Goat-Chickens Walk Into Fire
Left center, you can see the
red horse of war soon to be
over the man seen
this red horse of war
! Below
Satan with his two fiery
white hot eyes, you can see
a man on fire with the fire
shaped like the head of a
goat with two horns and the
beard of the goat below.
They are also seen in Isaiah
4:1 which says "7" women
meaning "7" Churches, will
take hold of one man,
meaning Jesus Christ and
"We will eat our own
food and supply our own
clothing only let us use
<----Goat   head   Chickens---->
Seen above as Church
looking to the right.
Satan coming in with fire
Red horse of                war over
man's head                   below ...
Church walking into fire
your name, "Take away our Disgrace." Isaiah 4:1 ...

The devil filled Churches of today tell the sleeping goats
this speaks about a huge war coming when most of the
men will be killed leaving only one man per "7" women, a
lie from Satan. This is seen in reverse with China today,
for some years past China killed most of their girl babies
to slow down their population, and today there are "7"
men per "1" woman. Zechariah shows this in Chapter 14
verses 1 to 2 when they, China, attack this nation after
Russia nuclear bombs this gone to hell nation of second
The goat head Churches of today are seen in fire above burning on a man. Notice the two horns on
the fire goat and his face looking to the left. Notice the letter "V" for naked Virgins right of the goats
mouth also having a goat's beard. Jesus said, my sheep will be on the right meaning Mercy and the
Goats will be on the left meaning Judgement!
Left was taken from a fiery volcano from God, showing
the Goat Churches of today on the left of
George W.,
Red Pants Burning Bush 43
the second head of the
beast system. Over Burning Bushes head you can see
SKULL of the BEAST! Man never made this image,
my God make it coming out from a mountain top on fire
from the Abyss below. He put a black microphone in
the head of
Burning Bush talking to this last day Goat
Church that he made from smoke from his volcano and
blue sky, and shaped the goat with lightning. Now tell
me this was just another accident going someplace to
The black smoke on the right of Red Pants Burning Bush 43 with a white eye, represents the head of
the first very wild Beast, Bill Clinton 42. Bill was Governor of
Little Rock, Ark ... ansas who represents
the little rock ...
the little ark of Satan, for Satan copies God and this is why the sleeping, goat
Churches of today say that Satan is the god of numbers when what he does is imitate God to the
point the sleeping, Goat Churches of Matthew 25:6-7
thinks Satan is God and God is Satan!
The DEAR-DEAR Churches of today go into the
fire of purification before any can see God! You
can faintly see the deer in-front of this fire, and
the fire on the right shows the face of a man
looking left, this deer-dear Church of today in
front of the fire coming in. Below the chin of the
grown up person, shows their children in the fire
with them looking at you! Left of the word, man ...
you can see the mouth of the Church hollering

Below this God shows another FIRE scene
looking to the left in this fire ...
the head shaped
like the letter "V" for Virgins with a face on it in
the fire
. Right of her long fiery neck you can see
the capital letter "U" in the fire, meaning "U"
sleeping "V"irgins are about ready to
Notice under this Face and Head of the "V"irgin
Churches of today, you can see its
and a tail as does the Goat Churches of today! On
top of the "V" head you can faintly make out two

Below the Virgins on fire God is showing all the
trees below are without leaves ... meaning they
are all
DEAD. Behind them you can see the fire
taking them out, and showing left and right the
sign of the Cross of Jesus Christ of what the
Churches of today has made a man-made religion
as seen in Isaiah 4:1 also shown above.  

"In that day seven women will take of one man
and say
, “We will eat our own food and provide our
own clothes
; only let us be called by your name.
Take away our disgrace!” Isaiah 4:1 ...

This passage is direct and to the point! The "7"
women are the "7" Churches of today who are
feeding and clothing themselves ... man's
religion also seen in Rev. 2 and 3. They only want
to use the name of Jesus Christ over the door
posts of their man made Churches of today!
name over their Churches is Ichabod ...
God has
forsaken them!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
hurch               man
V - for Virgins
Virgins soon
face the fire ...
where do you
stand in this
picture today?
Man has not made this image of the 10
sleeping Virgin Chuches in FIRE, God made it! I
serve a awesome God to say the very least and
he shows me these images that points to today
as the Churches 2000 years is over!
Goat Churches              Burn Soon
Two Churches burn to the ground
The Catholic and the Protestant