Goat Church Heads To Hell
Left a fiery volcano from God shows the goat
Church on the left talking to the red pants
burning Preachers of today preaching from
hell. I remind you this awesome Open Vision
came from God showing the top of his
mountain shows the beast Preachers coming
out from hell teaching the Goat Churches of
today lies mixed with some truth and they
believe these liars! God shows over these
Preachers white heads showing the people
they are God's true men when God shows
over their white heads in white the Skull of
the Beast.

Right of these Red Pants lying preachers you
can see black Satan and all "3" of them are
talking into the black microphone to the entire
world today. Revelation 17:1-7 shows this last
and third Babylon nation, as Babylon refers to
the richest and strongest nation on earth and
we all know this is second Jer-
USA-lem. This
passage God says very plainly put, you have
messed up my entire world and you have
killed my true Church! I only have 144,000 that
I soon take out at this last hour who has Jesus
and the Father's name written on their
foreheads, my only overcoming Saints today,
while the rest as of today are heading to the
hell hole seen left!
Above God shows in this smoke open Vision, the head of a man with two horns of the Goat,
meaning the Goat Church of today heading into the black hole of hell. The right side of this white
smoke cloud shows the huge head of this Goat Church which are most, also with two horns on his
head looking
downwards to HELL.

Jesus said when he preached on earth, left refers to the Goats meaning
JUDGMENT, and right
refers to my Sheep meaning

Today as anyone can see, God is now in the precess of destroyed his second Jer-
USA-lem nation
who has gone to sour grapes also seen in
Isaiah 5:5 ... "5" wise and "5" foolish virgins of
Matthew 25
:6-7. God speaks today saying this in verse "5" ... "I have lifted my hand of protection
from around you and you are be
ing destroyed!" The next two verses "6-7" speaks about his
Goat Church of today of Matthew 25 added refers to the
"7" Churches of verses "6-7."

What does God say today to these "7" Churches of Matthew 25:"6-7?" God says in plain language, I
am withholding my water from you, drinking water
, as what is happening today here in second Jer-
USA-lem! As in the days of Noah ... this refers to today, so shall it be in the days of the coming of
the Son of Man Jesus Christ! In these two same verses
"6-7." God also says, I have stopped
pruning and cultivating her and she will turn into a
thorn patch! This is what she is today

While we're on God's awesome number
"6-7" I will run it out for you and God's last day Moses
Prophet. First, we are now leaving the end of God's
"6"th Millennium and going into the "7"th
Millennium ...
"67." Today we are at the end of God's Holy Bible ... Revelation 22:21. Again using
God's awesome numbering system we add 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus 1 = "7" =

I was born "6" of "7" children in a preachers home in year "34" added, preaching this awesome
message today to the
"7" Churches who today if they do not repent, they go to hell. You can plainly
see me preaching this awesome message from Almighty God today at the
in Revelation 14 verses
"6-7." Revelation 14 speaks about the "3" angels flying in mid-air
proclaiming the
Eternal Gospel at the hour of judgment, meaning today!

Today at the Hour of Judgment I preach this awesome message to the sleeping Church from my
final and last
"3"rd  angel flying in mid-air website!  God in no uncertain terms is telling you ...
repent or you goats all go to hell!

Last night I turned my television to a black preacher from the Assemblies of Goat Churches,
speaking lies like coming out from a
Machine Gun. He rattled off lies so fast it beggared
description. Towards the end of his very
long lying message which was about one hour, he was
asking for
1000 dollars! The people attending this Satanic Church service were ecstatic with this
lying money preacher! I hate to say this for I have
"3" Assembly of Goat Preacher nephews who
have Assembly of Goats license to preach from these Goat Churches
! Some 30 years ago I had my
youngest nephew named
ROB ... and his wife and two sons living with me for one year!

God tried to change him and he had also told me that the Assemblies of God were no more than a
General Motors ... a business. At the time another man and myself started a Church and Rob and
Dug the other preacher ... got into an argument and Dug told Rob he was not going to share the
pulpit with Rob so Ro
b left and went to Eugene, Oregon back into the Assemblies of Goat Church
and later went back to the headquarters of the Assemblies of Goats and got a higher

This happened some
"30" years ago and things never got better and only got worse! You go into
this awesome
Ministry of God today and look at the hundreds and hundreds of Open Visions God is
showing today to a Goat Church who do not want to believe almighty God bu
t would rather listen to
GOAT PREACHERS tell them lies after lies after lies mixed with MONEY!

