Goat Church Down = Milky Way
Beast head
above with
arms in air
Virgins above sleeping
looking up
they are saved but lost
A picture from the Hubble, the milky way,
s the sleeping Goat-Dog-Pig
Churches of today as millions and
millions of star
s, for the stars refers to
Saints and not angels all sleeping today
soon to wake up! All the Saints in the
Milky way are baby's still  Drinking  Milk!
Another Hubble picture with Beast head on left and
red headed woman Church on the right being taken
down by the Beast.  Rev. 17:8 ... 2 balls of fire!
The sleeping Churches of
today say the stars in the
Heavens are angels but this
very wrong! The Sun in
Joseph's dream was Father
God, his mother was
referred to as the Moon
, the
and his 10 older
brothers were the stars!
sign is also for today and the
stars in this Milky
way shows
goat head looking up
and also the head of a
which the
once sheep
Churches have turned into a
Church of Goats
! Jesus said,
my sheep will be on my right,
Mercy, and the
goats will be on the left
Judgment.  This
also has another meaning,
Milky-Way  touches on a

Baby Church never grown
up to maturity
seen in
Hebrews 5:11-14 and Zech.
drinking milk!
Above is a fiery volcano
showing this goat Church of
today talking to the
red fiery
pants of the second head of
the two headed lion beast,
George W. Bush 43 with the
goat Churches of today on
the left talking to the beast
Over the head of beast
George W. Burning red pants
, you can faintly see the
Skull Head of a Beast
showing the Churches of
today are talking not to God
but to the beast, Satan.
Right is another
picture from the
Hubble telescope of
the big mouth beasts
now facing the red
headed, scarlet
woman of Revelation
17:8 who are killing, in
spirit form, the real
saints of God. Old
John could hardly
believe his ears when
God was revealing this
to him that the end
time Church would be
killing the true saints
of God today.  Below
this passage also
taken from the Hubble
of God, shows on the
top of this picture
"M42" the
head of the beast that
the red headed Goat
Churches of today are
riding to their death.
The smaller picture
below the black
framed one with
I outlined for your
convince, shows the
red headed woman
Church of today riding
the beast sidesaddle
as women often do,
as the Church here is
seen as a woman.
Right of the scarlet
woman Churches
head you can see the
head of a
looking at you ... the
scarlet woman Church
of today who has
never grown up to
maturity! Below is a
large rock pile close
to my home, showing
Bill Clinton ... Leo the
lion of August
cutting off the red
heads of the Church!
Goat Church             Beast Bush 43
Bill Clinton # 42
from Geo.
Wash., is the
first head of
the two headed
Lion Beast born
on Leo the Lion
month of
These Goat
Churches of
today God
shows them in
this Hubble
picture, they
are laying down
looking up
thinking they
are saved but
are lost in the
condition they
are in today!
You can see
their white
heads just
under the
beast, Bill
Clinton who
soon cuts off
their heads as
seen below, a
rock pile close
to my home.
This awesome Open Vision from Almighty God in rock
form very close to my home, shows the naked red
headed scarlet woman Church with her head on the
chopping block with golden hair Bill Clinton born on
Leo the Lion month of August
"19" as I have circled
#19 right of Bills chest, coming down on the heads of
the scarlet Churches of today.

Below the naked, scarlet goat Churches of today, we
see another volcano from Almighty God
showing the
naked bottom of these Churches of the last days riding
the beast ... setting on his white hat of the Presidency
Look closely and you can see his face turned around
looking at you while he sets down on his hind legs and stands
on his front 2 feet. You can see his eyes, nose and mouth as a
man with four legs, the beast coming from the Presidency of
this second Jer-
USA-lem nation.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...

:  Clinton born in year "46" ... Bush in year "46" ... Trump year
"46" now we see "666" taking down the Churches seen in
"66:6" who has deceived the whole world, as also seen
in Rev. 17:8. (1 + 7 + 8 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington
DC) Trump born month
"6" ... Bush born month "7" ... Clinton
born month
"8" and here we see Revelation "6:7-8" ... the 3
beast president men who now rides the
Pale Horse of DEATH
with Hades following close behind!

Below the naked bottom of the Woman Church is soon to be on
fire as seen below this beast above. This is the same rear-end
of the Goat Churches of today, and right in white is the number
of the "7" Churches of Isaiah 4:1 and Revelation 2 and 3 added
together is "10" sleeping Goat verses of today. Below the fire
coming onto the "7" Churches is the top part of her on fire
below, a Church burning down showing the top part of the
woman Church wearing a low cut black shirt showing the top
part of her breasts.

Isaiah 4:1 shows "7" women ... meaning "7" Churches taking
hold of one man,
this man is Jesus Christ and saying, we will eat
our own food and provide our own clothing, meaning, we will
dress ourselves  and feet ourselves with our own doctrine and
not yours Jesus Christ,
"Take away our disgrace!" These seven
Churches of today, are goat Churches, and left is seen what is
going to happen to them for sure! The top one showing her
naked BUTT ... the one showing her setting on top of the beast,
shows number "7" for the "7" Churches of today, your really in
deep, deep trouble with Almighty God!
Below shows the face of a man
and or a Goat looking up laying
down as sleeping ... the Church of
Matthew 25:6-7.