Goat Church In Black Hole
The black hole far
left came from
God's Hubble space
telescope showing
the white around
the black hole
going into black
hell. It all looks
good to the
sleeping Church ...
fun - fun - all fun!
Notice left the white head of the last day Goat Church
is talking to these white head preachers of today
telling them all is OK
! What they are doing today is a
lie from Black Hell. Notice right of these white head
red fire pants preachers today, is the black hole of
hell of Satan! Over the large white head of the Red
Pants Rooster Preachers is the small white head of
the Beast that today's Preachers are following!

Notice right of the black hole from God
, top left,
shows this two horned Goat Church with two black
eyes and black open mouth having two horns of the
are heading into black hell. God made this
image from the smoke of the fires burning on
earth today and the white smoke on the right makes up the large head of the Goat Churches now
heading into the black hell hole with Satan. God made and shows in white smoke right of the small
head of the goat Church man headed into black hell, the head of a large two horned Goat ... referring
the large Goat Preachers as they are GOATS out having a ball while hell is falling down around
 Fires ... Winds ... Storms ... Accidents of Trains ... Airplanes ... Buses ... Automobiles ... Murders
and you name it are happening so fast the
News Media can hardly keep up! The Goats see nothing as
they head into the
White Ring around Black Hell so fast it makes your head swim!

There is a saying ...
"Pictures are worth a thousand words!"  God is showing hundreds upon
hundreds of Pictures today in rocks, fire, smoke and cloud form of the end coming and what the
, goat Churches of today are soon to go into if they do not repent before they have the
major heart attack that kills them before they repent and then go to hell with Satan their father today!

Matthew 24 speaks about the end times and people laying on the ground dying from Major Heart
Attacks when they see the nuclear missiles coming over the mountain tops! This is also spoken
about in Joel 2 a war coming like never before nor ever will be in ages to come. We go to verses
"10-11" to see the missiles coming over the mountain tops and people's hearts failing them
! Verse
"11" refers to Jesus Christ who has "11" letters in his name says this: "I ride at the head of my army
and my forces are beyond number of those who obey my command
!" Joel 2:11 ...

God is now in the process of burning down the 10 Sleeping Virgin Churches! I had a sister whose
name was Virgin-ia and years ago when I was young I used to say
this about her, we call her Virgin for
short but not for long
! She tied into the last day Church! Virginia died at the age of 78 in Lebanon,
Oregon also a sign of the Jews in Lebanon Israel and both sides of my parents had Jewish blood
running through their veins.

My sister Grace, the sign of the Church living in the time of
GRACE the Spiritual Sword today and not
the old
Iron Sword of death the Jews lived in ... went into Virginia's apartment to find her laying on
the floor from a Major Heart Attack. Virginia was a clean housekeeper and when she was dying she
was spitting up blood from her lungs into
two Sea Shells that was setting on her coffee table before
she died. Grace told me this and instantly the Lord spoke to me saying ... "
She shall see the truth and
the truth
SHALL set her free" ... SEE ... SEA SHELLS ...  

Virgin-ia used
"2" seashells ... "2" religions today as they lay on the ground dying and repenting are
"2" main religions today, "Catholic and Protestant alike" seen in the book of Matthew! "2" Sea-
Shells ...
2 Religions as this ties into Joel "2" Religions and verse "11" of Jesus Christ who has "11"
letters in his name.
Goat Church heads for Hell
Above was Virginia's house that this Father type Ministry put on my property when I had moved my
sister Virgin-ia up from southern LA California some years ago. I was laying on the couch one
evening when I saw a large red fire burning north of my house and it was Virgin-ia's house burning
down, the one seen above.

This happened on January
29 ... 2009.  Seeing God is the God of Numbers and not Satan the sleeping
Goat Churches today claim, as God who had his Bible put together in numbers shows the truth, as
numbers do not lie only Satan and people lie!
 We add January 2 + 9 = "11" and 2009 added equals
"11" and add the "2" together ... 11 + 11 = "22" the end of the Holy Bible of Revelation chapter "22"
and also God's end time Prophet ... yours truly born on Leo the Lion month of August "22" year "34"
... 3 + 4 =
"7" Churches I preach this awesome message to today at Judgment time who laugh at truth.

The once Virgin Church like my sister Virginia who moved to LA in her early 20's, was earlier baptised
into the Protestant Church but lived like a prostitute like the Church of today has become ...
Ice Cold
to Jesus Christ
! The ice cold image right of the hot fire from the Virgin Church burned down, came
Iceland! You can see the large letter "V" for Virgins! The upper part of the "V" Church, shows
Jesus Christ who is over the "V" Church! Left of Jesus' head is the head of the PIG Church of today
seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22. Adding the 2"s as "2"s equals
"10" sleeping Virgins!

Now look on the right side of the head of the Church, Jesus Christ of "11" letters, and we see in
smoke form from this volcano,  the capital letter
"C" for Church now ready to scream out bloody
murder! I warn you that you are looking at the Open Visions the Lord God Almighty has put into my
hands today showing what now lies ahead and is happening to his second Jer-
USA-lem nation!

Jesus said, look out and keep up with news events happening! It is not a mother nature the world
claims to bypass
the true living Creator God who made everything and is in control of all weather and
 Jesus said, "As in the days of Noah" ... meaning water, water all around ... the storms happening
here in second Jer-
USA-lem today! Jesus said so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of
Man Jesus Christ
... and so it is today without a shadow of a doubt! Wake Up O' Sleeping Church!
Pig head
Mouth wide open screaming out
Ice cold Church seen here in Iceland
About "10" years ago I lost the use of my legs to
walking from diabetes so I get around today using a
wheel-chair and also laying in a hospital bed.  My
in-home care lady, Pam, helps me out a few days a
week and the storm left is the storm God had the
weather people name this huge storm ...

I am seen as God's last day
Leo the Lion Prophet of
God and born on Leo the Lion month of August
22 ...
meaning the end! You can see my face, top left looking
at you, and the face of this LION prophet of God below
my face also looking at you! You can see God had the
weather people put the rocks showing under this
huge storm cloud, and the bottom Rock points to
God's last day Lion Prophet ... Yours truly. The Open
Vision below shows Pam pushing me in my wheel-
chair at times when I blew my Jesus Trumpet from heaven above to the
people below. Putting this picture in my Adobe Photo section of my
computer, I removed the outside substance ... the white and blue came in
automatic! Top left shows Pam's face wearing dark glasses seen left of my
head looking right
, and the center of this storm and my trumpet pointing
downward from heaven, are to the people below. I never put the blue or
the white there ... God did showing the people below are soon to be blue!

Back up to this Leo the Lion Prophet of Almighty God, shows this Ministry
with my hand reaching out to the two large capital letters
"SC" for South
just above the top rock shaped like a heart under my face. This
touches on the State of South Carolina where I had preached to this
nation and world on long and short-wave Radio in 2001. I spoke from my
home in the high wilderness area of Klamath County, Oregon telling them
nuclear war is coming from Russia.
The Preacher Prophet from SC ... had received one of my books ... he is not alive today ... and he
asked me if I would speak with him on radio ... long and short wave in half an hour ... I said yes.
Remember this
"Half an Hour for it touches on Revelation 8:1 that says, "Heaven was silent for
about half an hour
." One of the first things he asked me was ... Who is the Beast? At this time I only
knew who the first head of the
"3" beast President men were, Bill Clinton number "42." I remind you
this happened in year 2001 and the next thing I told this man was that ...
"Russia was going to nuclear
bomb this nation

Now some 18-20 years later ... added is "11" we see this Russian Bear as this beast nation are gross
liars as we have seen in the passed and also now
today are still gross liars along with  beast Trump!  
and Trump are soon to be going into Nuclear War which also involves Huge China where Beast
"45" is now bringing into the picture of Nuclear War!  I will make this short and sweet ... sour
and sweet ... of number

Harry Truman in year "45" dropped "2" Atomic Bombs on Japan killing thousands of men, women
and Children.  Gros
s liar Donald Trump the "45"th President of second Jer-USA-lem ... Trum-an and
Trum-p with number "45" tells us what is about to happen to second Jer-USA-lem that also says ... O'
But U are About to Diah!
 This passage in Obadiah 1:15 added is "16" hundred Penn., Ave.,
Washington DC. This passage says ...
"What you have done will be done to you ... your deeds will
." Obadiah 1:15 ... 1 + 15 = "16" hundred Penn., Ave.
Washington DC. (Remember the Creator God is the God of Numbers who had his Bible from Genesis
1 to Revelation 22 verse 2
1 ... "2...1"  written out in numbers! Put 1 with 1 and it ties to Jesus Christ
who has
"11" letters in his name!

We add this again in God's awesome numbering system ... Obadiah 1 + 1 + 5 = "7" Churches nation
today going down into the tubes of hell
if they don't repent before they die!  "Wake Up O' Sleeping
." This was the title to a book I wrote and pubished in 1993 having over 300 pages and 19
chapters that I started when living in Portland, Oregon and finished while living in the high
wilderness area of Klamath County, Oregon.

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
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