Goat Church Heads Into Hell
Left you can see from God's
Hubble telescope over the
Paradise fire in California, the sign
of the Goat Churches and many
are goiing into black hell fire seen
left ... see man's head going into
the black hole, in no uncertain
terms! You can painly see the
black hole of hell far left with the
head of a man going into it and the
right side of this white smoke
cloud shows the head of a goat
looking down as into hell as well!
This refers to the goats that Jesus
spoke about,
"The Goats will be on
the left meaning Judgment
" and his
Sheep will be on the right meaning

God confirms this in a fiery
volcano showing the soon to be
blue Goat Churches who are
talking to the second head of the
"3" headed beast president men,
George W.
Red Pants Burning
Bush 43
. Add 4 + 3 = "7" sleeping
Goat Churches
! Notice over White
headed Bush you can see who he
belongs to today, the evil NWO,
"Skull & Bones" of

The top Bush as taken from God's
fiery volcano, and the lower one
was taken close to my old home
burned out in solid rock from
God's fire finger showing Burning
Bush leaning to the left and points
to the red fiery pants of G.W.
Burning Bush 43 over the added
"7" Churches of today in signs.

God is using Red Pants Burning
Bush to help him punish the
Church gone to POT.
George is
also part of the "3" headed Lion
Beast of Clinton 42 and Trump 45.

You can see Red Pants burning
Bush hiding behind the Cross of
Jesus Christ in a BUSH with a
cross seen in this BUSA. You can
also see the other two Lion's
<---Head of Bush
and seen below
leaning to the
heads riding on the back of George W.
Red Pants Burning Bush ... Beast Bill
Clinton 42 and Donald Trump 45.

Left about one mile from my old home in
the wilderness, was this large rock
looking like the head of a GOAT ... the
sign of Goat head Burning Bush who
claims to be a Christian like the GOAT
Churches of today. Goats eat trees and
Jesus said, people are seen as trees.
Here we see this Goat of Burning Bush
eating trees and swallowing the
Children of God seen going down this
goats throat as pointed out.

Left is another of God's burned out rock
showing the head of G.W. Bush seen
wearing a hat. You can see his nose, his
mouth as he pulls in the Head of the
Lion, Bill Clinton 42 born on Leo the
Lion month of August "19." Notice beind
the only tree you can faintly see in rock
form the capital letters ...

Below is the top of the storm named Bill
cominng back into the picture soon and
suddenly. Below Bill 43 in cloud form, is
the same picture seen below Bill of
G.W. Bush 43 which I cut apart to show
you two beast men in the same picture
with storm BILL.

The Beast out of the Earth

11. Then I saw a second beast, coming
out of the earth. He had two horns like a
lamb, but he spoke like a dragon,
12.  he
exercised all the authority of the first
beast on its behalf
, (Both Presidents
from the same land the USA
) and made
the earth and its inhabitants worship the
first beast, whose fatal wound had been
(The first beast is Clinton seen
below and his statue spoken about in
Revelation 13:14
) 13.  And he performed
great signs, even causing fire to come
down from heaven to the earth in full
view of the people.
(This happened when
Bush shot fire smart bombs in Iraq
) 14.
Because of the signs he was given power
to perform on behalf of the first beast, it
deceived the inhabitants of the earth. It
ordered them to set up
an image in honor
of the beast who
was wounded by the
sword and yet lived
." Revelation 13:11-14

The first beast is Bill above in storm Bill,
and this same storm shows storm Bush
left with iron teeth and two horns, the
false lamb ... Dragon Burning Bush.
Goat Head
<----Man's head
Bill seen here is the first beast
out from the earth and second
is Bush from the same land
having the same power both
from the USA and both
presidents ... read it!
Bill is the one with a deadly wound, impeached by the House but later
healed by the Senate when they released his fatal wound of Impeachment
due to lying about his girlfriend Monica.

The image of Beast Bill was revealed a few years ago one Sunday
morning on television. Notice number
"77" left of this seven foot bronze
statue of Bill 42. This number
"77" is seen in Daniel 9:24 which begins
"77" is decreed for your people and land to stop sinning ... then
bringing to a close my Ministry of Open Visions and Prophesies seen in
the later part of this verse! After this is finished and the 42 months of
wrath is over, then Jesus sets up his 1000 year kingdom on earth. Jesus
"33" years of age today ... add Daniel 9:24 equals "33."

This cloud picture below I took over my home in the hills of Klamath
County, Oregon some years ago. The Boeing
777 below Daniel 9:24 is a
777 Boeing airliner that crashed on landing in San Fransico a few years
ago.  Notice the numbers on the wing is
"7742." This shows this ministry
"77" and Daniel 9:24 and this ministry about to come to a close.
This big air-ship of a nation is now in the process of being
destroyed by Almighty God!
She has been set on FIRE by God
Almighty in the Golden Bridge State of Califonia where at this
writing is still burning to the ground

This number on the wing of this nation now crashing, shows
Daniel 9:24 ... begins with ...
"77" is decreed for this people
and land to stop sinning. The first head of the "3" headed
"666" beast president men, is Bill Clinton "42." The other two
"666" men are in this picture today seen taking down
the dog-pig-goat Churches seen in Isaiah

This message is horrible to say the very least, but it is true!
This nation of Paradise today is over! God is burning her down
seen on the west coast, and the golden state where the
Golden Gate Bridge in located proves this point. A top dancer
on the program on TV ...
Dancing with the Stars ... has had her
home burned down in this rich area in northern Califonia.

Dancing with the STARS! This means, the stars are the saints in
heaven and not angels the Churches claim! The stars, the
Church of these last days are dancing while old second Rome,
USA of second Jer-USA-lem burns to the gound!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...