G for God Uses Satan For Fires
Quote:  Gay marriage has summoned Satan in the form
of a fiery tornado that is currently ravishing the state of

Gays have invoked Biblical prophesy by getting married
in the state of California. Despite numerous warnings
from religious politicians, clergy and scientific scholars,
California liberals voted to support gay marriage with
‘Proposition 8’ and had a head start in sullying the
sanctity of marriage.   

God is burning down California and this nation because
they have turned away from him
and now follow Satan.  
Allowed by

Water, wind and fire are happening all over this once Godly nation now being taken down by God
Almighty. God is also in the process of taking away this
nations food. Millions of Chickens and
Turkeys including Pigs and Cows were, and are being drown out as in the days of Noah so shall it be
in the days of the coming of the Son of Man Jesus Christ today! Noah preached for 120 years and left
in a boat with himself and his family of
"8" while the rest of God's creation died except his family of
"8" and two of every kind of animals and birds inside this big boat. Number "8" means a new
beginning then in Noah's day and also today seen in 20

Today as I write these awesome messages from God Almighty to the Church, is Tuesday ...
"9/25/2018"... We see number "9" first, as this number 9 refers to Judgment. Next, we see number
"25" as seen in Matthew 25 verses "6-7" that is also seen in Matthew 25:"6-7" men and women
alike that God created seen in Genesis "1" on the
"6"th day of a "7" day week and ended his Holy
Bible in Revelation "22:21" added ... 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus 1 equals "7" equals
J for D.J. Trump Who Thinks He Is God
At the United Nations when D.J. Trump spoke this week about his great progress there was a
laughter from the crowd because of all the lies he was telling them that he had done since he has
been in office. This wild sex maniac ungodly beast President while speaking to the world, some of
the past women that he had messed around with are suing him ... some for his handling of their
body parts. It was the Church women who put this beast in power as their 45th President who rides
this beast today.
Left in front of the United Nations where beast Trump
brought laughter, stands the image of the naked
women riding this beast ... Donald J. Trump. Below this
is an awesome Open Vision from God from his Hubble
telescope in his heavens, showing the
Red headed
Scarlet beast of Revelation 17:1-7
... beast horse
Trump today with this same woman Church riding his
back and some are now suing him. God speaks of this
last day woman Church who has killed the true saints
of God and messed up the entire world, that old John
the Revelator could hardly believe his ears when God
told him this nation and Church are killers.  
I outlined the red headed woman Church of
today riding the beast, Trump and right of
the Red haired woman Church of the last
days you can see her as baby Church seen
right of her head and looking at you.

Below the naked woman Church riding the
beast as God is showing from his camera in
the heavens, is another fiery volcano from
God Almighty showing this same naked
woman's Butt setting on the beast. Notice
God shows her naked bottom setting on the
head of beast Trump ... on his White Hat from
the White House. You can see his full face
as he turns around looking at you.
He is seen as the beast standing on his two front legs while he
sets down on his two hind legs with his tail sticking out back.
Notice what he is bringing upon the naked woman Church of
today setting on his head ...
right you can see the red fire.

Below this naked woman setting on the head of President Trump
God snows in no uncertain terms the naked man Church as well
as the naked woman Church, and both riding the Golden Black
Bull market stark naked as well. Notice as pointed out this last
day Church are not circumcised in the heart where they were to
be circumcised in but in their body. Notice the Church of today
with their arm in the air worshipping the Beast and Money, and
the beast is the golden Billionaire Donald Quaking Trump 45.

This is seen in Luke 21:34 when Jesus said, do not get caught in
the trap for it will be world wide. Left is a large rock close to my
old home in the wilderness that God burned out with his fire
finger showing when this trap closes, soon and
suddenly, the soldiers of Russia, China and
other enemies come in. All I did was to put in
the writing God shows the rest of the very
naked Church of today. I have been called a
pornographic Ministry but it is God showing the
naked men and women in cloud and rock, and
smoke form.

God burned out this naked dog Church from a
large rock close to my home in the wilderness.
He shows all three of the beast presidents
following them as the golden head of the dog Church of
today is walking to the left with black Satan riding her
back as she walks stark naked. Behind black Satan is the
first head of the three head beast, Golden face Bill
Clinton 42. Below this is the second head ... Texan
cowboy George W. Bush 43. Below Bush is the Shark
beast of Donald J. Trump with the golden X that I put on
his neck ... the sex maniac Donald J. Trump with the head
of the woman Church in his mouth and going up her leg
to where you can see his middle initial "J" beside her
naked Vagina. This is how God is showing the last and
final beast president of the last days and all "3"
presidents are seen born year "4
6" ... showing "666"
and God is using them seen in Isaiah
"66:6" to take
down his enemies ...
the Church today!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...