This also goes back to Paul Crouch of TBN and after he died one of the Pentecostal preachers,
"Rod" Parsley ... another "3" letter man's name like Rob and Dug ... all from the Assemblies of
Goat Churches ... 3 + 3 + 3 =
"9" meaning Judgment ... told two huge lies on TV going around the
world who this second Jer-
USA-lem nation has destroyed seen in Revelation 17:1-7. These money
Churches of today now screaming out,
"Send us $1000.00 and God will make you rich!"

LIar Rod fired out two huge lies only minutes apart when I had listened to him some years ago so
this is not just something new today! The Church including my nephew
Rob ... and now Rod of TBN
from L
.A., boldly said this ... "God has loaded the table down with MONEY and has pushed it over to
the Church
" ... a lie from hell! Jesus plainly said ... "You cannot worship me and money at the
same table
!" In almost the same breath this liar from Satan said ... "When the rapture occurs 80% of
L.A. will be taken out

My God tells me in my Bible, the exact opposite! God Jesus said,
"Broad is the road leading to
destruction and many are those who go there
." Narrow is the road leading to salvation and few
are those who find it
." You "3" Assemblies of goat men preachers God is showing you today your
days of lying i
s over! This Assemblies of Goat preacher last night the 22nd ... as 22 means the end
of the Holy Bible and God's last day Leo the Lion Prophet
born August "22" born in year "34" ... ties
also in
to Romans 3:"3-4."

Now put on your thinking cap of the
"3" preachers I just spoke about ... DUG ... ROB ... ROD  and I
will show you what God is saying today without hesitation in Hebrews
"3" and verses "3-4" that
touches on this Ministry born in year
"34." I preach for God Almighty and not for man! Here is what
God is saying about his last day Moses Prophet!

3. What if some were unfaithful? Will their unfaithfulness nullify God’s faithfulness? 4. Not at all! Let
God be true, and every man a liar
. As it is written: “So that you may be proved right when you speak
and prevail when you judge."
Romans 3:"3-4" ...

God is the God of numbers not Satan the sleeping Church claims! Numbers control God's creation
as the Bible says,
"God has numbered the very hairs on our heads!" This alone tells us God is the
God of numbers and not Satan
! Satan copies God but twists everything around for his deception
the Church of today are following. God said he named the trillions and trillions of stars in his

The black storms are blowing across this second Jer-
USA-lem nation and flooding and etc., is
... as in the days of Noah and now in the days of Jesus Christ coming back! God has  sent
hundreds and hundreds of Black Tornado's across this nation yet the lying preachers say nothing! I
am tearing down their house
s by wind and by fire, yet these lying Bastards of Satan are telling the
Church to send them
"$1000." and then God will pay them back ten fold to pay off their houses and
etc. that God today is
tearing them down!
Here comes the Fiery Burning Bush!
G.H.W. Bush died and was buried hot long
, the 41st president of this gone down
the drain nation of second Jer-
USA-lem. He
was worshiped by the sleeping Church at
his death. His son
G.W. Burning Bush the
43rd President was also worshiped by the
Church and God shows these two men in
rock form close to the area where I had
lived for 28 years close to this large rock
burned out by the fire finger of Almighty
God. We add 2 + 8 =
"10" sleeping Virgins
today soon to
God shows above these two Burning Bush presidents leaning to the left wearing the crown of the
Presidency on their heads. You can plainly see their head hiding behind a
BUSH showing who they
are. They hid who they really are, not from the Cross of Jesus Christ seen hidden in the bush, Bush!
They are liars to the nth degree ,.. not from the cross of Jesus Christ but from the devil who comes
as an angel of light per Jesus Christ.

You can see riding on the back of G.W. Burning Bush
"43" ... 4 + 3 = "7" Churches and turned
around is
"34" this prophet of Roman's 3:"3-4"  who was born in year "34." How notice riding on
Bushes back are the other two Lion beast men looking to the right, Bill Clinton 42 and Donald Trump
45. This touches on
"3" beast President men and also touches on "3" beast Preachers of today and
one from my own household, as Jesus once said, your enemies will be the members of your own

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...