Goat Putin - US Goat Trump
Putin     Trump
This up to date Open Vision in burned out rock
by the fire finger of Almighty God close to my
old home in the high wilderness area in Klamath
County, Oregon ... shows the Church of today
who put Golden Goat Anti-Christ Beast Trump
into power, God shows him as the golden Goat
on the right coming to war with the Silver Goat
of Putin of Russia on the left. God shows them
coming against each other head to head with
the little girl Church that has never grown up to
maturity, under their soon to be fighting
mussels ... war with the silver Putin Goat of

This image in solid Rock burned out by no other
than Almighty God shows these two nations
today ready to go to war with each other!  
Notice top left shows the top of the cross of
Jesus Christ coming down from the left over
the two heads of the Silver Goat of Russia and
the Golden Goat of this second Jer-
nation with the naked breasted Church seen
riding the golden Goat ... Anti-Christ beast
Donald Trump 45 who they love and put into
power ... the anti-Christ beast of Revelation
14:8-12. This passage speaks of the Church of
today who has taken on the
Mark of the Beast
on their Right Hand and Forehead
. This mean
they do his bidding that also comes from their
heads ... right hand and forehead ... their death
for Eternity! This Red Headed little girl Church
of these last days wearing a man's necktie, sets
under the two heads of Russia and USA over
the soon to be burning Bush pile with the
Upside Down letters of USA for second Jer-USA-lem. Everything here is burned out in Solid Rock by
Almighty God except the Brush Pile below.
Big Head
of Trump
who starts
WW  3
Upside down US soon Burns says God
Bully Big mouth Donald Trump has the sleeping
Church of today laying down on him with their
circumcised sex organ sticking up in the air and
not their hearts that Jesus said were to be
circumcised and not their flesh. All I did to this
awesome Open Vision burned out by Almighty
God, was to put the writing on it. The Church
seen here is sleeping ... the Church of Matthew
25:6-7 that wakes up at Midnight the darkest
hour ever! They wake up when war comes into
the picture as God shows ... top right corner.
Now you see again this top Open Vision of the
little girl Church that has never grown up to
maturity, but still a baby Church today!

Very close to the top two Open Visions in solid
Rock, shows this naked, circumcised Church of
the flesh today walking into the nuclear bombs
soon to come upon second Jer-
USA-lem. You
can see the beasts of the last day pushing this
naked woman Church into the Mushroom cloud
bomb ... the end for the sleeping Church!  

Below this I put this same Open Vision rock
picture in my Adobe Photo section of my
computer and now it shows the head part of the
male sex organ. It shows this same naked
Church upside down today and the left top
corner shows this same named woman Church
that is attached to the larger woman Church
upside down as well and you can see her two
naked breast with the large capital letter "V" for
Virgins on her belly. You can see the larger
upside down woman Church and also her sex
organ that beast sex maniac Trump goes after!

Below is another large rock close to the three
above as one is the same picture upside down.
You can see the dogs face looking left and
black Satan riding the naked Churches back.
You can see the golden head of the first beast,
Clinton and the second head, the Texan cowboy
burning Bush and below is the Shark Trump
with the head of the woman Church in his
mouth. Notice right of the woman Churches sex organ
you can see the golden middle letter
"J" for John.

When I put these pictures into my Adobe Photo section
of my computer I saw the images in the large rocks and
I drew lines around them using my mouse and then
removed everything else leaving the images God
wanted me to see and show the people what is now
coming upon the world today because his Dog-Pig-Goat
Church of today went Bananas and today teach lies
mixed with some truth! Below Clinton 42 and Burning
Bush from Texas 43 is very dark Trump 45.

We add 4 + 2 + 4 + 3 + 4 + 5 =
"22" and number 22 is the
last chapter of God's Holy Bible ... Revelation
22 and
also God's last day true Prophet, yours truly born on
Leo the Lion month of August
22. We add the other way
... 42 + 43 + 45 =
"13" and this number is the number of
Witchcraft as all three beast men are tied into Satan's
witchcraft who are taking down this witchcraft Church
of today and she will soon be no more!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle
Prophet Paul Gerig