Goat Church Heads To Blackhole
The top left is what they call the black hole, a The
top left is what they call the black hole, a the
Earth. Below is a fiery volcano from Almighty
huge comet from outer space heading towards
God showing this goat Church talking to the devil
Preacher and Presidents of this nation leading
them astray. Right of these red pants devil
preachers is Black Satan and above these
Presidents and Preachers you can see the skull
head of the beast, Satan! Right of the black hole
is another black hole from smoke form from
Almighty God showing the two horned Goat as
man heading into it. Far right shows the head of
this Goat Church of today looking down and
having two horns.
The image of the black hole above I took from God's Hubble telescope in his heavens. The red
around the hole is the sign of a man and attached to the bottom on the Red feet of man is the feet
of man in blue with two eyes and two hands and two feet running away from this hell hole they are
headed to today.
Goat Church
Run From
Hell its
Left God shows the White Hole going to heaven with
him and the cloud below shows the white Sheep
Church of today soon to go to heaven on a cloud the
Bible talks about. Revelation
11:11-12. We add in
God's awesome numbering system and we see this ...
11 + 11 + 12 =
"34" equal the year I was born going to
heaven along with the 144,000 overcoming Church of
Revelation 14:1-5 who has Jesus' name written on
their foreheads. We add 1 + 4 + 1 + 5 =
"11" equals
Jesus Christ who has
"11" letters in his name.

God's last day Prophet yours truly has
"9" letters in
his name tied to Jesus with
"11" letters in his name
"911." God shows his last day Prophet your truly
who he speaks through today in Roman's 3 verses
"3-4" ... "Let God be true and every man a liar."

Now I ask you why these numbers of God all line up
and also lines up with his clouds in his heavens?
Left shows the man Child Children of Isaiah 66:7
taken out just before the 42 months of wrath begins.
Notice  below the man Child, the 144,000 soon to
leave the earth, you can see the
dark cloud under
the head of the man child children as black Satan  
going after them.

Below this you can see these overcoming "V" for
"V"irgins flying away to heaven to be with God on his
throne when hell is opened up on earth below.

Below the Overcoming Virgins, the 144,000 Saints,
you can see the beastly Church over the dark
mountain in dark color, as the dark mountain is the
head of the dog-pig-goat Church looking up but
headed to hell if they don't repent of their ways!

How did all these Open Vision get into my hands? I
follow my Lord and Savior God ... Jesus Christ and
not Satan the
Goat Church of today follow into the
black hole of hell seen above
. Most of the Church
today say this Ministry is from Satan ... no way!

Below the animal Church seen left, you can see a
white cloud showing God's 144,000 Clean White
Cloud Bird Saints flying away to heaven.

Below these white overcoming birds is the sign of
the White House with beast Trump 45 with two
fingers held up wearing dark glasses as he hided
himself from this nation who he really is. About two
inches right of Trump show a face of trump in fire
form looking at you,
fire Trump! Below this you can
see this second Jer-
USA-lem nation is really second
Rome and God now taking her down!
Bird Church
flies away
Below this Second Rome who once was before and is now again
seen in Eccl. 1:9-11 and Revelation 1:19 ... we see this second
Rome now going down the drain! You can see the Woman Church
crying and right of her crying you can see she has gone to

God is taking her dlown as also seen below, the white bald head
Eagle nation ... her days are over as anyone with eyes can see
the floods and tornadoes destroying her today in no uncertain

Below on one of God's sandy beaches he shows this Eagle bird
crashing on the beaches taking this bald eagle nation down
never to rise again! Left God shows long necktie long tongue
Beast Trump 45, holding up two fingers as God is showing he is
taking down the
two Churches, Catholic and Protestant. God
shows Trump below in the black cloud driving his black hot rod
with his big mouth wide open as usual, with his hand of the
leaniing back as Trump the
beast races this nation into
Trump and his large breasted women who are riding
this over-sexed beast President as God shows below in
one of his volcano's, also ties into the large breasted
woman below with the sign of the
POT on her two large

Below God shows Trumps wife of large breasts almost
naked! You can her from one of his fiery volcano's
showing her rear-end setting on his white House White
hat head. You can see Trumps face turning around
looking at you while he sets down on his beastly hind
legs and stands on his front two legs with red fire
coming down on this
naked butt woman Church!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ..