Goa-T- Church Burns Soon
The sign in red and white
touches on two things, V
for Virgins and Z for
Zechariah showing this
nation going down in
Zechariah 4:7 ... before
Zerubbabel you will
become level ground and
then we bring out the
capstone, meaning Jesus
Christ into his 1000 year
kingdom on earth! The
right side of this sign is LA
touching on
LA California
where the shaking soon
begins as seen below with
God's hands seen in
smoke form West of LA
California that is soon to
shake beyond imagination.
This Open Vision from Almighty God of a
fire on the west coast on the Pacific
Ocean, shows he is now ready to shake
this nation with a huge earthquake and
nuclear bombs landing in
LA ... California
seen on the fiery white and red sign
above. The sign is also seen left of a man
on fire also showing in fire form, these
Goat head Churches of today. You can
see the two horns of these Goat Head
Churches left of the man's head. Below
his forehead you can see his eye, nose
and mouth wearing a
Go-T- Beard!

I got this Open Vision from the Web-site
showing KID-KIM looking at the nuclear
bomb at the head of this Goat beast
Church in
LA ... California. Notice the
letter "V" laying sideways with the head
of the Goat showing his eye looking at
North Korea who is threatening nuclear
war today!

I wonder who made this image for us to
see if not Almighty God, for the beast is
coming and there is nothing no one can
do about it except get on their knees and
repent of following Satan who they think
is Jesus Christ! Jesus warned us 2000
years ago that this would happen yet the
sleepers seen exactly nothing!
Today we live in the sign of Revelation 8:8-11 coming in and poisoning a third of the waters
with nuclear radiation. The
Star Wormwood in the Russian language means Chernobyl ... the
nuclear power plant in Russia that melted down some years ago killing many people who
drank the poison water and food from this nuclear radiation that is soon to happen again
across this second Jer-
USA-lem nation who turned into a Goat Church Today!

We see this very plainly put in Revelation 18:1-3! God spoke one word
is mystery Babylon the Great, this the USA today! As all should know Babylon
means the richest and strongest nation on earth and this nation, God's second Jer-
is that nation. The two FALLENS refer to her
Churches and Politics together, and both are
seen here as full of evil spirits and devils from hell. The next two verses, "
4-5" God is telling
his people to come out from them both, Churches and Politices before he destroys them
both.  (
45 touches on the beast today, Donald Trump who is the "45"th president!

Now we see the next two verses,
"6-7" ... the sleeping Goat Church Virgins seen in Matthew
25 verses
"6-7" who says this: "I set as Queen and  am not a widow and will never mourn."  
But the next verse says something totally different! It states: "In one day her plagues will
overtake her, death, mourning and famine, she will be consumed by fire for mighty is the Lord
God who judges her.

Kid ... Kim of North Korea is looking today through binoculars at this Goat nation and her
Goat Churches and is soon to shake the
West Coast at LA ... California. Look again at the fire
west of LA ... showing in smoke form, the two hands of God shaking the West Coast and
after that the fire begins to take out this last day Goat Church seen below talking to the
second head of the
Fire Burning beast ... George W. Burning, Red Pants Bush 43. We add
"43" is this beast who goes after the 4 + 3 = the"7" Goat Churches of today seen below in
one of God's fiery volcano's.
In the form of Lightning, God shows
in no uncertain terms, this Goat
Church of today talking into a black
microphone with the beast to the
whole world telling lies and the Goat
Churches of today believe them.
Notice above White Head Bush who
claims to be a White Christian, God is
they all are under the head
ship of Satan, the beast
, and very
soon goes after them in a rage!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist - Apostle
Prophet Paul Gerig ...