Head of man
<-----Black Church leaves