GM - Axing Thousands - WW III
Old time Sears & Robuck has
filed bankrupy. Now GMC
Motors have laid off thosands
and this has made Beast Big
mouth trump very angry and
his big mouth is doing him no
good as he closes the
Mexican boarder to keep out
the people from entering this
nation that has gond down the
drain and turned into a
nation and lead today by a Big
mouth beast president! This
nation has fallen apart at the
seams! The old Bull Market is
leaving as God shows left in
one of his huge storms seen on the East Coast. The bears of Russia and China seen raising up on
one side, is looking at the Bull market walking out from this last day picture with the Bulls Eye in the
middle of billionaire big stomach ... big mouth Donald J. Trump who is getting ready to blow his mind.
God is showing this large
Bull Market now leaving with the Bulls Eye on his big belly as he turns his
big mouth head
Trump Horn Head around looking at you while he walks out of the picture when the
two bears of Russia and China are now waking up and come into the picture of WW III.
Left are the two other Open Visions
from Almighty God from his heavens
and his earth below showing these two
bears of Russia and China now waking
up as seen in Daniel 7:5. This bear has
"3" ribs in its mouth ... the one rib of
Adam now broken into
"3" parts,
Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal.
Count the ribs in the mouth in cloud
form of the bears, they are
"3." Also
see he is raised up on one side as the
storm shows on the East Coast. Below
in rock form also show the bear raising
up and count the ribs there are
Left we see the two Christian Religions in  Blood Red
this side of the Black bears of Russia and China ... as the
Pentecostals are also seen as Protestants.

Below this we see the sleeping, naked circumcised in
the fleash only and not their hearts as Jesus said we are
to be circumcised in. They are laying down on the old
Bull Market ... Bully Trump Market today now getting
ready to leave the picture as seen heading this
message. They are laying down, this money rich Church
of the last days on Bully Trump with their "V" for Virgins
hands in the air Worshipping Rich Trump!

Their all naked except God's truly overcoming 144,000
taken to the throne of Jesus Christ seen in Rev. 14:1-5
and leaving the rest of the Sleeping Church behind to be
purified by fire. Jesus said,
"I will burn off all the hay,
wood and stubble ... you will be saved but only as one
secaping through the flames of fire

Donald Trump is screaming out today as GM is closing
down some of their automobile plants while this lying
beast President is saying, things
are getting better since he took
office ... another lie from hell. The
Bull ... Bully Donald J. Trump is
lahying down on the bottom of
this pile, the Bully ... now being
taken out and then Russia and
China move in with
the Red Bear
Notice the bear soldiers
top right are waiting, and soon
this clamshell trap will close
down upon them soon and
suddenly as Jesus warned us
would happen in Luke 21:34. Add
21 + 34 =
"55" ... 5 wise and 5
foolish Virgins of Matthew
Jesus said in Matthew ... if my servants do not speak out then the rocks will cry out as they are doing
today big time in the area where I had lived for "
28" years. We add 28 ... 2 + 8 = "10" sleeping Virgins.
This huge rock about a mile from my old home, shows what is about to happen today ...
Bull ... Bully
with his huge mouth wide open and this clamshell trap is now closing down on him!  This trap
Jesus speaks about today is now closing down on the sleeping Church and they will not escape!

Who is
GMC if not the largest business in this nation? Now stay with me as I prove my point with my
old 2000
GMC fourwheel drive jimmy. At the time I purchased this vehicle it didn't have Licence on it.
About one week before I recieved new licence plates I had written a newsleter titled,
Yahewhs Jordan ... 144,000.
" When my new plates arrived I opened them up at the "22" mile
marker on highway 140. Number
"22" means the end ... Revelation 22 and my birthday number of Leo
the Lion born August
"22." I pull over to the north side of sign post 22 at a small grocery store and
the Squaw flats road heading my property.

I Opened my package containing my new license that almost blew my mind. It said ...
XYJ-892. I
remind you my
GMC was a 2000 ... and when I bought it ... it was used and had 19 thousand miles on
it, as number
"19" is the number of God. God said, I am the first and the last ... number "1" is the first
of his numbering system and number
"9" is the last, number "19." God is also seen in Revelation
"19" ... He is also seen in the OT in Eccl. 1:9-11 ... "What was before will be again, and what is now
was before
." GMC also means ... "God's Moving Church."

Now to the license Plate number that refers to today and the 144,000 of God's saints he is taking out
soon to be with him during the 42 months of wrath begins. My new license Plate said this when I
openned it up ...
"X" meant Crossing ... "Y" meant Yahweh and "J" meant Jordan! Now for the
numbers; Number 8 x 9 =
"72" and this being a 2000 vehicle shows the last number "2" with 000
miltiplied to the year 2000 shows
"144,000" soon to be remove from this earth and taken to the
throne room of Jesus Christ ...
Gods Moving Church ... GMC!

We are now at the very end of days as we know them! Keep tuned in for God is showing the end of
days are how before our very eyes and showing his Son Jesus Christ coming in to take out his
overcoming saiints today tho they are very few indeed. Now we see the Bull of this second Jer-USA
-lem nation about ready to leave this picture and Trump is angry with General Motors laying off
thousands while he says, things are going well in the economy of this nation, nothing but a lie from

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
... Bully Trump